Thursday, January 27, 2005


I have so much growout from the last time I got my hair foiled... The last time was 2 weeks before the wedding... that's back in OCTOBER people... GAH. I have been so lazy, I just haven't felt like going in, so today I decided that if my stylist had an appt open this afternoon (which she NEVER does) I would consider it a sign from God and just go in and get it done. Gee, guess who had an appt open and ready for me at 5:15pm? Yay! I hate doing shit after work, but damn, this growout could be adding to my shitty mood lately. I look seriously tanya hardingish. And that's never a good thing.

Also, if you haven't checked out the Baby Pool yet, you should. The pot's up to 66 bucks!

I went to the big Old Navy store in Downtown Seattle on my lunchbreak the other day, and hot damn. I love their clearance section. I got 4 tops and a black fleece for a total of 30 bucks! Such good deals! Lori came with me and even found some stuff on the regular clearance racks, and bought 4 fleece's for like 7 bucks. We love us some Old Navy.

Have been shirking the Meteorology homework as of late... getting it done and turned in, but not really stopping to try and learn something. Great. I now have a TIMED test this weekend that I need to make a study guide for. Times like this I want to kick my own ass. At least he gives us a list of shit to know.

Anyhoo, how about more random kitty cuteness...

Aaron thinks it's funny that Asa gets his mane wet when he drinks... though it's actually funnier that Aaron calls it his 'beard' rather than his 'mane' :-) heh.


Asa and Molly ... the little squinty kids

He's so pinchable.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005


I don't have any real reason as to the lack of updates, though as I type that very sentence I am getting the sense that I keep saying the same thing. I'll try to be better about updating, I will.

Let's see... what's new...

Aaron spent Saturday helping to move his Grandma into his aunt's house, while I stayed home and tried to cram some of the more boring aspects of my poli-sci class into my brain. I had a test Tuesday, and let's just say... you know that feeling you get when you absolutely know the answer? I only got that feeling twice during the span of that 40 question test. Awesome. Even awesomer is that tests are 60% of my grade.

We went back up to his Aunt's house on Sunday to pick up the treadmill that his grandma gave us... what a surprise that was! Because of that, I can now cancel my gym membership guilt free... as it was, I haven't been since um... November? December? Anyway, that's 40 bucks a month nizzles! We also stopped up in Granite Falls and visited my aunt and my grandpa, and that was good. My grandpa's been pretty sick, but he looked great on Sunday, so I'm hoping that this run of feeling better lasts him a good long while.

We also saw the aviator on Saturday night... pretty good movie, well done. I am not a big Leonardo DiCaprio fan, but he was good, as was Cate Blanchett.

I met with an admissions counselor at CWU last night and fuck a duck... the community college system is FUCKED. I have met with an advisor to discuss transferring to a 4 year college etc, making sure I have everything I need... and the fuckers neglected to tell me that each 'program' has specific requirements that you take before entering. For CWU this means I have 5 fucking more classes I need. On top of the 2 I need to complete my Direct Transfer Agreement. Say it with me now "ffffuuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkk." The kicker? Because none of their math pre-req's directly correspond to those at bcc, I just have to take an addt'l 100 level class (fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkk) AND they only enroll in the fall. There is no way I'm going to finish all of these credits in spring and summer... call me crazy, but I don't think I want to have a baby and take 20 credits all at once... double ffffuuuuuuuuuucccccckkkkk. So I guess I won't enter the teaching program until fall of 2006 which will put me graduating at the age of 31...? Is that right? *sigh* words just don't capture the feeling I have from this news. But everything happens for a reason right?

In other news, nothing else has been going on. That girl I hate in poli-sci is named Simone, so I'm at least glad that one's not on my list of favorite names. GAH.

I came across a cd I made a few years ago... it was a birthday gift for Tatum, and I liked it so much, I made one for myself. It was a cd of a bunch of songs that somehow corresponded to our friendship... (Tatum, if I have any of these wrong, email me and correct me!)

track 1: All cried out by Allure... ah, one hit wondergroup Allure... we loved this song. I remember cruising in her mom's tempo singing this song at the top of our lungs.

track 2: Hey Paula by Paul and Paula... Tatum used to drive me CRAZY with this fucking song, and eventually it grew on me, and now, sadly, I love it.

track 3: Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves by Cher... oh the love for this song. Top tier of trashy songs, and yet so fun to sing along to. Tatum used to crack up as I would belt it out (in the tempo... as I was a non-driver for a LOOOONG TIME.) Luckily, no karaoke place we've been to has ever had this song on file.

