Tuesday, December 28, 2004


It is damn cold here... we've been lucky thus far, but this morning it is foggy as hell and did I mention fucking cold? The local news site says it's about 30 degrees, which I know some of you will scoff at, but please; I've been getting by with wearing a tee shirt and a fleece till now... not any more!

What is UP with coffee stands no longer stocking creme de menthe syrup? Starbucks doesn't have it, the local stand I frequent doesn't have it... sorry, but peppermint hot chocolate tastes more like pepto bismol than it does warm chocolatey goodness. Ick.

Christmas around these parts was good... we spend Christmas eve day over at Aaron's brother's house, and then that night we went to my Grandma's house for the annual get together there. Lori brought Seth, and I'm sure the guy was completely overwhelmed, but he seemed to handle it well... considering he was trapped in a house where most of the people inside were what I would consider... normal. heh. The other few are my dysfunctional relatives who I rarely see and most I don't even speak to. There really isn't any animosity... we see each other once a year at christmas and that's about it... my uncle's wife Debby is a first class skank and I haven't spoken to the woman in about... 6 or 7 years I think... maybe longer. Grandma was in a foul mood when we got there, hollering about the toothpics in the bacon covered waterchestnuts, and if she found 'one toothpick where it doesn't belong we are NEVER MAKING THEM AGAIN!!!!!" I think she gets stressed at having some of the crazy folk up in her house all at once.

It was really good to see those relatives though who I don't get to see often, and catch up, even if it was only a little bit. My cousin's daughter's are growing so fast, and it seems like yesterday they were tiny little toddlers... now they are something crazy like 6 and 8 and so polite... time flies I guess.

Christmas eve night we exchanged our jammies and went to sleep only to wake at 6:30am... both of us were wide awake (Aaron had a bit of an 'icehouse' headache... heh.) so we unwrapped our gifts to each other and he was so sweet and addressed all of the gift tags to "my lovely wife" or "my amazing wife" ... one said "to mommy" "from Peanut"... awwww. I was a dick and addressed all of his "to aaron, from Allison"... heh. Oh well, I'll try and be more thoughtful NEXT year!

Christmas morning found us at my mom and dad's where we exchanged gifts and then gorged on a big breakfast of pancakes and sausage. (SO.GOOD.) We laid around after that... well, I laid around for a while, Seth and Aaron played video games, I beat the pants off Lori and dad at Trivial Pursuit 90's edition,Seth and Aaron played more video games, and then I proceeded to beat Lori and dad again at Trivial Pursuit Snl edition. (Though that snl one was way hard, we had to help each other out on basically each question.) Aaron and Seth played more video games and I fell asleep on the couch for a bit and decided that watching video games blows. Lori let me hang in her room and veg out, but I was just tired and cranky and sick to fucking death of video games and wanted to just go home. Mom was still cooking dinner and the video game marathon had come to an end (after 6-7 consecutive hours of playing) and Aaron hung out with me for a bit.

Let me make this shit clear... NEXT YEAR... I will NOT be sitting around watching fucking video games all day!!! Lori must think I am a bitch because when I said that on the phone yesterday she said "but they were having fun!" I could give a shit... Christmas is about everyone, and for me it was an exercise in tolerance and hell... and I would have rather gone home and cleaned the house than watch that shit all day. But I didn't really complain then, I just dozed and tried to find shit to do. Of course next year we'll be baby wrangling anyway, so there's no way Aaron's going to get in 6-7 hours of consecutive video game playing so I hope he enjoyed it!!! ;-P

On Sunday I took down the Christmas tree and cleaned up a bit, though the house is still a pit. I am so ready to move and be done with this shit, but we haven't done ANYTHING remotely productive in that arena... just been busy and I need a new car like pronto... we plan to spend friday and sunday car shopping (hell and Saturday if the lots are open!)and then we'll get the ball rolling on moving.

No pictures today because we can't find the camera. I think it's in someone's blazer, but he swears it isn't... :-)

Thursday, December 23, 2004


Oh LORD... the hating of Satchel is so high today. He keeps answering the phone "Merry Christmas, this is Satchel"... for whatever reason it is just bugging me. Have I mentioned that I hate that fucker lately? Well I do. A lot. More than a lot really. It's almost enough to ruin my festive mood today, but I am fighting like hell to keep it.

The baking bug has hit me hard so I will make some holiday goodies tonight and tomorrow morning before we go to Aaron's brother's house. I am making sugar cookies (if I can find the mix at the store; Fred Meyers was out this morning), fudge, Robyn's secret kiss cookies, peanut blossoms (the peanut butter cookies with a hershey's kiss on top) and possible some butterscotch oatmeal cookies, but those are way low on the priority list.

