Thursday, November 18, 2004


I am working on resizing and choosing the pictures to post here, so no guarantees that it'll be up before next week, but here's a picture of our entire wedding party. I told you it was big...

Let's see... I think it's obvious that I'm the one in white... Let's start with the kids. From the left we have Cryssie, Jessie, Skyler and Ethan (the girls are my cousins, the boys are Aaron's nephews.) Next to me with the white bouquet is my sister Lori (in case you don't recognize her all cleaned up and beyootified.. heh), next to her with the dark hair is Heather whom I've known since age 13 or so, and next to her with the dark hair with light streaks is Jessica who I met in the 3rd grade in Mrs. Chinn's class. Next to Jessica is my cousin Lisa (also dark hair) and then the hot blonde next to Lisa and behind Heather is my cousin Dawn. Behind Dawn is Holly who I met the week before Halloween ten years ago when I started an afterschool job as a daycare teacher's aide. The handsome dude next to Dawn is Troy who dated Jessica all through high school and who is undoubtedly one of my best friends. (he was also the man of honor.) The hot blonde behind Troy is Ashley, who I've known since about the age of 9, and holy shit does she look smokin' or what?! The tall brunette next to Troy is Aaron's sister Brandi, his 'best maid', and next to her is my pal Bobby (Ashley's step brother) who flew in from Sweden for this shindig. How cool is THAT? Behind Bobby is Aaron's cousin Mike who is the nicest republican you'll ever meet. You know you're surprised that I allowed a republican into our wedding party! (there might've even been more than one, but he's the only one I'm SURE of!) He and his fiance' Sara were a GIGANTIC help, and we appreciated it so much. Behind Bobby in the black tie and red boutinierre is Dwayne, husband to my cousin Lisa and one of Aaron's best friend's. He was the Best Man. Behind Dwayne is my friend Matt... more of a friend, he and Bobby are as much my family as anyone else is. In front of Matt is Aaron's uncle Louie, quite possibly one of the coolest uncle's you could have. Reminds me a lot of my uncle Gary. In front of Louie is Aaron's brother Dan ... incidentally he's the only one besides the kids standing on the floor as he is 6'5" or 6' 7" or something crazy like that. Next to Dan is Wili, another of Aaron's best friend's. And next to Wili is my cute new husband Aaron, doesn't he clean up well?

More pictures to come soon, I promise.

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