track 4: Girl I'm Gonna Miss You by Milli Vanilli... Tatum is the only person I've ever met who loved Milli Vanilli as much as me. This song was my favorite love song for a long time, and she would always reminisce dancing to it with a boy named Bobby... (is that right?) in high school. My favorite part? "Like a honeybee, you took the best of me, but now I can't erase this memory, like a fairy tale, you were so unreal, you left a scar that's so hard to heal, when you've had a taste a paradise, back on earth can feel as cold as ice... I'm gonna miss you."

track 5: Wanna Be a Baller by Fat Troy (I think)... this one is a newer addition to the songs that remind me of our friendship, mostly we just loved to make fun of it and pretend we were gansta's while rollin' in the tempo.

track 6: Buddy Holly by Weezer... at my 22nd birthday party (Karaoke at Azteca) I somehow talked Tatum into getting up and singing with me. (I should note that I was plowed and she was not, so she was thinking rationally and I was like "OOH! BUDDY HOLLY! We HAVE to sing that!) We did great, (I have it on video) and even during the rap at the end which we had forgotten about until it came up on the screen, we held it together.

track 7: What's Up by 4 Non Blondes... seriously, who DOESN'T love this song? Sadly, I remember singing "25 years and my life is still..." and not being able to imagine being that old. Dude, I'm about to be 28. And if I tell you how old Tatum is about to be, she'll cut me, so I'll keep that nugget to myself. We used to sing this on the way to parties a lot. (in the tempo... heh, see a theme here?)

track 8: Red Red Wine by UB40... oh Lord. EVERYTIME I hear this song, I am transported back to Scott Askay's 16th birthday party and the dj on his uncle's deck didn't have SHIT for records to play, but played this for Tatum a few times. Highlights of that night include watching Tatum huck a classmate's boot off the deck, into the empty pool below because he was bothering her, jumping on the trampoline for HOURS, and riding in the back of Scott's dad's truck back to his house... I was a nerd.

track 9: Do Ya Think I'm Sexy by Ntrance... reminds me of a very specific car ride (in the tempo, heh) with Lori and Holly and Matt stuffed in the back while I sat in the front and taped everyone singing to it. We were on the way to Holly's for a graduation party for Lori and Matt... that was a great party.

track 10: Some Guys Have All The Luck by Rod Stewart... Matt and I used to argue over whose 'theme song' this really was. I think it was mine because I was the one who was single and DATELESS for 8 motherfucking years! Tatum used to crack up when I said this was my theme song, and would tell me to turn it off.

track 11: If You Like Pina Colada by Da Real One... this is the ghetto virgin of the classic song. "If you like Pina Coladas ... Alize or Champagne..." see? For whatever reason we were obsessed with this song for a short while and used to scream like a couple of dumb girls when it came on. Though it is rather catchy.

track 12: Goodbye To Love by The Carpenters... This was my original theme song.. uber depressing as it was, I used to play it and when Tatum would tell me to stop it and turn it off, I would sing over her objections and resign myself mentally to spending my life alone. Or with Cats. heh... I had a lot of hope back then, eh?

track 13: Make It Real by The Jets... I remember this song was one of our favorites around the time we were taking ballroom dance lessons. We would listen to it before and after each lesson and dream about Mr. Right.

track 14: Opus 17 by Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons... One of the coolest things about our friendship is that throughout it, I have been exposed to music I might not've otherwise. I was a sophomore in high school and Tatum was a senior when we met. She spent the night at my house one weekend and discovered my parents extensive oldies collection, and played this ... it became an instant favorite. To this day it is one of my favorite songs of all time.

track 15: Someday We'll Be Together by Diana Ross... we had this thing a few years ago, where we had alter egos... I won't divulge hers because I don't think she'd be pleased, but mine was Diana...after Diana Ross. I loved this song, and her, and her greatest hits collection... another pathetic confession from yours truly... just call me Diana. :-)

track 16: Dream a Little Dream of Me by The Mamas and The Papas... this one is a wierd one. I used to tell Tatum we should enter a talent competition and be dressed up as flappers... or old time uh brothel workers... and then have an old guy playing the piano... white shirt, armband and bifocals etc. I could just picture this being a saloon sort of act. She always just nodded and sang along, probably thinking I was a kook :-)

track 17: We've Got Tonite by Bob Seger... this song just cracked us up for some reason and we would listen to it and sing along to it, and fucking laugh every time.

track 18: Get Out by Beth Hart... I don't know if that's the right title or not, but this was a song we both liked and related to, and would belt out together ... but not in the tempo :-)

How about some random asa cuteness? These were all taken in succession as he went from being cute to OH MY GOD I NEED TO PINCH THOSE LITTLE CHEEKIES cute.