We also, or rather I also decided we should start a new tradition this year. We had discussed that when we have a family, we want everyone to open one gift on Christmas eve, said gift will be new Jammies, so all the pictures taken the next morning are in clean, unratty, non-worn out Jammies. We were going to wait until next year until I got a bug up my ass and decided to call Aaron this morning as I left Fred Meyers at 7:40 am, saying "I am going to make your life a little more difficult today"... he still has one more thing to buy me and I told him that all jammies at fred's are 50% off and the really cute pink fleece pants are 10 bucks and in front of the ladies underwear on a table. Heh, I'm lucky I married a good sport.

So the car dealers were on crack last night... the inside of the car we test drove was disgusting. The quality of the interior was probably an 8 out of 10... but it was diry and gross and fucking sticky. I complained a bit about it, I mean come on... fix it up a LITTLE BIT! Then the fuckers said that they wanted us to put down 2200 on a 2500 dollar car... with tax and licensing it would have been a bit over 2700... so they wanted us to finance 500 bucks? I think when Aaron asked about the head gasket they decided they wanted it to be a cash car so they didn't have to do a warranty. Bastards.

Probably won't be back to post until after the holiday so have a good one!

this morning I sat and unwrapped our wedding favors... I knew we had some kisses left over, but damn... now you see why I'm making cookies that use them?

"perhapth if I thnuggle in under my pillow fort no one will bother me and I can finally get that thleep I tho detherve... now if thomeone could jutht turn off the lightth."

"How bout getting that fuckin camera out of my fuckin face?"

Asa is a cat of few words.

Wednesday, December 22, 2004


At 7:30am this morning I finished my christmas shopping! I picked up one last thing for my sister, and a belated birthday present for Aaron's nephew, as well as a gift for a coworker who I am never sure is going to want to exchange, but it's better to have an extra s*bucks gift card on hand rather than to be caught without, if we don't exchange it'll make a lovely birthday gift for a January birthday.

Last night we were on our way to the car lot and got caught in heinous traffic that is ALWAYS I-405... GAH. So we decided mall traffic would be better, and for the most part it was. Then we proceeded to find the street we wanted but not the right direction... we needed Streetname SW not Streetname NE... logic might tell you to follow it one way or another and eventually you will run into the right one... but no. Streetname SW was in a COMPLETELY different area on the otherside of downtown renton. We found the place literally about 10 minutes before closing. The honda I want to look at was in the shop getting new axles so we are going back tonight in hopes that it will be there. We are also going to look at a Saturn that I initially said no over, but we'll see... I need a car. Now.

All of a sudden I have been overcome with the urge to bake lots of christmas cookies and goodies and I just don't have the time. I could do it friday morning before we leave for Aaron's brother's house, but who wants to be rushed when they're baking? Not I. I plan to use that time to wrap the presents that have yet to be wrapped and those that have been accidentally ripped by Molly the fucker who insists on running and leaping behind the godforsaken tree.

Anyhoo... I also listed a bunch of crap to sell on ebay today and my knockoff burberry backpack sold for 35 bucks in less than two hours. Oh ebay... I heart you.

no pics today cause i'm LAZY.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004


I hate car shopping... not quite as much as I hate apartment hunting, but I do loathe car shopping... I do. We drove around for HOURS on Sunday, and didn't really find anything that 'grabbed' me... admittedly, while Aaron did all of the driving, I was passed out cold in the passenger seat. He woke me when he found stuff for me to look at, but let me sleep otherwise. (Ain't he sweet?)

Sunday evening we met up with Heather and Sean at Anthony's H0me P0rt for dinner, and it was soooo yummy. We had a juvenile moment for a few minutes when we saw 'halibut cheeks' on the menu. I of course had to prod everyone into saying it all together so it sounded like hali-buttcheeks... we had a good laugh. Then the waitress came over and was telling us their specials etc, and she kept saying hali-buttcheeks, and I was trying to stay composed, but dammit, I saw Heather hide her face behind her menu out of the corner of my eye and I just lost it. We howled, and hooted and laughed so hard the tears were streaming. The waitress didn't get it until I practically had to spell it out for her... and well, I don't think it's translating here well either, because it's not nearly as funny as it was the other night. Good times.

We were going to go look at a car tonight, but it turns out the dude selling it lost the title and though he promises to go down to the dmv with us to get everything settled, Aaron and I just don't want that kind of a headache. Who needs the hassle? Not me.

Other than that we are ALMOST done with our shopping, I have one more thing to buy and then I am officially done. Aaron still needs to buy a couple of things (he's in charge of Wili's gift and his nephew's birthday gift since we missed his party earlier in the month, and he isn't done shopping for me yet.) The crowds just suck and I am reminded of exactly WHY I get my shopping done early in the month of December.


This is her sexy pose

Friday, December 17, 2004


Be sure to check out the preggo blog (link is to the left <-----) I am in need of some advice.

