Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Every day this week I have thought it was friday, except for about twenty minutes today I thought it was Tuesday. Weird.

So, I am going car shopping this weekend... just no putting it off. I love how I put all major things off until in opportune times. Car shopping because I need a car before the new year with only one weekend left before the holidays. *sigh* I really hope we find one and don't have to wait, though I'm not holding my breath. My brakes are going out and are damn scary in the rain. We toyed with the idea of just replacing the brakes and then getting a new car later on in the spring, but the clutch has been flirting with death for a few months now, and the back tires are damn near bald. Not to mention the rear defrost doesn't work, and well... it's time for a new vehicle.

I bought Shania Twain's greatest hits, and damn I love that cd! I have never been a big fan of hers, but for some reason when I saw the commercial I thought "I have to have that" and I love it! Even though it bugs me a bit when she talks in her songs, it normally doesn't bother me, but she does it I hate it.

dumbchick had asked in the guestbook what exactly we were looking for in a house. Basically we are just looking for more space... we'd rather own, mainly for the obvious reasons of getting our money back in the long run when we are ready to upgrade. I would love a walk in closet, but it's not necessary... Aaron would love a garage, but again, not necessary. We want a clean looking neighborhood and space, that's about it! Talk about easy to please. :-)

Asa makes good use out of the top of the television

The freak sleeps with one eye open sometimes, I couldn't get a shot when it was opened wider but you get the effect... creepy.

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