Thursday, October 28, 2004


To say that I think the Red Sox winning last night is pretty fuckin cool is the UNDERSTATEMENT of the year. How inspiring! Seriously, to come back from that 0-3 deficit to beat the Yanks and then to sweep the world series? It's so fucking cool, I can only read into it that it is BOSTON'S year. And by BOSTON I mean BOSTON. One can hope, right? Hell it's been a good week, let's hope it leaks over into next week.

To also say that I've been praying everynight for God to get John Kerry elected is also an understatement. *sigh* I can't even stand looking at that stupid fucker Bush... my blood pressure rises IMMEDIATELY when he is on the television. Dick Cheney is almost as bad... he reminds me of a fucking turtle. Specifically his turtle mouth.

THIS is also pretty fucking cool. Whether or not you like eminem, go there, watch the video (unless you've seen it already. Apparently I've been under a rock because my sister called to tell me about it this morning and she said they've been running it constantly on Mtv, yet I had no idea. I am losing my hipness people.) it's pretty interesting, if you are at work, keep the sound down a bit. I love the end when he's pretty much yelling though, it's kind of chilling and gets you pumped up.

Also! the notify list is no more because it's a giant pain in my ass. If it went out automatically when I did my entries and I didn't have to physically send out an email, I'd keep it. But I'm lazy, and I don't feel like it anymore. Sorry!

And! Air America Radio is finally here in Seattle! Am 1090 if you're here and wanna listen. It's only on 37 stations nationwide, I feel really lucky that we have it here. My only gripe is that Janeane Garofalo is on late in the day; I wish she was more in the middle. Still! It's great to have it here, and if you are in the area, give a listen.

Have I mentioned we only have 9 days left to the wedding? 9 DAYS?!

asa takes his nap on the two buck chuck.

"um... could... could you get that camera out of my fathe? You're kinda in my perthonal thpathe and um... it.. it maketh me kinda uncomfortable."

Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Lori told me to 'fricken update', so here I am, fricken updating. Not too much to report, it's purgatory 11th and all is quiet on the wedding front. I didn't sleep for shit last night and now am aiming to get my butt home and chill out.

I watched that movie 'The Brooke Ellison Story' last night. I thought it was great, and I thought Lacey Chabert did an excellent job. Very inspiring.

oh; check the secret diary (the one I emailed everyone about with the password) there will be a new entry up there shortly. People fucking baffle me man.

Lastly, Thor came to visit us on Sunday...

I don't know what he was doing here, crazy dog!

Friday, October 22, 2004


In Two weeks the world series will be won.

Holly's Aunt will have her baby.

We'll have a new president (PLEASE GOD... SERIOUSLY.)

I will have reunited with one friend that I haven't seen in 13 years, and another i haven't seen in over 2 and

I will marry the love of my life.

This is going to be the longest yet fastest two weeks EVER.

PS. For all you bush supporters, you know... This just shows you what the next four years will be like if that fucker makes it into office again. A 136 billion dollar tax cut that will in the end, reward companies that move jobs overseas. Congratulations and I hope you all reap the benefits of such a tax cut. And by benefits I mean an unemployment check.

Thursday, October 21, 2004


password protected entry coming up in the wedd diary; I'll update with more info later. and there will be a new password and username to use so you might want to email me if you want the info. I need to know EXACTLY who is reading it.

I am sure I am one of millions who was rooting for the Boston Red Sox last night, and Hot damn are they on fire! I love the fact that they came from a 0-3 deficit to win, especially since they beat the Yankees. I love the Yankees but it's time to see people who are hungry for the win actually get it. I mean, obviously Steinbrenner knows how to build a championship team, but damn. I love it when the underdog prevails.

So yeah, I've decided for now that this is a good omen for Bostonites... INCLUDING John Kerry. Please oh please God, Let John Kerry win. That would be like, the best wedding present EVER.

Have you seen the previews for Ray? Jamie Foxx looks like he nails Ray Charles head on. It's uncanny in some of the shots how much he looks like him. I think I'll have to check that out when we get back from the wedding.

I put too much garlic in my dinner last night and I am sitting here now, grossing myself out because every single breath I take I get a whiff of it.