Admittedly, today's entry is going to be random... I'm tired and giddy (It's FRIDAY!!!!) and ready to get the heck out of here!

I am really glad Kelly won last night, I can't STAND Jen-bot the fem-bot. She is very well spoken and calm in moments of pressure, but damn, she should be, she's a lawyer. Something about her just didn't sit right with me.

No huge plans for this coming weekend, it's going to be a busy one, yes... tonight we are going to a holiday party at my cousin's house. I'm looking forward to that, then tomorrow morning we will head out and go car shopping. We have to be at my mom's by 1:30 or so to do an early christmas get together with my aunt and cousins because they live a good hour and a half away... and no one wants to travel on Christmas day. We'll have dinner there, and then that night I'm not sure what we're doing yet. I wouldn't mind checking out local christmas lights. Sunday morning we are getting up bright and early and heading up north to spend the day car hunting. That evening we will meet up with Heather and Sean for dinner. Busy weekend!


1. Describe the condition of your keyboard:

About a year old, it's a dell keyboard, black in color and in good condition.

2. Can you sing, or are you always out of key?

I am horribly off key. Though that doesn't deter me from trying.

3. What keys do you carry with you?

Standard house, key, mailbox, storage etc. I even have a key to my mom's car and probably to Lori's old honda.

4. What is the key to personal happiness?

Probably peace of mind... taking things in one at a time and accepting things and people for what they are.

5. What gets you keyed up?

That ignorant weasely fucker who is in charge of our country.

First sign of trouble... a wooly mammoth with glowing eyes stares intently at you from atop your television.

Second sign of trouble, when said wooly mammoth won't move his fucking tail so you can watch Living single in peace.

Ben leads a double life as a contortionist when he's not begging to sit on your lap.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004


Every day this week I have thought it was friday, except for about twenty minutes today I thought it was Tuesday. Weird.

So, I am going car shopping this weekend... just no putting it off. I love how I put all major things off until in opportune times. Car shopping because I need a car before the new year with only one weekend left before the holidays. *sigh* I really hope we find one and don't have to wait, though I'm not holding my breath. My brakes are going out and are damn scary in the rain. We toyed with the idea of just replacing the brakes and then getting a new car later on in the spring, but the clutch has been flirting with death for a few months now, and the back tires are damn near bald. Not to mention the rear defrost doesn't work, and well... it's time for a new vehicle.

I bought Shania Twain's greatest hits, and damn I love that cd! I have never been a big fan of hers, but for some reason when I saw the commercial I thought "I have to have that" and I love it! Even though it bugs me a bit when she talks in her songs, it normally doesn't bother me, but she does it I hate it.

dumbchick had asked in the guestbook what exactly we were looking for in a house. Basically we are just looking for more space... we'd rather own, mainly for the obvious reasons of getting our money back in the long run when we are ready to upgrade. I would love a walk in closet, but it's not necessary... Aaron would love a garage, but again, not necessary. We want a clean looking neighborhood and space, that's about it! Talk about easy to please. :-)

Asa makes good use out of the top of the television

The freak sleeps with one eye open sometimes, I couldn't get a shot when it was opened wider but you get the effect... creepy.

Tuesday, December 14, 2004


I'll touch on this more in the pregnancy blog (hee! I love linking myself!) but damn, I've been a moody asshole lately.

Let's do a weekend recap, shall we? Friday night was spent among friends. Lori and Seth met up with us for dinner at Azteca, and then we went back to our house for a bit so the boys could play video games until it was time to leave for Holly and Maria's birthday party. I passed out cold for an hour or two and woke up feeling pretty grumpy and like I needed a shower. We headed down to our favorite karaoke place and hung out there for a while. I will say, married or not, pregnant or not, when you are feeling fat as hell and unattractive as hell, it is a bit of an ego boost to turn people down when they start flirting with you. "sorry, I'm married!" and then I point to Aaron who grins. It was pretty funny because Connor came down, (a friend who I've known since we were born) and his friend was TOTALLY drunk and kept coming up to our table and talking to all the girls, or dancing with the girls who got up to sing... it was seriously hilarious. Well, I was sitting there talking to Connor and dude comes up behind me and points to me and mouths something to Connor. Connor starts laughing and says "she doesn't want to go kick it with you fool, she's married! That's her husband right there!" and he pointed to Aaron, we all laughed.

Then this other guy Connor knows (seriously, dude brings a posse with him whenever we all hang out) comes over to our table and squeezes himself in between Seth and Connor. I'm sitting across from them, and Lori comes back from the bar to tell me something and dude goes "hey there cutie, smile!" I started laughing and interrupted his next smooth line and said "hey, you know that guy you're sitting next to?" He looks over at Seth, and nods and I say "that's her boyfriend." Connor starts laughing and the guy is all "oh, sorry man, no offense." Then he smiles at Lori and says "well, you got a sister or something?" and she laughs and points to me. He smiles and says "well hello" I held up my hand and pointed to the ring and to Aaron and said "I'm married, and that's my husband!" Connor was totally laughing by then, and the guy shakes his head and says "don't you know any SINGLE WOMEN?" heh. It amused me greatly.