Asa reassures me that my pen stash is safe with him.

He seriously makes staying on task difficult.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


Head on over to the Pregnancy Journal and check out how YOU can win some cash by guessing the weight and length of our little peanut!

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Send Some Love

Aaron's grandpa died last night, we had known he was sick and this was coming, but didn't expect it to happen so fast. If you could send some thoughts/prayers his way I'd appreciate it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


A big News story caught my ear the other day and this morning, when they played it again I remembered to look up the guys name in my yearbook. Yep; he was two years ahead of me in high school. (My high school was fairly small, about 650 - 800 kids) and his name rung a bell.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005


I know I haven't updated in a while, and I don't really know why... I just have not been motivated. That and I get tired of coming here and complaining all the time. I don't really have much to complain about, I'm just moody as fuck. (To put it mildly.)

I'm just sort of sad at the way certain things have played out... and feel really let down... I don't want to go into much detail here (which is WHY I keep kicking myself for letting my friends and family in on this website, I totally feel like I need to censor myself sometimes, and I hate it!) But I feel pretty much edged out and abandoned. I've spoken of it at least twice in the past year, (once was much more recently) and there has been zero change and really, no effort at all to ease my fears, so I guess they are true. It's just sad. And it's not something I would have expected from this person at all. But actions speak louder than words and I can't force someone to be my friend. Quite frankly, the whole thing just makes me sick. And true to the rumors, I don't want to talk or write about it anymore, because it will probably just make me cry. (I've been doing a lot of that lately, much to Aaron's chagrin.)

Aaron and I haven't been up to much lately, we have begun putting jigsaw puzzles together as our weekend entertainment. You know you want to come party with us. ;-P I've been counting my calories on a daily basis, because seriously... there is a thing called 'controlled weight gain' and I am failing MISERABLY at it. Fuck a duck... It's depressing. And yes, I know why it's happening, and I know it's going to happen more, but really; when you equate feeling large and gross to being fat, feeling it when your pregnant doesn't translate well. And don't tell me to stop stressing because homies, I gained 9 motherfucking pounds last month. How, I don't know. But they should hire me to coach Renee Zelleweger in that fucking bridget jones movie, because I could have packed the weight on her quicker than quick.

Of course it might also help if I wasn't gaining it all over, and was just gaining in my tummy, but fools... this is me we're talking about. I think my body is still pissed at what I put it through a few years back and is holding onto every fucking bite and converting it into back fat just for kicks. Bastard.

So I'm tracking my daily calorie intake (a detailed list of every thing that goes into my mouth every day) and if I gain another astronomical amount I at least have it on paper that I am not gorging on cakes and cookies and doughnuts (ok, I had two on sunday, but I wrote them down!) and the like. I think once the peanut is moving around more and I feel more pregnant I will chill out. Let's hope anyway, right?

Asa is vain as hell

ps. Aaron reminded me (via the guestbook, thanks sweetie!) that I forgot to mention we were able to sell the Honda. I wasn't going to bother, but it was comments and emails that said "dude, try and sell it" that changed my mind, and it worked! We got 300 bucks for it, so thanks guys!

And goodbye little car, you were a good one.

Monday, January 10, 2005


Fuck I need a nap today.

So this weekend was no big deal; we did get a lot of shit done. Friday night I did some reading, and we watched Little Black Book... it was ok I guess. Then Saturday Aaron had to work in the morning and I sat from about 10 am until 3:30pm in the dining room (yay, we have a dining room again!) doing homework. I do NOT have the attention span for that kind of shit anymore. That's a long ass time to be working, and I'll be damned if I am going to piss away the week again so I have to it all over again.

Two girls in my Poli-sci class are giving me fits. Well, 3, actually. The first is a high school student and has some long ass black/brown hair. Nice hair in general, but she fucks with it and picks her head all fucking class long. Picks her head like... as if it itches and she is picking scabs or something. That and she asks stupid questions ALL THE FUCKING TIME... but I could just be being a bitch. Oh! And it'll be like 30 degrees or less out, and she comes in in the SAME bright yellow pullover sweatshirt on every day, then a coat on over that and will proceed to peel off the layers until she's sitting in a teeny tiny tanktop. Basically she bugs me just because she does and I now refer to her in my head as 'headpicker'.

