Wednesday, December 08, 2004


For whatever reason, I keep thinking that today is Thursday, and it is COMPLETELY throwing me off.

So, the wedding video is in, and hot damn those guys did a great job! Love it, Love it, Love it... we also got the unedited footage from both cameras, as well as two edited dvds. I am so glad we got the edited version in addition to the raw footage... the difference is pretty amazing. A few things though... in some of the frames I am looking uh... LARGE AND IN CHARGE... and I am not being self critical. At one point during the reception I was sitting down and the amount of loose and disgusting flab that was hanging over the top of my gown is more than mildly distressing. Aaron kept complaining about how his neck was jutted out during the ceremony and "do I really stand like that? What the fuck?" No, he does not stand like that and I don't really see what he was talking about; he looked fine, just nervous! The only other thing is that I really respect what the guys had to go through to get people to speak on camera and to know when to wrap it up. I wouldn't want that gig. Overall though, GREAT job... though I wish we had done less whispering while on the altar.

My life is really boring right now peeps, I think the exhaustion from post election trauma and the recovery from all things wedding have zapped my creative juices... So, if there's anything anyone wants to know about me, or my life or whatever or if you want me to write about something specific, leave a comment in the guestbook, and maybe that'll get my creativity sparked again!

Our Tree, is it me this year or is anyone else not really in the Christmas spirit either? It's just not happening for me yet.

The ornament we got from Jamaica, it's hard to see but you get the idea.

The ornament I wanted last year, but for some reason never bought.

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