Lori and Seth ended up staying the night, and then the next day Aaron and I went to see Ocean's 12, and went shopping. We vegged out for most of the night, then Lori and Seth came back over to play video games, and I ended up crashing around 11:30. Sunday we cleaned the house and I went to walHELLMART with mom. Never again during Christmas season. NEVER.AGAIN. When I got home I was moody, tired, still needed to get the last of my groceries and looking forward to a quiet evening and walked into a housefull of people.

Normally it wouldn't have been a big deal at all, but I just wasn't in the mood and was pissy and near tears and I feel really bad that people thought I was mad at them. Not the case... hormonal and tired and sick of video games is all. :-) I love having people over, I just was in a terrible mood that day.

Yesterday I was a pill, Today I was a pill until about lunch time, then I snapped out of it. I also got into it with satchel, and actually said the words "zip it" to him. Heh, it was lovely. Sometimes I just want to rip his face off.

Lastly, I made greek salad for my dinner last night as the picky husband won't eat anything green. Unless it's jello. :-)

My friend Amy gave me the recipe and it is the shit so I thought I'd share, my recipe has a few more things in it, I had ordered a greek salad from a local restaurant and I added some of the things they had in theirs.

All it is is: lettuce, feta cheese, chopped black olives, and cucumbers for the bulk of the salad. I put that together, then put it in a tupperware and shook the dressing all over it (dressing: 2 TBSP olive oil, 1 TBSP lemon juice 1/2 tsp oregano and 1/4 tsp salt and pepper) After I had the salad dressed I put it in my bowl, garnished it with some marinated artichoke hearts, pepperocinis and kalamata olives... SOOOO GOOD. Amy I can't thank you enough for the pointers on that salad! (She was kind enough to make the salad for our wedding and I had some then and HAD to get the recipe.) yum. I'll probably have it for dinner on Wednesday too.

Tonight I'm going to try my hand at peanut butter chicken, courtesy of beanmom I can't wait to taste it!

Ben has been well... clingy is the understatement of the year, as of late. He's always liked to sit with Aaron, but since becoming pregnant I am also a target now. I won't let him sit with me when I crochet because the fucker sheds like crazy and I don't need a cathair blanket. Last night when I shooed him off he stood at Aaron's feet and stared forlornly as if to say "pleath let me thit with you daddy, PLEATH." Aaron relented because he is nice and then played his video game at what looks to be an uncomfortable position for quite awhile. Ben has the nicest daddy around.

he is so content to sit with the daddy.

Monday, December 13, 2004


I am beyond bitchy today, so no update. I need to go home and lay down and just let the bitchiness fade away. In an attempt to lighten my mood I am having greek salad tonight.

That is all.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004


For whatever reason, I keep thinking that today is Thursday, and it is COMPLETELY throwing me off.

So, the wedding video is in, and hot damn those guys did a great job! Love it, Love it, Love it... we also got the unedited footage from both cameras, as well as two edited dvds. I am so glad we got the edited version in addition to the raw footage... the difference is pretty amazing. A few things though... in some of the frames I am looking uh... LARGE AND IN CHARGE... and I am not being self critical. At one point during the reception I was sitting down and the amount of loose and disgusting flab that was hanging over the top of my gown is more than mildly distressing. Aaron kept complaining about how his neck was jutted out during the ceremony and "do I really stand like that? What the fuck?" No, he does not stand like that and I don't really see what he was talking about; he looked fine, just nervous! The only other thing is that I really respect what the guys had to go through to get people to speak on camera and to know when to wrap it up. I wouldn't want that gig. Overall though, GREAT job... though I wish we had done less whispering while on the altar.

My life is really boring right now peeps, I think the exhaustion from post election trauma and the recovery from all things wedding have zapped my creative juices... So, if there's anything anyone wants to know about me, or my life or whatever or if you want me to write about something specific, leave a comment in the guestbook, and maybe that'll get my creativity sparked again!

Our Tree, is it me this year or is anyone else not really in the Christmas spirit either? It's just not happening for me yet.

The ornament we got from Jamaica, it's hard to see but you get the idea.

The ornament I wanted last year, but for some reason never bought.

Monday, December 06, 2004


Today was a satchel free day, and I think we should all take a moment to thank the office Gods for the reprieve.