I have finished compiling music to be played during the seating of the guests at the wedding. It's a 45 minute long cd that will play as the groomsmen are ushering people to their seats. The order goes:
1. Baby Love - Diana Ross and the Supremes
2. Come Go With Me - The Del Vikings
3. When I'm 64 - The Beatles
4. Why Do Fools Fall in Love - Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers
5. In The Still Of The Night - Boyz II Men
6. Never My Love - The Association
7. She's So Fine - Flash Cadillac
8. Too Good To Be True - Frankie Valli
9. Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross and a guy from the Temptations I think
10. Goin' To The Chapel - The Dixie Cups
11. I Wonder Why - Dion and the Belmonts
12. I Hear a Symphony - Diana Ross and the Supremes
13. And Then He Kissed Me - The Angels
14. To The Aisle - The Five Satins
15. In His Kiss - Cher
16. You Can't Hurry Love - Dixie Chicks
17. Today I met the Boy I'm Gonna Marry - Darlene Love

(I put my favorite songs at the end so they'd be played right before the ceremony.)

A sick momma means lots of blanket snuggling for the cat who's always cold.

Molly can be cute sometimes

She's a sweetie girl

Asa's getting his winter coat, soon it'll be time to shave him again. Won't that be a joy.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

oh yeah

Since y'all were so great with the musical suggestions before, I am looking for a song to play as a memorial song for my grandma and Aaron's dad. Any suggestions?

These next 18 days (ok, 17.25 days really) are bound to be supah busy. That said, entries will be sparse, at least this week as I have shit to do...

*Tonight = appt with seamstress
*thurs = last foil appt with my colorist as a single woman
*Fri = take mom to have hair done
*Sat = go see hall with plethora of peeps who have donated much appreciated time and energy into the prospect of decorating it.

*Next week will be my last week at work before the wedding(!) Here's 10 bucks that says that worthless pile of pigshit satchel will not learn how to use the ups system before I go.

*Bobby will be here in 8 days!!!!!!! I am beyond excited about this.

*My best friend from the 7th and 8th grade is coming here for the wedding and will be here on Nov. 3rd... I have the week before the wedding off, and since it's been oh...13 years since we've seen each other I am hoping for some stellar catch up time.

*I have ordered the flowers, and submitted a contract to rent some equipment, now I am waiting to hear if the candleabras at the church can hold taper candles and if Trader Joe's will have ample stock of 2 buck chuck wine in so I can get a few cases.

*I am about to become world's coolest fiance, word has it that the guys can't afford to get Aaron a stripper so I need to call around and see how much they are and if it's 200 buckaroos or less I'll foot the bill. It's his bachelor party for chrissakes.

*I am no longer using the notify list, if anyone is actually surprised by this, I apologize. I just hate sending the extra email out, it's a pain in my ass and thusly, no more.

So entires will be here and there...

last Saturday we had about 16 people over to my mom's to help assemble programs and favors, it was not only fun but damn they worked fast.

We got 300 favors and 320 programs all put together and finished in a bit under 3.5 hrs.

Molly is the queen of the wedding pile.

Monday, October 18, 2004


Aaron's friend Will got a new dog. It's a great dane puppy, he's cute, he's big, and his name is Thor. He's 11 weeks old, and I swear it was like holding a 2nd grader. This dog is going to be HUGE.

Ben did NOT like Thor. Not one bit.

This is the only entry you get because I'm still sick and freakin' tired.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

PURGATORY 23, 2004

It's the oddest thing... I haven't done much in the last few days that is wedding related and things have been eerily quiet. I'm sure it'll all pick up next week when I'll hopefully be feeling better. I have some appointments to take care of next week (Hair trial, seamstress etc.) and this weekend we are plying people with sandwiches and cookies to come over and help put together programs and favors. It's happening.

12 more days till Bobby comes home! I miss that guy so freakin' much.

Before I forget, I almost burst a fucking blood vessel in my right eye last night when the moderator asked if homosexuality is a choice and Bush answered: "You know, Bob, I don't know. I just don't know. I do know that we have a choice to make in America and that is to treat people with tolerance and respect and dignity. It's important that we do that. " I started screaming at the screen: "How about with equality you stupid fuck? How can you treat someone with respect, tolerance and dignity if they are not your fucking equal?!"