The other girl who is giving me fits used to just warrant a stare, but today she sat by me and proceeded to drink her ice water and crunch her ice with her teeth all morning long. If that alone didn't bug me, she's the most... interesting looking person I've seen in a long time. She's got lips that put Steven Tyler to shame. The thing is, I've got big lips... fine, whatever... but her's are big, shaped like a circle together (Think Jennifer Garner when she has her 'serious face' on) and puffy as all get out. Ice cruncher doesn't have ... voluptuous lips per say... like if you saw them you wouldn't go "wow, she's got big lips, so nice and voluptuous." You'd probably say "damn, that girl's got some big fucking lips!" I can't help but stare... I'm an asshole, I know. But I've NEVER seen lips like that on anyone.

The last girl who bugs me is just an idiot who is obviously just a republican because her parents are and stuns me with some of the stuff that comes out of her mouth. I made mention in one class of how curious it is to me that Bush's administration preaches about 'no big government' blah blah blah, but we are losing liberties every day... through the fcc regulations and religion being crammed down our throats... and this dumb bitch raises her hand and says "Well, I just don't see how you can criticize your loss of liberties when you aren't even the one out there fighting for them like the soldiers in Iraq." My hand shot up in the air and I said "to clarify, first of all, my choices that are being taken away as to what the gov't thinks I can watch or listen to on television or the radio have zero to do with the fighting going on in Iraq, and furthermore, when our nation is in such a state of turmoil and the ratings for our President have been iffy at best with regards to Iraq, it is curious to me, that he would choose to tighten the belt on what's acceptable to air on television, choose to spend extra money on funding NASA programs, and try to overturn gay marriage rights... when his attention should most obviously be on fixing what has gone wrong in Iraq. The restrictions on what's on television should take a definite backseat to the soldiers that are dying every day in a war that was unnecessary in the first place." (or something like that.)

The prof, a liberal in moderate's disguise smiled and nodded and took the next comment. I love how he tries to stay in the middle but his own liberal views come sneaking out in every lecture.

Anyway, the following is an example of why I think Asa is trying to sabotage my schoolwork...

First he tried to distract me by being cute and laying on my papers/books etc.

Then he decided it was time to try mastering 'holding the pen'.. when I took the pen away and began jotting down notes he responded by rubbing his face on the pen and my hand, while purring loudly.

Then he felt the need to stretch

Finally he settled down for a long afternoon nap while I plunked away on the laptop. He is best in his supervisor mode after all.

Friday, January 07, 2005


Oh MY GOD. I love my car! Seriously, head over heels, in love with my car. It's the one I'd been eyeing since Monday, I spotted the ad on and I cannot believe the guy still had it as he was offering it for cheap and we ended up getting it even cheaper! I love it!!!!!!!!

Let me introduce you to the latest object of my affection...

Isn't she cute? I totally feel justified listening to Britney Spears as I cruise the freeway now, by the way. Oh man... my little gold honda was a good car, and I bonded with it and don't want to see it go to waste or anything, but this is love. I love the power locks, mirrors and windows... the pretty and CLEAN gray interior, the immaculate trunk complete with spare and jack! And I love the fact that I have a horn again! (which by the way was employed last night in the parking lot of Fred meyers towards some bitch who does NOT understand what 'right of way' means. The middle finger may or may not have been employed as well.) Oh and even the seatbelt light works! *LOVE* I went today and transferred the title over, and was in and out of the Department of Licensing within 5 minutes... no joke. So I decided to spring for the 'works' at the car wash and treated my little purple darling to a bath and hot wax.

Hot damn, I've finally got a car! Oh yeah, my dad will want to know this stuff... it's an automatic, a 94' honda civic LX, 154,000 miles... did I mention it's purple and cute? Well, you get the point.

Now we just gotta figure out what to do with the little gold blister... part it out? donate it? Attempt to get someone to buy it? Any ideas?

Wednesday, January 05, 2005


I didn't update yesterday because I was having an AWFUL day and didn't feel like rehashing it, nor did I feel like being a downer (again) in my journal. I feel like I've been doing nothing but complaining lately and I'm trying to remedy that.

The problem with yesterday was that I was in a class that was cancelled and because my school is FUCKED, they neither sent me anything to notify me of it nor did they call me... they can't explain how I received no word about this by the way. LOVELY. I have two quarters left there... I was stressing. I have specific things to fill and didn't want to screw myself out of credits I need when I can only enter the teaching program at the branch campus in the fall... I didn't want to wait a year if I fucked up. So I had an anxiety attack... one of the worst ones I've had in a while, luckily it passed eventually; but not before bursting into tears and yelling at Aaron (who was trying to be helpful) and telling my mother "fuck school, I don't fucking care anymore."

