Tuesday, December 28, 2004


It is damn cold here... we've been lucky thus far, but this morning it is foggy as hell and did I mention fucking cold? The local news site says it's about 30 degrees, which I know some of you will scoff at, but please; I've been getting by with wearing a tee shirt and a fleece till now... not any more!

What is UP with coffee stands no longer stocking creme de menthe syrup? Starbucks doesn't have it, the local stand I frequent doesn't have it... sorry, but peppermint hot chocolate tastes more like pepto bismol than it does warm chocolatey goodness. Ick.

Christmas around these parts was good... we spend Christmas eve day over at Aaron's brother's house, and then that night we went to my Grandma's house for the annual get together there. Lori brought Seth, and I'm sure the guy was completely overwhelmed, but he seemed to handle it well... considering he was trapped in a house where most of the people inside were what I would consider... normal. heh. The other few are my dysfunctional relatives who I rarely see and most I don't even speak to. There really isn't any animosity... we see each other once a year at christmas and that's about it... my uncle's wife Debby is a first class skank and I haven't spoken to the woman in about... 6 or 7 years I think... maybe longer. Grandma was in a foul mood when we got there, hollering about the toothpics in the bacon covered waterchestnuts, and if she found 'one toothpick where it doesn't belong we are NEVER MAKING THEM AGAIN!!!!!" I think she gets stressed at having some of the crazy folk up in her house all at once.

It was really good to see those relatives though who I don't get to see often, and catch up, even if it was only a little bit. My cousin's daughter's are growing so fast, and it seems like yesterday they were tiny little toddlers... now they are something crazy like 6 and 8 and so polite... time flies I guess.

Christmas eve night we exchanged our jammies and went to sleep only to wake at 6:30am... both of us were wide awake (Aaron had a bit of an 'icehouse' headache... heh.) so we unwrapped our gifts to each other and he was so sweet and addressed all of the gift tags to "my lovely wife" or "my amazing wife" ... one said "to mommy" "from Peanut"... awwww. I was a dick and addressed all of his "to aaron, from Allison"... heh. Oh well, I'll try and be more thoughtful NEXT year!

Christmas morning found us at my mom and dad's where we exchanged gifts and then gorged on a big breakfast of pancakes and sausage. (SO.GOOD.) We laid around after that... well, I laid around for a while, Seth and Aaron played video games, I beat the pants off Lori and dad at Trivial Pursuit 90's edition,Seth and Aaron played more video games, and then I proceeded to beat Lori and dad again at Trivial Pursuit Snl edition. (Though that snl one was way hard, we had to help each other out on basically each question.) Aaron and Seth played more video games and I fell asleep on the couch for a bit and decided that watching video games blows. Lori let me hang in her room and veg out, but I was just tired and cranky and sick to fucking death of video games and wanted to just go home. Mom was still cooking dinner and the video game marathon had come to an end (after 6-7 consecutive hours of playing) and Aaron hung out with me for a bit.

Let me make this shit clear... NEXT YEAR... I will NOT be sitting around watching fucking video games all day!!! Lori must think I am a bitch because when I said that on the phone yesterday she said "but they were having fun!" I could give a shit... Christmas is about everyone, and for me it was an exercise in tolerance and hell... and I would have rather gone home and cleaned the house than watch that shit all day. But I didn't really complain then, I just dozed and tried to find shit to do. Of course next year we'll be baby wrangling anyway, so there's no way Aaron's going to get in 6-7 hours of consecutive video game playing so I hope he enjoyed it!!! ;-P

On Sunday I took down the Christmas tree and cleaned up a bit, though the house is still a pit. I am so ready to move and be done with this shit, but we haven't done ANYTHING remotely productive in that arena... just been busy and I need a new car like pronto... we plan to spend friday and sunday car shopping (hell and Saturday if the lots are open!)and then we'll get the ball rolling on moving.

No pictures today because we can't find the camera. I think it's in someone's blazer, but he swears it isn't... :-)

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