Ok, weekend was long but dull... not too much to report. Friday night went exactly as we had planned, high times up at Safeway... *yawn*

Saturday we spent the day moving a tv from my aunt's house to my parent's house. Yes, a day; because she lives about an hour and a half away. We had a great lunch courtesy of my mom at the Royal Fork (buffet!) and then went home and pretty much crashed. At least I did for a while. Sunday we drove around looking for a new place to live... this is going to be fun, I contacted a real estate agent today and now we need to contact a (gulp) lender.

Good Lord, this is not going to be fun. I have a hard time getting financed for anything because of the student loans I have... NEVERMIND that I owe nothing on them, and will continue to owe nothing on them for a few years, but they still look bad. So I told Aaron since I contacted the realtor, he had to figure out which banks to go to! (way to pass the buck eh?) We also hit walmart yesterday and had grandiose plans to go to costco and old navy but after battling walmart's crowds I just didn't have the energy. So we went home and I took a little nap.

I rented Before sunset this weekend... ick. I do NOT remember what I liked about the first movie at ALL. I even rented it and watched it first, before watching the sequel so the whole thing would be fresh in my mind... and bah. They both suck eggs. I made fried egg and bacon sandwiches for dinner last night and was transported almost instantly back to my childhood. My mom used to make fried egg sandwiches everyonce in a while... sadly we only had wheat bread, and she always made hers on white. But good they were.

Other than that, we watched A LOT of TIVO, in fact Aaron's hip was sore from sitting for so long. I'm sure our fascination with it will wear off soon; but it's damn nice to have.

Sorry this entry is so sucky today; I just don't have much to say!

Or rather, I do... but in much bitchier form over here. Same username and password as before.

we used picture mattes instead of a guestbook, this is how they turned out

pretty cool huh?

This is one of many reasons why we need to move... that's all wedding presents and supplies my friends... Aaron can barely get in there to use his computer, and quite frankly the disorganization of it all is about to push me right over the proverbial cliff.

Friday, December 03, 2004


By partay, I mean we are going to safeway this evening and will spend the rest of the night vegging out in front of the television while I work on the thank you cards. Gee, don't you wish you had a high profilin' life like us? We bought several movies in NYC, so maybe we'll toss one or two of those in the dvd player and watch that.

We also got a Tivo, so there will probably be something to watch there... though I am still bitter because ER wasn't recorded for whatever reason last night. Aaron swears he signed up for a season pass, and when I tried to sign up this morning in my fury over missing it AGAIN (I forgot about it last week), the damn thing wouldn't even give me the option to sign up for a season pass. WTF? That chaps my ass more than just a little bit.

What else... Aaron jimmied (that's a technical term by the way) a new inside door handle for my car last night. Thank God, because I was becoming extremely unpleasant to be around immediately following exiting the car. We are hoping to get a new vehicle around tax time, but it may have to wait as we really want to move too. *sigh* decisions, decisions! My car needs brakes and at the very least a once over, as it makes lots of interesting noises... but I don't want to sink a lot of money in it if we are going to be getting a new vehicle soon.

I've been a crocheting fool lately, probably because I know that as soon as school starts, I won't have time for it. I am pretty nervous about taking a full load, but I am confident that I can do it... I've done it before, but it's still nervewracking.


1. Describe your current love life:

Married to Aaron :-)

2. Are you a monogamist?

I think that goes without saying, what's the point of marriage if there's no monogamy?

3. If you could, how would you change your current love life?

I would have us win the lottery. Then we could be in love and RICH.

4. Worst. Pick-up Line. Ever:

How you doin'

5. If this one celebrity asked you out, they might possibly have the power to pull you away from any current relationship(s):

I joke that Eminem is my secret boyfriend, but no... if anyone had the power to pull me away from Aaron there would be no point in being his wife.

Why does theee alwayth put her greathy lipth up to my delicate fathe?

The ever suffering Benny.

Ben would like you to know he is (in the cat world) the patron saint of suffering at the hands of feline owners.

a few weeks ago, Aaron and Asa wiled away quite a few minutes while playing with this box. Aaron would lure Asa in there, and the he and I would laugh like nerds and scare Asa out of it.

Molly was jealous. Seriously couldn't you just eat her up though? She can be very very cute when she wants to.

Thursday, December 02, 2004


Incidentally, I was checked for strep TWICE. This was not strep; just a nasty virus that brought with it a highly painful throat.

ok... honeymoon recap. Where to begin?

We left for our honeymoon the night after we were married. "Night" being the key word here. My idiot mind had thought it would be an awesome idea when I was planning our little vacation, to leave in the evening and arrive in the morning; "as that way we can sleep on the plane and not be too tired when we get to the resort!" I should kick my own ass for that kind of thinking.

