Friday, December 03, 2004


By partay, I mean we are going to safeway this evening and will spend the rest of the night vegging out in front of the television while I work on the thank you cards. Gee, don't you wish you had a high profilin' life like us? We bought several movies in NYC, so maybe we'll toss one or two of those in the dvd player and watch that.

We also got a Tivo, so there will probably be something to watch there... though I am still bitter because ER wasn't recorded for whatever reason last night. Aaron swears he signed up for a season pass, and when I tried to sign up this morning in my fury over missing it AGAIN (I forgot about it last week), the damn thing wouldn't even give me the option to sign up for a season pass. WTF? That chaps my ass more than just a little bit.

What else... Aaron jimmied (that's a technical term by the way) a new inside door handle for my car last night. Thank God, because I was becoming extremely unpleasant to be around immediately following exiting the car. We are hoping to get a new vehicle around tax time, but it may have to wait as we really want to move too. *sigh* decisions, decisions! My car needs brakes and at the very least a once over, as it makes lots of interesting noises... but I don't want to sink a lot of money in it if we are going to be getting a new vehicle soon.

I've been a crocheting fool lately, probably because I know that as soon as school starts, I won't have time for it. I am pretty nervous about taking a full load, but I am confident that I can do it... I've done it before, but it's still nervewracking.


1. Describe your current love life:

Married to Aaron :-)

2. Are you a monogamist?

I think that goes without saying, what's the point of marriage if there's no monogamy?

3. If you could, how would you change your current love life?

I would have us win the lottery. Then we could be in love and RICH.

4. Worst. Pick-up Line. Ever:

How you doin'

5. If this one celebrity asked you out, they might possibly have the power to pull you away from any current relationship(s):

I joke that Eminem is my secret boyfriend, but no... if anyone had the power to pull me away from Aaron there would be no point in being his wife.

Why does theee alwayth put her greathy lipth up to my delicate fathe?

The ever suffering Benny.

Ben would like you to know he is (in the cat world) the patron saint of suffering at the hands of feline owners.

a few weeks ago, Aaron and Asa wiled away quite a few minutes while playing with this box. Aaron would lure Asa in there, and the he and I would laugh like nerds and scare Asa out of it.

Molly was jealous. Seriously couldn't you just eat her up though? She can be very very cute when she wants to.

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