Thursday, December 23, 2004


Oh LORD... the hating of Satchel is so high today. He keeps answering the phone "Merry Christmas, this is Satchel"... for whatever reason it is just bugging me. Have I mentioned that I hate that fucker lately? Well I do. A lot. More than a lot really. It's almost enough to ruin my festive mood today, but I am fighting like hell to keep it.

The baking bug has hit me hard so I will make some holiday goodies tonight and tomorrow morning before we go to Aaron's brother's house. I am making sugar cookies (if I can find the mix at the store; Fred Meyers was out this morning), fudge, Robyn's secret kiss cookies, peanut blossoms (the peanut butter cookies with a hershey's kiss on top) and possible some butterscotch oatmeal cookies, but those are way low on the priority list.

We also, or rather I also decided we should start a new tradition this year. We had discussed that when we have a family, we want everyone to open one gift on Christmas eve, said gift will be new Jammies, so all the pictures taken the next morning are in clean, unratty, non-worn out Jammies. We were going to wait until next year until I got a bug up my ass and decided to call Aaron this morning as I left Fred Meyers at 7:40 am, saying "I am going to make your life a little more difficult today"... he still has one more thing to buy me and I told him that all jammies at fred's are 50% off and the really cute pink fleece pants are 10 bucks and in front of the ladies underwear on a table. Heh, I'm lucky I married a good sport.

So the car dealers were on crack last night... the inside of the car we test drove was disgusting. The quality of the interior was probably an 8 out of 10... but it was diry and gross and fucking sticky. I complained a bit about it, I mean come on... fix it up a LITTLE BIT! Then the fuckers said that they wanted us to put down 2200 on a 2500 dollar car... with tax and licensing it would have been a bit over 2700... so they wanted us to finance 500 bucks? I think when Aaron asked about the head gasket they decided they wanted it to be a cash car so they didn't have to do a warranty. Bastards.

Probably won't be back to post until after the holiday so have a good one!

this morning I sat and unwrapped our wedding favors... I knew we had some kisses left over, but damn... now you see why I'm making cookies that use them?

"perhapth if I thnuggle in under my pillow fort no one will bother me and I can finally get that thleep I tho detherve... now if thomeone could jutht turn off the lightth."

"How bout getting that fuckin camera out of my fuckin face?"

Asa is a cat of few words.

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