When we got up the morning after the wedding, we hurried on over to my mom's house, as we were running late. We ate from the leftovers and opened our gifts, then ran down to my work to pick up the Regis and Kelly envelope that had come when I was gone before going home to pack. We get home, pack, lay down for a bit and get a bite to eat. Our flight left around 10pm Seattle time, and was set to land in Atlanta at 2:30am Seattle time. We then had a 5 hour layover until our flight to Jamaica left. Neither one of us slept on the plane, we were uncomfortable and probably overtired. When we got to Atlanta we settled in next to a window on the fucking floor of our gate and covered up with the afghan I brought and passed out for about 2 hours. I woke up feeling... well, the worst I've probably felt in a long ass time.

You know when you are so tired you can't really thing straight, you're cold, you feel greasy and like you need a shower or at least to wash your hair and face, you are hungry, sick and well... pissy? That was me. That and the fact that in that 2 hours, my left eye had somehow decided to get pinkeye. In 2 hours people... it was DISGUSTING. I used to get pinkeye when I worked in daycare, but it was never this bad. It was so gross. Finally we leave for Jamaica, and then arrive and sweat sweat sweat while we wait in the line at customs. We get through, get our bags, go through yet another customs gate and finally find our resort office where we sit in a wonderfully air conditioned room and wait for our ride.

When we get to the resort, our room isn't ready (by the way, the whole trip we've been wearing our 'bride and groom' tee shirts and EVERYONE feels the need to comment.) So they tell us to enjoy the premises and our room will be ready shortly. So we go find the buffet and get a bite to eat and I grab a 7-up. We sit in silence and I say "don't you feel like an idiot wearing that shirt?" Aaron said "nah, I think it's kind of fun... everyone seems to think it's cool." No sooner than a minute or two go by and the waitress comes up "ahhhh, honeymooners!" Then we go back in the lobby to wait for our room, and get more comments from passersby. Aaron says "yeah, I want to change." We were both tired of being the center of attention. Finally our room is ready and we walk around the corner into the hallway and I choose that moment to bite it.HARD. I somehow tripped and came down on my knees, then down on my right elbow until my chin hit the tile.

Nice. Real fucking nice. I had pretty much had it by that point and as Aaron had already gotten the door unlocked to our room, I quickly went into the bathroom until the dude with the bags had gone. When I heard the door shut, I came out and started bawling. Aaron was obviously alarmed, and I blubbered "I ... just... need ... to lie down...." I had just had too much... simple as that. So we did just that. WE crashed for about 3 hours, got up to eat dinner and came back and slept straight through until the next morning.

We went shopping the next day in the little strip mall thing that was right next to our resort. As we were in there looking around, a woman from the street called us over and was telling us that she wanted us to come look at her store, and blah blah "I'll braid your hair for cheap!" blah. So we go... against our better judgement. Her "store" is one of several poorly constructed storage sheds (about 3' deep) that are strung together behind some severely dilapidated buildings across the street and down a block or two. As soon as we near the 'stores' that are back there, there are 3 or 4 guys huddling around Aaron trying to get him to buy coke or pot or anything his heart desires. Of course we weren't interested, but the fuckers were pretty persistent. Eventually they left us alone, and we stopped at this woman's 'store'. That lady and another friend of hers went to work braiding my hair and some guy was talking to Aaron and convinced him to come look at his 'store'. Mind you, I am sitting on a fucking tree stump while these women are braiding my hair. There are all these shed things strung together and the smell of pot is so strong if I didn't know better I would think I was holding the joint. (I should note that if you smoke pot, good for you; I just am NOT comfortable being around people who are breaking the law in a foreign fucking country.) So, the ladies tell me that Aaron shouldn't have left me, it is not safe back there, blah blah, blah. I was freaking out a bit to put it mildly. Finally Aaron gets back and they finish my hair and I say loudly, "well, we don't have any more money and I am not feeling good, so let's go back to the hotel." We were begged by several others to come see their stores, but we just kept saying " sorry, we don't have any more money." It may not sound like it here, but it was a bit of a scary situation. I did not feel safe AT.ALL.

We spent the rest of our time in Jamaica laying around, watching tv, and getting some sun. I did a lot of recuperating there, as I was just feeling so awful. We even tried to get an earlier flight out to NYC, but were not able to. So, in a nutshell... Jamaica... never again. We didn't enjoy it very much, and we didn't feel safe. (That was in Montego Bay though, I've heard Ocho Rios is much prettier and nicer.)

In NYC we had our own little apartment, and it was right off of 6th avenue... we were blocks away from Radio City Music Hall... it meant a bit more walking as we were a bit off the subway line, but still; damn close to everything. We only took a taxi once, and that was to take our shit down to the village to the UPS store there to ship it all home.

We shopped and shopped and shopped oh and ate like it was going out of style! The first day we did major shopping it poured so hard that our bags almost didn't make it back to the apartment. We did a bit of site seeing, but really; we just walked around, spent money and enjoyed ourselves... we love NYC, and it was awesome to not have the pressure to 'see everything'.

