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Incidentally, I was checked for strep TWICE. This was not strep; just a nasty virus that brought with it a highly painful throat.

ok... honeymoon recap. Where to begin?

We left for our honeymoon the night after we were married. "Night" being the key word here. My idiot mind had thought it would be an awesome idea when I was planning our little vacation, to leave in the evening and arrive in the morning; "as that way we can sleep on the plane and not be too tired when we get to the resort!" I should kick my own ass for that kind of thinking.

When we got up the morning after the wedding, we hurried on over to my mom's house, as we were running late. We ate from the leftovers and opened our gifts, then ran down to my work to pick up the Regis and Kelly envelope that had come when I was gone before going home to pack. We get home, pack, lay down for a bit and get a bite to eat. Our flight left around 10pm Seattle time, and was set to land in Atlanta at 2:30am Seattle time. We then had a 5 hour layover until our flight to Jamaica left. Neither one of us slept on the plane, we were uncomfortable and probably overtired. When we got to Atlanta we settled in next to a window on the fucking floor of our gate and covered up with the afghan I brought and passed out for about 2 hours. I woke up feeling... well, the worst I've probably felt in a long ass time.

You know when you are so tired you can't really thing straight, you're cold, you feel greasy and like you need a shower or at least to wash your hair and face, you are hungry, sick and well... pissy? That was me. That and the fact that in that 2 hours, my left eye had somehow decided to get pinkeye. In 2 hours people... it was DISGUSTING. I used to get pinkeye when I worked in daycare, but it was never this bad. It was so gross. Finally we leave for Jamaica, and then arrive and sweat sweat sweat while we wait in the line at customs. We get through, get our bags, go through yet another customs gate and finally find our resort office where we sit in a wonderfully air conditioned room and wait for our ride.

When we get to the resort, our room isn't ready (by the way, the whole trip we've been wearing our 'bride and groom' tee shirts and EVERYONE feels the need to comment.) So they tell us to enjoy the premises and our room will be ready shortly. So we go find the buffet and get a bite to eat and I grab a 7-up. We sit in silence and I say "don't you feel like an idiot wearing that shirt?" Aaron said "nah, I think it's kind of fun... everyone seems to think it's cool." No sooner than a minute or two go by and the waitress comes up "ahhhh, honeymooners!" Then we go back in the lobby to wait for our room, and get more comments from passersby. Aaron says "yeah, I want to change." We were both tired of being the center of attention. Finally our room is ready and we walk around the corner into the hallway and I choose that moment to bite it.HARD. I somehow tripped and came down on my knees, then down on my right elbow until my chin hit the tile.

Nice. Real fucking nice. I had pretty much had it by that point and as Aaron had already gotten the door unlocked to our room, I quickly went into the bathroom until the dude with the bags had gone. When I heard the door shut, I came out and started bawling. Aaron was obviously alarmed, and I blubbered "I ... just... need ... to lie down...." I had just had too much... simple as that. So we did just that. WE crashed for about 3 hours, got up to eat dinner and came back and slept straight through until the next morning.

We went shopping the next day in the little strip mall thing that was right next to our resort. As we were in there looking around, a woman from the street called us over and was telling us that she wanted us to come look at her store, and blah blah "I'll braid your hair for cheap!" blah. So we go... against our better judgement. Her "store" is one of several poorly constructed storage sheds (about 3' deep) that are strung together behind some severely dilapidated buildings across the street and down a block or two. As soon as we near the 'stores' that are back there, there are 3 or 4 guys huddling around Aaron trying to get him to buy coke or pot or anything his heart desires. Of course we weren't interested, but the fuckers were pretty persistent. Eventually they left us alone, and we stopped at this woman's 'store'. That lady and another friend of hers went to work braiding my hair and some guy was talking to Aaron and convinced him to come look at his 'store'. Mind you, I am sitting on a fucking tree stump while these women are braiding my hair. There are all these shed things strung together and the smell of pot is so strong if I didn't know better I would think I was holding the joint. (I should note that if you smoke pot, good for you; I just am NOT comfortable being around people who are breaking the law in a foreign fucking country.) So, the ladies tell me that Aaron shouldn't have left me, it is not safe back there, blah blah, blah. I was freaking out a bit to put it mildly. Finally Aaron gets back and they finish my hair and I say loudly, "well, we don't have any more money and I am not feeling good, so let's go back to the hotel." We were begged by several others to come see their stores, but we just kept saying " sorry, we don't have any more money." It may not sound like it here, but it was a bit of a scary situation. I did not feel safe AT.ALL.