And you know, it would be nice if Kerry got himself a set of balls and took a real stand on the issue of gay marriage. Don't be a little pansy wartface and say that the states can handle it, how about taking a firm stance on making it legal? How can you say in one breath that your religion is yours and you can't put that on anyone else, yet in another breath say that marriage is defined by a man and a woman? NO!!!! It doesn't fucking matter. Two men or Two women who marry each other does dick in lowering the value of marriage. I think all of those marriages that end in suck awful circumstances where kids are used as bait and war is waged over money and property do more harm to the fucking 'sanctity' of marriage than two human beings who happen to be of the same sex and want to make a life for themselves ever could. That's the one area that Kerry pisses me off in.

Anyway, here are some more pics...

Aaron and I with the babies... Kay requested this picture and you must really have it in for me as this was no easy feat! Asa hates being held and Molly... well, we're still afraid of her.

Jenny asked for a picture of my desk, sorry it took so long!

Just for those who are curious how long a honda can last... that's my spedometer.

Autumn in Seattle

What a pretty Seattle day it was yesterday.

Last call for those of you who want pics; leave them in the guestbook!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004


That stupid fucker satchel gave me his cold. I would be enraged, but that takes too much energy. Instead I will bask in the glory that was my healthy summer; I haven't really felt like shit in a long time so at least I had a break right? I went to bed at 8 last night and slept through until almost 7am. I can't breathe out the left side of my face and feel as though 10lb weights have taken residence in my sinuses, and my energy, she is shot. But I'm blasting myself with echinacea, zinc, loaded multivitamins, vitamin b super complex, folic acid and a fiber pill for good measure. So yeah.

I am also incredibly pissy and irritable which is a common cold side effect for me. Poor Aaron. I am incapable of holding it in and snapped at him this morning for daring to make a suggestion about our plans for the afternoon (getting the marriage license, of which I forgot the cash for. ARG.) anyhoo, I plan to be in bed super early again tonight.

I got my nails done on Monday evening and while I am loving feeling feminine again, they are TOO FUCKING LONG and I can't type for shit---the amount of times I have to keep going back and correcting myself in this entry alone are mind boggling. I feel like Edward fucking Scissorhands.

I will also say that Christopher Reeve's passing has affected me in a way I didn't imagine it would. It's just so sad... and I'm disheartened at the thought of that weasely little bastard in the white house winning another term... I know it's not voting day yet but I imagine it looks pretty grim for Mr. Kerry. The odd thing is about the whole stem cell thing, is it's hard when I think about it not to resent my friends and family who are republican who will vote for Bush when they see what stem cell research could do for my dad. I mean that reason alone is enough for me. If Bush supported Stem Cell research and gave adequate funding to it, you bet your ass I'd vote for it. It could save so many people from suffering so many different diseases. These embryos that people are up in arms about, are embryos that are most often destroyed anyway... DESTROYED. I am not saying lets start growing embryos to harvest for stem cell research, but fuck all, why can't we use the ones designated for the trash can for some good?

It's such a frustrating topic to think about... to know that relatives and friends who have seen the struggle up close will still vote for Bush and for fellow republicans who have zero intent on making stem cell research more of a priority. I would have thought Reagan's battle and subsequent death would have opened more doors for it... I would hope that Christopher Reeve's death would also do some good. But if that pig-eyed little disease from Texas is elected again there's only one way he'll EVER consider anything to do with stem-cell research, and that's if his daddy has a stroke or other disease where it could help. But, that'll never happen and it's wrong to wish shit like that on other people. I do however hope both of his daughters turn out to be raging lesbians and fight for the right to marry. Heh.

Anyway, that's enough of that.

A peek inside my purse

The contents of said purse

I have to cut down 300 of these notecards before Saturday. the good news is I'm almost done.