Here I am with the scary braids. They lasted all of 6 hours, I had a terrible headache and we figured out the braids were too tight. Aaron and I and a lot of conditioner spent 2 hours or more unbraiding them. What a pain in the ASS.

The pool/stage area, our room was the room directly behind the stage on the first floor.

I bought these sunglasses for 3 bucks in a gift shop in Jamaica and I LOVE THEM. Getting these made the trip worthwhile.

Here we are on the beach, and really; the beach was absolutely gorgeous. I don't believe I've ever seen anything so pretty and clear. Beautiful.

check out my left eye, hot, no?

Our digs... well, 4 floors above the Wu Kong restaurant, were our digs. Incidentally, you really can't judge a book by it's cover because I thought the graffiti meant the place was a dive, and it actually looked like quite the classy establishment when it was open.

They were just getting the Christmas Tree at Rockafeller Center ready when we were there.

I just love how out of nowhere, you can see such a cool building or cathedral. This is St. Patrick's Cathedral.

It was hard to get any good shots inside, as the place is so big, the flash really doesn't carry far.

one of the many beautiful stained glass windows taken from inside St. Patrick's Cathedral.

We saw them filming for the next season of the Apprentice, this team's sign advertised for 'alpha' company, but they were drinking trump water... it didn't take a genius to figure out what show they are on. It was bone ass cold that day and they were selling gloves and hats. You can't see it here, but there were like 4 camera dudes there, filming.

I believe this is a lamborghini... I am told it's a cool thing to see one of these not only in the flesh, but in reality as well. It was parked in front of a hotel near times square, on a side street. Aaron ballparked it being about a couple hundred thousand dollar car. There is so no way I could drive something that expensive.

It never ceases to amaze us how they squeeze in those extra cars in Manhattan parking lots.

My new hat

The seinfeld restaurant, also known as Tom's Restaurant. We ate there (GOOD FOOD!) and learned that it is also the subject of that song "tom's diner" .

The nerds that we are hamming it up at Regis and Kelly

Regis and Kelly talking to the audience... the flash didn't carry in here either, so the shots were either dark or blurry.

I also got to meet Mr. Philbin, for a brief second as I got my picture taken with him.

Taken on the plane when we were about an hour or so out of seattle, coming home. I was ready to be off that fucking plane and home. Can you tell?

I also got someone to start growing a goatee for me on our honeymoon, but he shaved it off the morning after we got home. Party pooper. I LOVE the goatee, and it got a bit longer than this, but didn't have much chance to grow after that. oh well.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004


Man. I registered for school this morning, in somewhat of a panic because when I checked online, I found that my registration date was 2 weeks ago... SHIT! Last time that happened I was waitlisted and it was a gigantic pain in the BUTT to get everything squared away. This time, it was also a gigantic pain because uh... I am a lazy ass who isn't sure what to take. Seeing that I have no electives I decided to try and find three classes that 'interest' me. That's a fucking task, let me tell you. First to find 3 classes that may hold my interest and then second to find 3 classes that may hold my interest that don't appear to be too demanding or have a ton of work involved. Heh, I am so scholarly. I ended up with fiction writing, computer skills (learning word and excel and access... while I am VERY familiar and VERY comfortable with those programs, I figured part of it would be a refresher and I may actually walk away with some useful tools) and Political science. I took that class in person, as I anticipate there will be discussions, and I miss me a good college discussion. I should have taken math, but I don't know what math to take and fuck all; I'll just take it next quarter.

I fucking hate school right now, and would like to go back in time and throttle myself for not getting this shit done YEARS ago. GAH! I swear to you, if I didn't have to pay back the loans as soon as I drop out, I probably would. I am just that unmotivated right now. *sigh* I'm sure it'll get better though.

We are going out for dinner tonight with Lori and Seth for Seth's birthday. To the Outback Steakhouse... a splurge that Aaron and I have never taken, so we're probably way more excited than we should be. (or rather I, not we... mr. cool is looking forward to it but not like his idiot wife who can't wait for the bloomin' onion.)

The satchel hate has returned in full force. Gah I hate that fucker sometimes. I am trying to be calm and relaxed and whatever, but dude. YOU work with him and see how you do.


I want to do a honeymoon recap, but let me first recap the big day... er, week. I had the week off before the wedding, which in retrospect is the smartest decision I have ever made. Why? you ask? Because on Tuesday as we were running errands, Aaron and I stopped for lunch at Azteca and I marveled over my lunch at how smooth things were going and how surprised I was that for once in my life I hadn't come down with a cold or something else when something big was happening. It was the exact moment after I said that that I noticed a tickle in my throat. I shit you not my friends, it was the tickle of doom. We finished our errands for the day and I noticed that as time wore on that tickle became more of a sore spot than anything.