To make a long story short, I am now taking Political Science, BTS (Business Technology Systems... basically a class on microsoft office 2003) and motherfucking Metiorology 101: Introduction to Weather. Because I need to know why it rains. Fuck I hate school sometimes. How about just giving me the fucking necessary tools to do the job and QUIT WASTING MY MOTHERFUCKING TIME WITH MOTHERFUCKING CLASSES LIKE METEOROLOGY. *sigh* Seriously. So that means with a full load this quarter, and a full load next quarter I should be done and be ready to enter the teaching program in September. I need to apply first, and hope I get accepted... have I mentioned that I could kick my own ass for not accomplishing this stuff YEARS ago when normal people do?

Also... I was freaking out because of the apartment situation, I have nowhere to study... seriously, and nowhere to sit and really do homework, when my mom took pity on me and offered us the use of her storage unit until we move. We are putting all of the non electrical wedding gifts in there until we get things settled, and reclaiming the dining room table. I am so happy about this developement I could literally squeal with delight. Hot damn, I have a table again! We still have several things that are occupying that space, but if we move some other things into storage and move the electricals into those previously occupied spaces, I think we'll be ok.

Have I mentioned that I CAN'T WAIT TO MOVE!!! Too bad we haven't done a thing about it since well before christmas. WE are going to get on the stick as soon as we get me a car, which hopefully will be tonight. We are going to look at a car I found locally, Thank goodness for the help of my student loan, as it pushed us to our mark. Wish me luck!!!

They say animals can sense when you are pregnant... I'm beginning to believe it as Asa NEVER wants to sit with me, and lately I have to push the fucker off. Though, if I'm not doing anything important I let him sit, as I want him to be more affectionate towards me. I love that little bastard.

Molly's mere presence makes Asa nervous.

"Thank God, they've finally turned the heat on, the fuckerth were letting uth freethe to death!"

Monday, January 03, 2005


I am in a piss ass mood today; it abated for a while around lunch (could have had something to do with the heavenly clam chowder I ingested) but now it's on it's way back. I think it's because I'm tired. I'm so very tired; as is Aaron ... and today wasn't his best mood day either. I am pretty sure we can count on an early night.

I developed the last of the rolls of film from the cameras we left on the tables at the wedding and let me just tell you... what a fucking waste. First of all, I put stickers on there that said they were for adults only... some of the covers were conveniently ripped off the cameras, and now from the 10 rolls of film, we have maybe 25 decent photos. However, if I wanted 200 photos of the same handful of people in Aaron's family, from the neck up taken from the floor... I've got them. GAH. I'm so irritated that we even wasted any money on that shit... I can't even do anything with those pictures because half the time the person featured is blinking, talking or turned away. I should have said something when I saw kids with the cameras at the wedding, but let it go. Now I can't really say anything because what's the point? It was nearly 2 months ago and the film is jacked and is staying jacked... there's no point in complaining. But I guess I will anyway! It's what I do best!

I was sick all weekend, and am feeling a bit better now; I finally broke down and bought a humidifier on saturday and I think it's helped. Though now I'm plagued with disgusting tasting saliva (which frankly could be a side effect of pregnancy... if so THIS CHILD OWES ME BECAUSE IT'S DISGUSTING.) And everything smells gross. I don't think it's a sinus infection, I just think it's this lovely virus working it's way out of my system. Ick.

Saw Spanglish... boy was that fucker long. And pointless. It was actually an ok movie but Tea Leoni bugged the crap out of me, which is odd... and I didn't really buy some of the scenes she was in, some of them yes... she was great. Some, not so much. And the hispanic chick bugged me because she reminded me of Penelope Cruz who looks like a moth.

The car search is still on... school started today, my Political Science teacher (this class is focusing on American Gov't) is a canadian by way of St. Lucia... and is teaching American Politics. I love it. He seems very nice and exams are 60% of the grade which to me is awesome because that means there is less actual work to be done, and I just need to know the material. I also am supposed to read a newspaper a few times a week... I have a few to choose from; they are known for covering national headlines more than local ones... I do not have the time to go to the library and read this shit nor do I have the $$ to subscribe daily, so I think I'll try and find the one that offers the best online content... and hope that they don't charge.


Ben is not stretching, nay; he is merely sleeping on the daddy's lap while the daddy tries to play video games around him. Ben has become MISTER co-dependent lately... you can't sit down without the furry bastard trying to sit in your lap.

Asa's transformation into alien kitty is almost complete.

Her highness does not approve.