Lickin' his chops

Gee, I think he knows just how cute he is.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Purgatory 26th, 2004

Oh lawdy. Snap your fingers. That was my weekend. Friday night I came home and made dinner and we immediately left and went on a hunt for black slacks in boys sizes 5 and 7. A small feat you might think, but we were aiming to pay under 20 bucks a pair and apparently that is no small feat. Target, Walmart, Penney's, Fred Meyers, Ross, Marshall's, the Bon and a different Walmart all came up short. We finally found them for 13 bucks a piece at Mervyns. (Oh Mervyns, I heart you so.) Then we decided to mosey on over to Best buy and check out their digital camera's. After that we went back to Walmart and got a bunch of other stuff pertaining to the wedding and our groceries, then stopped by my mom's for a bit to visit, and went home and pretty much crashed that is AFTER I made some bomb ass butterscotch/choco chip cookies.

Saturday morning we got up, went to Trader Joe's and the Liquor Store... priced wine and got a banquet license (in that order) then ran back home and did a mad search of the house because I couldn't find something. We found it, grabbed the ring bearer's outfits and went down to the Party City by the mall, because they have a much bigger selection and are in fact, a much cleaner party city than I'm used to. I got to chatting with my mom on the phone while we were there and she told me she was going to help us out by paying for the food for the wedding. I thanked her profusely, and then she decided she would come meet us and we could go over the specifics. We must've spent two hours in the servingware aisle at Party city discussing food and what we were serving it in, and the structure of the reception as well as decorating etc. etc. etc. We bought 40 bucks worth of plastic champagne glasses and some creme filled caramels and beat feet down to Costco. We were starving so we ate pizza and then priced more wine and champagne and bought Aaron's nephew Bryce a birthday gift and set out for his sister's house in Eatonville.

We got there and had a really great time visiting with Brandi and her boys; it was so nice to just chill out and talk for a few hours. The boys and Aaron were all content to play on the floor together, he had found a science kit dealing with 'electricity' for Bryce and was leading them in doing some of the experiments. It was really cute and I wish we would have had our camera with us. After we left Brandi's a few hours later, we stopped at an all you can eat chinese buffet ... that was a bad idea. We love us some chinese food. And they had SUSHI! I love sushi. Anyway, we drove back to Seattle and pretty much vegged out for a bit before falling asleep.

Sunday morning arrived and Aaron headed off to work, I cleaned the house a bit and then drove out to kirkland to meet a girl from the knot's message boards who was selling me her crinoline and some flower petals for the wedding. She'd used them in hers this past summer. By the time I got home, Aaron arrived just after me, we zipped up to Fred Meyers to get a few of the odds and ends we'd forgotten about and happened to run into an old friend of mine that I haven't seen in about 2 years and Aaron's never met. We talked and they are both gear heads so they talked cars for a good 10 minutes before I rained on the parade by insisting that we go. We had to be at my mom's by 3 and it was 2:30 and we still needed lunch. We got our stuff, grabbed lunch, and picked up my parents and headed over to the church to meet with gal who runs it and see the renovations.

OH. MY. GOD. I don't think I could be happier with the way it looks as everything will turn out. Seriously... beautiful. They also have a state of the art projection system in place and a mixing board and computer etc. I hesitate to be confident about this, but they have an audio guy that I am paying for, but he is young and seems knowledgeable so I am feeling MUCH better about that. We also had the pleasure of running into some of the folks who attended with the old congregation... this is a church my mom went to sunday school at. This is where my sister and I went to sunday school at... it's where mom and dad were married. No other church quite feels like home, and I consider it an honor and a privelege to be getting married there... it's my dream, plain and simple. It was an emotional afternoon... to say the least. Especially without my grandma, it's just... hard. But it feels right... is that weird? I feel like she would be there more than anywhere else, and that's comforting.

After we left the church, Dad and Aaron went back to the house and Lori, Mom and I went to pick up her dress for the wedding at Karen's and hot damn is it a gorgeous dress. It should be for what they charged for it, but my mom is going to look spectacular in it. After we went back to mom and dad's, Aaron and I went out to Fry's to check out digital camera's there and then came home and caught up on the laundry and passed out while watching Farenheit 9/11. I feel like I had no free time, but since we got a ton of shit done I'm not too worried.

