Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I'll touch on this more in the pregnancy blog (hee! I love linking myself!) but damn, I've been a moody asshole lately.

Let's do a weekend recap, shall we? Friday night was spent among friends. Lori and Seth met up with us for dinner at Azteca, and then we went back to our house for a bit so the boys could play video games until it was time to leave for Holly and Maria's birthday party. I passed out cold for an hour or two and woke up feeling pretty grumpy and like I needed a shower. We headed down to our favorite karaoke place and hung out there for a while. I will say, married or not, pregnant or not, when you are feeling fat as hell and unattractive as hell, it is a bit of an ego boost to turn people down when they start flirting with you. "sorry, I'm married!" and then I point to Aaron who grins. It was pretty funny because Connor came down, (a friend who I've known since we were born) and his friend was TOTALLY drunk and kept coming up to our table and talking to all the girls, or dancing with the girls who got up to sing... it was seriously hilarious. Well, I was sitting there talking to Connor and dude comes up behind me and points to me and mouths something to Connor. Connor starts laughing and says "she doesn't want to go kick it with you fool, she's married! That's her husband right there!" and he pointed to Aaron, we all laughed.

Then this other guy Connor knows (seriously, dude brings a posse with him whenever we all hang out) comes over to our table and squeezes himself in between Seth and Connor. I'm sitting across from them, and Lori comes back from the bar to tell me something and dude goes "hey there cutie, smile!" I started laughing and interrupted his next smooth line and said "hey, you know that guy you're sitting next to?" He looks over at Seth, and nods and I say "that's her boyfriend." Connor starts laughing and the guy is all "oh, sorry man, no offense." Then he smiles at Lori and says "well, you got a sister or something?" and she laughs and points to me. He smiles and says "well hello" I held up my hand and pointed to the ring and to Aaron and said "I'm married, and that's my husband!" Connor was totally laughing by then, and the guy shakes his head and says "don't you know any SINGLE WOMEN?" heh. It amused me greatly.

Lori and Seth ended up staying the night, and then the next day Aaron and I went to see Ocean's 12, and went shopping. We vegged out for most of the night, then Lori and Seth came back over to play video games, and I ended up crashing around 11:30. Sunday we cleaned the house and I went to walHELLMART with mom. Never again during Christmas season. NEVER.AGAIN. When I got home I was moody, tired, still needed to get the last of my groceries and looking forward to a quiet evening and walked into a housefull of people.

Normally it wouldn't have been a big deal at all, but I just wasn't in the mood and was pissy and near tears and I feel really bad that people thought I was mad at them. Not the case... hormonal and tired and sick of video games is all. :-) I love having people over, I just was in a terrible mood that day.

Yesterday I was a pill, Today I was a pill until about lunch time, then I snapped out of it. I also got into it with satchel, and actually said the words "zip it" to him. Heh, it was lovely. Sometimes I just want to rip his face off.

Lastly, I made greek salad for my dinner last night as the picky husband won't eat anything green. Unless it's jello. :-)

My friend Amy gave me the recipe and it is the shit so I thought I'd share, my recipe has a few more things in it, I had ordered a greek salad from a local restaurant and I added some of the things they had in theirs.

All it is is: lettuce, feta cheese, chopped black olives, and cucumbers for the bulk of the salad. I put that together, then put it in a tupperware and shook the dressing all over it (dressing: 2 TBSP olive oil, 1 TBSP lemon juice 1/2 tsp oregano and 1/4 tsp salt and pepper) After I had the salad dressed I put it in my bowl, garnished it with some marinated artichoke hearts, pepperocinis and kalamata olives... SOOOO GOOD. Amy I can't thank you enough for the pointers on that salad! (She was kind enough to make the salad for our wedding and I had some then and HAD to get the recipe.) yum. I'll probably have it for dinner on Wednesday too.

Tonight I'm going to try my hand at peanut butter chicken, courtesy of beanmom I can't wait to taste it!

Ben has been well... clingy is the understatement of the year, as of late. He's always liked to sit with Aaron, but since becoming pregnant I am also a target now. I won't let him sit with me when I crochet because the fucker sheds like crazy and I don't need a cathair blanket. Last night when I shooed him off he stood at Aaron's feet and stared forlornly as if to say "pleath let me thit with you daddy, PLEATH." Aaron relented because he is nice and then played his video game at what looks to be an uncomfortable position for quite awhile. Ben has the nicest daddy around.

he is so content to sit with the daddy.

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