Thursday, September 09, 2004


1. Aaron may lose his parking gig at the end of the month, we never completely counted on the money it brought in, but we were kind of using it to bolster the spending money account for the honeymoon. This is not a tragedy as we have managed to save some $$ for the NYC portion of our trip... we figure we won't need too much cash in Jamaica as our food and drinks are paid for, we will only buy souvenirs there. But we were also planning on doing our christmas shopping in NYC, so yes, I'm a bit stressed at the prospect of him missing out on a month's worth of games.

2. A bridesmaid who shall remain nameless HOLLY, :-) was given incorrect information about her bridesmaid dress and instead of said dress arriving here at the end of September, it is now slated to arrive on October 27th. 10 DAYS BEFORE THE WEDDING. To say I'm worried is the understatement of the year, though I am not freaking out. Oh well, if the dress doesn't get here, the dress doesn't get here. (I find if I repeat those words long enough I may just accept it.)

3. For some reason I am petrified that the reception hall, though it will be draped in tulle, and christmas lights will look dingy. I don't know why I am worried about this, because I have attended another wedding there and it didn't look dingy then. Perhaps when it's your own and you are OBSESSING OVER EVERY FUCKING TINY ASS DETAIL you worry about these things.

4. I am worried that the music will get fucked up during the ceremony. I am worried that we will have to shell out more money than we already have to make sure that someone is manning the control booth for the wedding. Though I think spending 500 bucks to use a church for a few hours is more than reasonable to throw in a music person, I could be wrong; they could ask me to pay more.

5. I am worried that after the ceremony when everyone is needed to stay put, the chattier members of the wedding party will wander off and cost us valuable time. I am afraid that when I insist at the rehearsal dinner that EVERYONE simply exit the sanctuary into the gymnasium, and stay fucking put, people will either ignore me or think I'm being a controlling bitch and ignore me.

6. I am worried that our music will get fucked up during the ceremony. Oh wait, I mentioned that. But I am really REALLY worried about it.

7. Windows movie maker hates me and is determined to make me cry. I loaded two songs on there, and for whatever reason it refuses to play the second song... though if I pause the slideshow and hit play again, it will play it as if it had been playing it all along. But from start to finish it won't. I have come thisfuckingclose to punching the laptop in the keyboard, but I've learned my lesson when it comes to that (I think) and have refrained.

8. What if we run out of beer? is 18 cases enough? That's 540 cans of beer... do we need more? huh? huh? do we? That's enough for 180 people to have 3 cans... if I look at the guestlist, if everyone came, I can estimate that about 45 people will drink 4 or more cans of beer. about 40 people will drink less than 4 cans. If they all drank equally I suppose they would each get about 5 or so cans of beer. *sigh* I hope it will be enough. I know it will be, but really do I not obsess about everything else?

A positive thing though is that I am loving my new glasses. I have caught myself watching tv with them on, whilst crocheting and it doesn't bother me. Also, headaches are MUCH better. Still getting them a bit, but they are not of the same intensity or frequency.

Also, speaking of crocheting; um, never before have I been so motivated to crochet and knit and do anything that doesn't involve wedding planning. Seriously. I bought a set of knitting needles today and a booklet on how to knit dog coats with the intention of knitting the cats each a kicky little jacket. These are two things I neither need nor should even be thinking about. To tell you I won't be attempting my first kitty coat this evening would be a big fat LIE. Also, for some reason I feel the need to bake. I am going to try my hand at a new banana bread recipe tonight.

Aaron and his oldest nephew Austin, last weekend at Brandi's birthday bbq.

Brandi and her youngest, Ethan... Who informed me at dinner that he still has a crush on me, then promplty buried his face into his crossed arms and peeked out at me to see my reaction. :-)

Aaron's brother and sister-in-law got a chihauha puppy, her name is Lena and she's damn adorable.

She's not yappy or anything, I kept telling Aaron "See, you could deal with a teeny tiny little dog like this right? RIGHT?

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