I'll be busying myself this week with cutting down some red notecards for the programs, I don't want to leave that to the last minute. We are getting together at my mom's this weekend to put them together as well as the favors and I would hate to put someone on cutting detail as it is a pain in the ass. I also need to wrap the ring bearer's gifts and the guest book attendant's gifts and make the candy lei's for the bachelorette party. So much to do! This is my only week of easy nights; I have an appointment tonight to go get my nails done and I am beyond excited to get them again. It's been a long 7 or 8 months without them. Maybe I'm vain, but I love having my nails done.

Wednesday we are going to get our marriage license, and then next week I have a hair appointment-- my last foil as a single woman! A dress fitting, and a hair trial appointment, oh and a candle party. Bobby arrives here from sweden in like 17 days or something crazy like that. Only to leave again at the end of November. I'm sad that I'll be gone for much of his visit, I really REALLY want Aaron to get to know him, but it's hard since he lives so far away.

I might complain a lot but you know, I am completely aware of how lucky I am. I have people coming from eastern washington, from Canada, from Minnesota and from Sweden to say the least to see me get married and it really means a lot.

Ok, now for the pictures you requested! And by the way Kay... I'll try to get a 'family' pic of us tonight! (and Jenny - the work area pic is coming too.)

Bonkrood wants a picture of satchel... It's not out of the question yet, Aaron has a picture phone now... I just have to figure out how to get it. You may have to wait until the office christmas party for that! You also asked to see my fridge:

and my favorite shoes:

My go-go boots -- not really even my favorite pair, but I don't have a favorite pair because I haven't bought shoes in SO DAMN LONG. You can bet your ass when I get to NYC I am totally going hog wild at the Skecher's store in Times square! Ashley has a kick ass pair for the wedding but I can't find them on the web. I'll have to snag a pic of them next time I see her. SO CUTE.

Lastly, my purse... I have many, but this is my favorite:

My knockoff burberry purse. I love this purse more than anyone should ever love any purse. This and my pink Coach knockoff. Oh god, you can totally tell what I am going to splurge on when we are in NYC huh? (I'll post some of the contents within tomorrow.)

Also, Maeleigh asked for a pic of my poncho way back when, so here you go:

and Lastly for Robyn, I have been to Vancouver for touristy stuff only; it's a great city!

Oh and VERY lastly, I love bitchy guestbook comments! Especially when people leave fake emails. Like Florida not wanting me is going to hurt my feelings. Heh, people fucking slay me.

Sunday, October 10, 2004


It's sunday morning and I have a shitload of stuff to do, but because I don't have the motivation to get started on that, I thought I'd do a meme that I'd seen. Now, I'm not a word goddess, but I liked the meme so I thought I'd do it.


1. Watching people's reactions during our slideshow.
2. Having everyone we love in the same room at one time.
3. Seeing all of these months of planning come together and (hopefully!) work out as planned.
4. Standing on the altar of my childhood church where I stood during Christmas pageants and other productions as I marry the love of my life.
5. Seeing how the hall will look transformed into a winter wonderland.

1. That we will miss someone when we are greeting and mingling with our guests at the reception.
2. That something will go amiss and everything will be ruined.
3. That people will not dance, eat, or drink and leave early.
4. That we will be way over capacity and people will be upset.
5. That the entire night will fly by and only be a blur in my mind in years to come.

1. That my Grandma won't physically be there.
2. That Aaron's dad won't physically be there.
3. The transitions between pictures and actually starting the ceremony-- that will be the longest and shortest hour of my life.
4. The loooooooonnnnnggggg walk down the aisle. (Seriously, long ass aisle, almost 300 pairs of eyes on me... just a wee bit nervous!)
5. The moment it's over.

