Tuesday, December 21, 2004


I hate car shopping... not quite as much as I hate apartment hunting, but I do loathe car shopping... I do. We drove around for HOURS on Sunday, and didn't really find anything that 'grabbed' me... admittedly, while Aaron did all of the driving, I was passed out cold in the passenger seat. He woke me when he found stuff for me to look at, but let me sleep otherwise. (Ain't he sweet?)

Sunday evening we met up with Heather and Sean at Anthony's H0me P0rt for dinner, and it was soooo yummy. We had a juvenile moment for a few minutes when we saw 'halibut cheeks' on the menu. I of course had to prod everyone into saying it all together so it sounded like hali-buttcheeks... we had a good laugh. Then the waitress came over and was telling us their specials etc, and she kept saying hali-buttcheeks, and I was trying to stay composed, but dammit, I saw Heather hide her face behind her menu out of the corner of my eye and I just lost it. We howled, and hooted and laughed so hard the tears were streaming. The waitress didn't get it until I practically had to spell it out for her... and well, I don't think it's translating here well either, because it's not nearly as funny as it was the other night. Good times.

We were going to go look at a car tonight, but it turns out the dude selling it lost the title and though he promises to go down to the dmv with us to get everything settled, Aaron and I just don't want that kind of a headache. Who needs the hassle? Not me.

Other than that we are ALMOST done with our shopping, I have one more thing to buy and then I am officially done. Aaron still needs to buy a couple of things (he's in charge of Wili's gift and his nephew's birthday gift since we missed his party earlier in the month, and he isn't done shopping for me yet.) The crowds just suck and I am reminded of exactly WHY I get my shopping done early in the month of December.


This is her sexy pose

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