We spent the rest of our time in Jamaica laying around, watching tv, and getting some sun. I did a lot of recuperating there, as I was just feeling so awful. We even tried to get an earlier flight out to NYC, but were not able to. So, in a nutshell... Jamaica... never again. We didn't enjoy it very much, and we didn't feel safe. (That was in Montego Bay though, I've heard Ocho Rios is much prettier and nicer.)

In NYC we had our own little apartment, and it was right off of 6th avenue... we were blocks away from Radio City Music Hall... it meant a bit more walking as we were a bit off the subway line, but still; damn close to everything. We only took a taxi once, and that was to take our shit down to the village to the UPS store there to ship it all home.

We shopped and shopped and shopped oh and ate like it was going out of style! The first day we did major shopping it poured so hard that our bags almost didn't make it back to the apartment. We did a bit of site seeing, but really; we just walked around, spent money and enjoyed ourselves... we love NYC, and it was awesome to not have the pressure to 'see everything'.

Here I am with the scary braids. They lasted all of 6 hours, I had a terrible headache and we figured out the braids were too tight. Aaron and I and a lot of conditioner spent 2 hours or more unbraiding them. What a pain in the ASS.

The pool/stage area, our room was the room directly behind the stage on the first floor.

I bought these sunglasses for 3 bucks in a gift shop in Jamaica and I LOVE THEM. Getting these made the trip worthwhile.

Here we are on the beach, and really; the beach was absolutely gorgeous. I don't believe I've ever seen anything so pretty and clear. Beautiful.

check out my left eye, hot, no?

Our digs... well, 4 floors above the Wu Kong restaurant, were our digs. Incidentally, you really can't judge a book by it's cover because I thought the graffiti meant the place was a dive, and it actually looked like quite the classy establishment when it was open.

They were just getting the Christmas Tree at Rockafeller Center ready when we were there.

I just love how out of nowhere, you can see such a cool building or cathedral. This is St. Patrick's Cathedral.

It was hard to get any good shots inside, as the place is so big, the flash really doesn't carry far.

one of the many beautiful stained glass windows taken from inside St. Patrick's Cathedral.

We saw them filming for the next season of the Apprentice, this team's sign advertised for 'alpha' company, but they were drinking trump water... it didn't take a genius to figure out what show they are on. It was bone ass cold that day and they were selling gloves and hats. You can't see it here, but there were like 4 camera dudes there, filming.

I believe this is a lamborghini... I am told it's a cool thing to see one of these not only in the flesh, but in reality as well. It was parked in front of a hotel near times square, on a side street. Aaron ballparked it being about a couple hundred thousand dollar car. There is so no way I could drive something that expensive.

It never ceases to amaze us how they squeeze in those extra cars in Manhattan parking lots.

My new hat

The seinfeld restaurant, also known as Tom's Restaurant. We ate there (GOOD FOOD!) and learned that it is also the subject of that song "tom's diner" .

The nerds that we are hamming it up at Regis and Kelly

Regis and Kelly talking to the audience... the flash didn't carry in here either, so the shots were either dark or blurry.

I also got to meet Mr. Philbin, for a brief second as I got my picture taken with him.

Taken on the plane when we were about an hour or so out of seattle, coming home. I was ready to be off that fucking plane and home. Can you tell?

I also got someone to start growing a goatee for me on our honeymoon, but he shaved it off the morning after we got home. Party pooper. I LOVE the goatee, and it got a bit longer than this, but didn't have much chance to grow after that. oh well.

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