1. skim milk
2. Foster Farms frozen chicken breasts
3. chicken broth
4. stir fry sauce
5. trident original gum

1. ER
2. Real World/Road Rules Battles/challenges
3. The Apprentice
4. Wife Swap
5. Will and Grace

1. Ashlyn
2. Leila
3. Seth
4. Aleia
5. Leo

1. Toyota Matrix
2. Mazda protoge' wagon
3. Toyota Tacoma
4. Scion
5. Vw Beetle

1. My Best Friend's Wedding
2. Corrina, Corrina
3. 200 Cigarettes
4. Pollyanna
5. Bounce

1. Target
2. Hot Topic
3. Old Navy
4. Ross
5. Walmart

1. Las Vegas
2. Portland, Oregon
3. Vancouver, BC
4. New York, NY
5. Puerta Vallarta, Mexico

1. Egypt
2. Spain
3. Uganda
4. Florida
5. Hawaii

1. Italy
2. England
3. Sweden
4. France
5. Washington DC

1. Pike Place market
2. Seattle Center
3. Waterfront
4. Leavenworth
5. Mt. St. Helens

1. lateness... chronic lateness
2. having to repeat myself
3. Bad cell reception
4. being told to 'calm down' or 'relax' (FUCK YOU!)
5. when my nose is stuffed up.

1. My mom almost died when I was born
2. I always wished I had an older brother
3. I loathe the taste of black licorice
4. I never learned how to roller skate and thusly cannot ice skate either
5. The smell of catfood makes me sick to my stomach

1. Dooce
2. Jenny
3. Plain-Jane
4. Suzanne
5. Nessa

That's it! It's time to get my ass in gear... gotta run out to kirkland, shop for groceries, clean the house, burn some cds to test at the church, go to the church and test them out and a bunch of other stuff. Wish me luck!

Thursday, October 07, 2004

oh my

If you bid on this I'm going to have to slap you. HARD.

I somehow miscounted and today is truly Purgatory 30th. Whatever. It's still only 4 weeks and one (ONE) payday away and there is a lot of little nitpicky shit to do. :cleansing breath:

Things that are on my mind...

1. Punch recipes. Let me rephrase that. CHEAP punch recipes. If you have any that you like to use at family parties, holidays whatever, please please email me at I would appreciate it so much. The only one I ever think of is hawaiian punch and 7-up. While that may end up what we use, I just want to see what other people use. (non alcoholic please!)

2. I am still torn about what to play when we are pronounced husband and wife. I think 8 days a week by the beatles is winning, I also like 'Ain't that a kick in the head' by Dean Martin. I love both songs, I do. But since we are having people seated with 60's tunes played, I feel like the beatles would be a better fit (plus the dean martin intro sounds so vegas-y). However, I want big bandish music played for a while after we arrive to reception, and I figured that entering to that dean martin song would be a great choice.

I would love to have something whimsical and funny played as we exit the church, I just don't know what.

3. I swear to GOD, my biggest piece of advice to any new bride is to get a wedding planner if you can afford it and aim small because big weddings are a big PAIN IN THE FUCKING ASS. Especially if you tend to micromanage things, which I do and I'm well aware of, but I'm knee deep in this shit and trying to figure out how to make 2 cents stretch as far as it possibly can.

4. I am more excited to not have to be planning this wedding anymore in 30---well, technically 29 and 1/4 short days than I am to be going on my honeymoon. This shit is hard and I'm sure that many a bride has paid much less attention to detail than I am and their weddings turned out just fine. I am just worried that things will look tacky or cheap or that we didn't spend our money well and it will show, or that people will think my programs are ugly or my dress makes me look fat or that the music will suck and people won't dance or that people will be disappointed in a cold buffet dinner... or that someone will bump into the cake table and ruin it.

SEE WHAT I MEAN? Anxiety much?

ok, Jenny wanted to see:

1. my work space... eh, check back tomorrow. ;-P

2. my closet... we have two closets in our tiny ass apartment, this is the bedroom closet:

and this is the hall closet that holds our winter coats, our board games and the cat box. (Should have cleaned it before I snapped the picture!)

3.and the look I'd give that Kelly person who called me a lowclass teenage whore...

Kay wanted to see the presents stacked in the dining room. We actually have them stacked in our hall way here:

They are in our hallway/livingroom. The stuff in the dining room is all the extra decorations etc for our wedding...

Don't forget the shit stacked on the floor behind the chair!

and more on the table.

I'll try to get the complete family pic tonight and the office pic tomorrow.

