Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Man. I registered for school this morning, in somewhat of a panic because when I checked online, I found that my registration date was 2 weeks ago... SHIT! Last time that happened I was waitlisted and it was a gigantic pain in the BUTT to get everything squared away. This time, it was also a gigantic pain because uh... I am a lazy ass who isn't sure what to take. Seeing that I have no electives I decided to try and find three classes that 'interest' me. That's a fucking task, let me tell you. First to find 3 classes that may hold my interest and then second to find 3 classes that may hold my interest that don't appear to be too demanding or have a ton of work involved. Heh, I am so scholarly. I ended up with fiction writing, computer skills (learning word and excel and access... while I am VERY familiar and VERY comfortable with those programs, I figured part of it would be a refresher and I may actually walk away with some useful tools) and Political science. I took that class in person, as I anticipate there will be discussions, and I miss me a good college discussion. I should have taken math, but I don't know what math to take and fuck all; I'll just take it next quarter.

I fucking hate school right now, and would like to go back in time and throttle myself for not getting this shit done YEARS ago. GAH! I swear to you, if I didn't have to pay back the loans as soon as I drop out, I probably would. I am just that unmotivated right now. *sigh* I'm sure it'll get better though.

We are going out for dinner tonight with Lori and Seth for Seth's birthday. To the Outback Steakhouse... a splurge that Aaron and I have never taken, so we're probably way more excited than we should be. (or rather I, not we... mr. cool is looking forward to it but not like his idiot wife who can't wait for the bloomin' onion.)

The satchel hate has returned in full force. Gah I hate that fucker sometimes. I am trying to be calm and relaxed and whatever, but dude. YOU work with him and see how you do.


I want to do a honeymoon recap, but let me first recap the big day... er, week. I had the week off before the wedding, which in retrospect is the smartest decision I have ever made. Why? you ask? Because on Tuesday as we were running errands, Aaron and I stopped for lunch at Azteca and I marveled over my lunch at how smooth things were going and how surprised I was that for once in my life I hadn't come down with a cold or something else when something big was happening. It was the exact moment after I said that that I noticed a tickle in my throat. I shit you not my friends, it was the tickle of doom. We finished our errands for the day and I noticed that as time wore on that tickle became more of a sore spot than anything.

"no problem" I thought, I still felt fine otherwise, so I gargled with some salt water and took it easy for the rest of the day. (By take it easy I mean slept the afternoon away until the next morning.) I woke up on Wednesday the 3rd feeling like utter dog crap, and proceeded to lie in bed and pretty much sleep all fucking day. Same for Thursday. Friday we had to finish up the errands that could not wait and as we did, my throat was hurting so bad... seriously folks, WORST SORE THROAT OF MY LIFE... I have never ever had anything that compared, and nothing helped.

At one point I was sitting in my car on Friday, bawling to my mom about how I'm sick and my throat hurts and why did this have to happen to me... blah blah blah feeling sorry for myself blah. She brought over some tea and medicine and I took it (it didn't help... what a shocker.) And gargled with more salt water. I showered, got ready, and packed as Lori and I were staying at a motel that night. oh yeah, before we left I got to see my friend Sarah who I hadn't seen since we were both 14 years old, she moved to New York the summer before freshman year, and came out for my wedding. It was just like old times, and I am so sorry that we didn't have more time together.

The rehearsal... well, much of it was a waste of time... the sound guys didn't know their ass from a microphone cord, and as Sarah put it perfectly "what's up with the two twelve year olds running your sound?" (AT 65 BUCKS AN HOUR NO LESS!) They kept fucking up and letting things play to long... when we FINALLY got into the run through, and I walked up to the traditional wedding march, they weren't paying attention and let the fucking song play even though I was already standing at the altar. I turned around and yelled "you can stop it when I get to the altar!!!" ... I had almost no voice, but they heard me anyway. We got through the run through and met everyone back at the reception hall where some of my friends and family had been working hard to get dinner ready. After we doled out the gifts to the wedding party, many of our guests stayed to help set up... and they were a GODSEND. I was, at that point, near tears because I was so uncomfortable and feeling like such shit. I could not imagine not sleeping in my own bed, and though I didn't want to see Aaron at all before we were to be married, I thought 'fuck it' and Lori and Seth stayed at the hotel instead. I left the hall early and went home to lie in bed and pray to God to "please take my sore throat away, Lord... Please. Seriously, I just need to not have a sore throat tommorrow and I am begging YOU TO PLEASE TAKE IT AWAY GOD." and he did. I woke up the next day to a reprieve for the most part... the sore throat did return during the reception with a vengeance, but that's ok.

After I woke up, I met Lori and Ashley down at the hair salon and we all got our hair done in updos. Lori's and mine were not so cute. Ashley's hair looked fabulous, but mine looked matted and... well, weird, and Lori's just looked bad. I left the hair salon, and went straight to London House, where I broke a nail in their parking lot. I was near tears, as I had less than 2 hours to be at the church and had no makeup on, bad hair and now, a broken fucking nail. Luckily, London House fixed my nail and my hair (70 bucks! ouch!) and I got home, put my makeup on (Aaron was over at my parent's house) and made it to the church only 10 minutes late.

The ceremony was set to begin at 5:45pm sharp, we were at the church at 2:30... I was a little leary about us being there so early, but considering we had 9 girls to lace up in their gowns, plus take all of our pictures except for those with Aaron and I, we had just enough time. It went by very quickly. The sound guys didn't fuck up too bad, though they did have to replay a song over once... which chaps my ass, but I'm told nobody noticed.

After the ceremony, we took the last few pictures and scooted over to the reception hall where time just flew and I didn't get hardly anything to eat due to nerves and making sure I mingled. In fact, 'working the room' took longer than I anticipated and some people left before I had a chance to get to them and for that I feel TOTALLY bad. Man, it's hard though, time get's going and before you know it the dj is up your ass about getting the show moving and your mom is concerned that too many people are leaving before the cake cutting and then someone tells you they can't find the liquor license... it goes fast.

After the reception, (and by the way, by that time I was feeling like such crap, that had it not been my own wedding, I would have left at 8pm.) we went straight to Safeway, still in our gown and tux so I could buy a giant bottle of sprite and a canister of Morton Salt to gargle with at the hotel. We got to the hotel, and crashed, and I briefly marveled at how the hell I was going to get through the honeymoon the next morning while blinking back tears and trying to swallow some tylenol and sprite for my throat.

*sigh* The wedding and reception were absolutely wonderful, but I am a bit bitter over being sick. I wasn't the only one though, many friends and family were in my same boat... and I don't think it ever really sunk in that everyone was there to celebrate Aaron and I... I think I sort of never realized I wasn't a guest ... heh. All the worrying over beer and wine was for not, because man we had a lot left over. I am glad though because I'd rather have too much than too little, and I think everyone still had a blast.

Tommorrow I'll recap the honeymoon... I am not even sure how accurate this recap is, as I am counting on the wedding video to refresh my memory of a lot of things. That should be here any day!

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