"no problem" I thought, I still felt fine otherwise, so I gargled with some salt water and took it easy for the rest of the day. (By take it easy I mean slept the afternoon away until the next morning.) I woke up on Wednesday the 3rd feeling like utter dog crap, and proceeded to lie in bed and pretty much sleep all fucking day. Same for Thursday. Friday we had to finish up the errands that could not wait and as we did, my throat was hurting so bad... seriously folks, WORST SORE THROAT OF MY LIFE... I have never ever had anything that compared, and nothing helped.

At one point I was sitting in my car on Friday, bawling to my mom about how I'm sick and my throat hurts and why did this have to happen to me... blah blah blah feeling sorry for myself blah. She brought over some tea and medicine and I took it (it didn't help... what a shocker.) And gargled with more salt water. I showered, got ready, and packed as Lori and I were staying at a motel that night. oh yeah, before we left I got to see my friend Sarah who I hadn't seen since we were both 14 years old, she moved to New York the summer before freshman year, and came out for my wedding. It was just like old times, and I am so sorry that we didn't have more time together.

The rehearsal... well, much of it was a waste of time... the sound guys didn't know their ass from a microphone cord, and as Sarah put it perfectly "what's up with the two twelve year olds running your sound?" (AT 65 BUCKS AN HOUR NO LESS!) They kept fucking up and letting things play to long... when we FINALLY got into the run through, and I walked up to the traditional wedding march, they weren't paying attention and let the fucking song play even though I was already standing at the altar. I turned around and yelled "you can stop it when I get to the altar!!!" ... I had almost no voice, but they heard me anyway. We got through the run through and met everyone back at the reception hall where some of my friends and family had been working hard to get dinner ready. After we doled out the gifts to the wedding party, many of our guests stayed to help set up... and they were a GODSEND. I was, at that point, near tears because I was so uncomfortable and feeling like such shit. I could not imagine not sleeping in my own bed, and though I didn't want to see Aaron at all before we were to be married, I thought 'fuck it' and Lori and Seth stayed at the hotel instead. I left the hall early and went home to lie in bed and pray to God to "please take my sore throat away, Lord... Please. Seriously, I just need to not have a sore throat tommorrow and I am begging YOU TO PLEASE TAKE IT AWAY GOD." and he did. I woke up the next day to a reprieve for the most part... the sore throat did return during the reception with a vengeance, but that's ok.

After I woke up, I met Lori and Ashley down at the hair salon and we all got our hair done in updos. Lori's and mine were not so cute. Ashley's hair looked fabulous, but mine looked matted and... well, weird, and Lori's just looked bad. I left the hair salon, and went straight to London House, where I broke a nail in their parking lot. I was near tears, as I had less than 2 hours to be at the church and had no makeup on, bad hair and now, a broken fucking nail. Luckily, London House fixed my nail and my hair (70 bucks! ouch!) and I got home, put my makeup on (Aaron was over at my parent's house) and made it to the church only 10 minutes late.

The ceremony was set to begin at 5:45pm sharp, we were at the church at 2:30... I was a little leary about us being there so early, but considering we had 9 girls to lace up in their gowns, plus take all of our pictures except for those with Aaron and I, we had just enough time. It went by very quickly. The sound guys didn't fuck up too bad, though they did have to replay a song over once... which chaps my ass, but I'm told nobody noticed.

After the ceremony, we took the last few pictures and scooted over to the reception hall where time just flew and I didn't get hardly anything to eat due to nerves and making sure I mingled. In fact, 'working the room' took longer than I anticipated and some people left before I had a chance to get to them and for that I feel TOTALLY bad. Man, it's hard though, time get's going and before you know it the dj is up your ass about getting the show moving and your mom is concerned that too many people are leaving before the cake cutting and then someone tells you they can't find the liquor license... it goes fast.

After the reception, (and by the way, by that time I was feeling like such crap, that had it not been my own wedding, I would have left at 8pm.) we went straight to Safeway, still in our gown and tux so I could buy a giant bottle of sprite and a canister of Morton Salt to gargle with at the hotel. We got to the hotel, and crashed, and I briefly marveled at how the hell I was going to get through the honeymoon the next morning while blinking back tears and trying to swallow some tylenol and sprite for my throat.

*sigh* The wedding and reception were absolutely wonderful, but I am a bit bitter over being sick. I wasn't the only one though, many friends and family were in my same boat... and I don't think it ever really sunk in that everyone was there to celebrate Aaron and I... I think I sort of never realized I wasn't a guest ... heh. All the worrying over beer and wine was for not, because man we had a lot left over. I am glad though because I'd rather have too much than too little, and I think everyone still had a blast.

Tommorrow I'll recap the honeymoon... I am not even sure how accurate this recap is, as I am counting on the wedding video to refresh my memory of a lot of things. That should be here any day!