Monday, November 15, 2004


Dude, I am so tired. You don't even know. In classic Allison fashion I am READY to go home. I miss the cats something terrible and we are all shopped out. We spent 200 (TWO HUNDRED!!!) bucks today to ship back a lot of our shit. We just didn't have the room or the patience to deal with 6-7 bags on the subway going back to JFK airport. That's ok though... it only hurt a little bit. ;-P I think I'm just ready to go because I am dreading.... dreading dreading dreading the plane ride tomorrow. I hate long flights and it's about 6.5 hours back to seattle. I about lost my shit and went crazy on the flight from jamaica and that was 3.5... think of me tomorrow around 6:30 eastern... that's when we'll be leaving the big apple.

So, the honeymoon... it's been long and great and so tiring. We took a 4 hour nap today... and I'm ready to go back to sleep again. Aaron is over at Virgin Megastore right now perusing the racks unhassled as I get my internet fix. We've been there twice but both times he's been a bit rushed by me... I can't help it, it's hot in there, I'm bundled up and my fucking feet hurt! :-) I should note though that before my sister chimes in with how much she hates going with me to a video/cd store that both times we were in virgin we were there for more than an hour so it's not like I'm not a good sport.

Oh yeah! I met regis philbin today!!! We went to the Regis and Kelly show, got to see Dan Akroyd and then they did an interview with Hugh grant that they are going to show either on Tuesday or wednesday... we are in the audience in the very back underneath the Live with Regis and Kelly sign. On the left. Anyhoo, afterwards he was in the lobby signing autographs for a bunch of ladies that brought memorabilia along, so I asked if I could have a picture with him and he very generously complied. VERY cool. Also, Kelly Ripa is damn pretty and so petite. Beyotch!

So I have Wednesday off, I am still sick by the way; I swear, I know I've been off work since before Halloween but if I feel like this come Thursday, my ass is calling in sick. Seriously. It's not just me either... the night of the bachelorette party someone was sick or carrying the bug and it's been a domino effect. My sister's voice sounds awful today and talking to Ashley last night made my eyes water. I know it also hit Karen, Maria, Holly, Heather and Joanna... not sure about the guys it hit.

Looking at some of the pictures my sister took makes me get a bit teary eyed... holy cow, it actually happened! I am so thankful for all of the help that our friends and family provided to make our day so special. I'll try to do an entry solely about that, because seriously... the way these people stepped up for us is awesome to me... more than that... I am indebted for life. Seriously. What also gets me is some of the displays of emotion that I didn't anticipate... those meant a lot as did everyone who toasted us at our wedding. (I might add that my sister who was SCARED.TO.DEATH. did an excellent job even though the asshole told a story about how she walked in on Aaron and I making out the first time she ever met him. Then Troy (my man of honor and one of my bestest friends EVER) said in his toast right after Lori "well, I also met Aaron in Allison's bedroom..." I was mortified. heh.)

Other than that it still floors me that I'm a married lady now. That Aaron actually CHOSE to spend the rest of his life with me... no pressure! ;-) I cannot wait to see pictures from the wedding and the video as well. we also ordered raw footage, as sometimes there is some great stuff in the raw footage. I've seen my sister's pictures, and one of the things that struck me first is how hot my friends are. Dude, my friend Ashley (actually, she's more like a little sister) is always beautiful, but with the dress on and the hair up, girlfriend looked like a goddess... wait until you see the pictures, all of my friends and family are hotties man. They looked awesome. It was great to see all the guys cleaned up and in tuxes. I kept squealing at them about how handsome they looked, and when my cousin Matt told me I was beautiful and gave me a kiss on the forehead I about fell over when it wasn't accompanied by a slug to the arm or a comment like "but everyone's pretty when I'm drunk!" I loved looking over at him and Bobby during the ceremony and seeing matt talking out the side of his mouth and bobby nodding subtley. Speaking of Bobby, he and Joanna leave for Sweden on Nov. 27th so I'm going to have to get a lot of Bibby Lou time in... (his name is Bobby Lee, but somehow we adopted that nickname)... so much to do!

I cannot believe that thanksgiving is like 2 weeks away...

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