If anyone else wants to see pics of anything in particular, leave a note in the guestbook!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004


I don't know what my problem is but all of a sudden I'm ready to rip someone's fucking face off. Noone in particular even, I'm just in a baaaaaad mood. The rest of my day has been alright, no major complaints... fuck just listening to satchel's voice at the end of the day was pushing me to a point I don't like to go to. Seriously, it's the kind of mood swing I had back in 97 when I was on Phen-fen (fen-phen?) which is some scary shizzle because I would literally feel it coming on and there was no turning back before I freaked the fuck out. Not pretty.

In wedding news, I picked up the inner parts of the wedding program today. I also purchased the cardstock that will cover it. Now I gotta figure out exactly how I will do the front. A project I DO.NOT. feel like undertaking today or in the near future. But if I expect people to come over in the next two weeks to help me assemble these bad boys I need a base.

Incidentally, 7 years ago I got to witness a miracle. My Godson was born, and I was lucky enough to be a witness to his birth. The scariest most nerve wracking most wonderful yet gross thing I've ever witnessed. He's 7 today, and I can't figure out where time went! Happy Birthday Andrew!

well, I'm ending it here because I have a fucking headache and am in need of an attitude adjustment so I'll leave you with some new pics I was given of my bridal shower...

Cassie getting made up...

I love how happy I look Dammit! I would totally have used this picture for my thank you cards instead of the one I chose.

Ash was designated photog for me, here she is taking her job VERY seriously.

Don't really know what I'm doing here, kissy face much?

I wish I knew what we were laughing at, this picture is one of my favorites of Heather and I.

I love the smiles on their faces here. That's Tatum on the left then Troy and heather in the front.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

PURGATORY 30, 2004

I dropped off the programs at Costco today to be printed. I probably could have undertaken this task for myself, (It's just the inner pages that are being printed. The covers we will make ourselves) but really. I've budgeted 150 bucks and 325 copies of 2 doublesided pages will run me about... 33 bucks give or take a buck or two for tax. Now I've just gotta figure out what the hell I'm going to do for the covers and it'll be all good.

Part of the reason I am having a hell of a time getting shit done and getting motivated is partly because I am still in disbelief that we'll be able to pull this off. Seriously... I've dreamt about my wedding day my entire life, and now that it's actually happening I don't believe it. If I did I would have lost at LEAST 20 more pounds and started tanning last month instead of yesterday. Yes I'm tanning, so shut it already. I don't want to be George Hamilton tan, I just want a little base. We ARE going to Jamaica for three days, it'd be nice not to burn to a crisp. Oh yeah, and be a little tan. Heh.

By the way, thanks to allmy homies for having my backI appreciate you all! (also thanks to dad and lori even though I can't link you because you aren't cool like me to have a website and thanks to my mom who I'm sure is thinking 'fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck' in her head and probably the c-word too, because she's used it before! (yes you have!) even though she didn't sign the guestbook to defend her first born. hhmmmph.)

Last night I got a whole lot of nothing done in regards to the wedding... I did remove my toenail polish, take a bath and eat stir fry though. Just in case you were wondering. I also force fed Ben some more Antibiotics, and thank GOD they are almost done with because I feel like the meanest mom ever forcing his mouth open and making him swallow the nasty medicine. He's sure to crouch and squint and look as pathetic as possible to make me feel bad. Bastard.

I'm swiping this meme from Bonkrood (can I link someone twice in an entry or is that a faux-pas?) anyhoo, and I quote: "Think of 3 pictures you’d like to see. Leave whatever you’d like to see in the comments. Things around my house, or whatever… something I can take a picture of easily. Once I have enough requests, I’ll start posting them. If I can’t, or won’t, take a picture of something you’ve requested, I’ll let you know."

This'll be fun, It'll give me something else non-wedding related to do!


Aaron and his brother Dan at the M's game Friday night

Saturday night we went to dinner with my cousin Dawn and her girls Cassie and cori. From Left it is Cassie, Lori, Me, Dawn and Cori. Aaron gets props for the pic. We had such a good time and I had the greek salad (SO GOOD.) In fact that's a greek salad glow I have there. Man alive I love that stuff! We totally don't get together enough, and need to do it more often!

I came home to find the Mister fast asleep after work last week. He'd been busy as hell and was all tuckered out. I'll probably get the eevie eye for posting this, but he looks cute and like a little kid here so I'm posting it anyway!