Monday, September 13, 2004


First things first, many many thanks to all of the people who dropped notes or left mssgs, your good thoughts and prayers no doubt helped and Travis was declared 'out of the woods' on Saturday evening. He will remain in the hospital I believe for another week, but as of today he's out of ICU. Thanks so much.

Secondly, (and Aaron if you click on this link I will cut you), THE DRESSES ARE IN! My wedding gown arrived on Wednesday and the bridesmaids gowns arrived on Friday. Thank the lawdy, it fits. I was stressing, big time. Tommorrow night we'll go pick out the groomsmen's attire and then I'll send out the information and pray for the best. I am going to finish the invitations tonight, probably... hopefully. And they'll get taken to the post office on Thursday or Friday.

I also went to the car wash/detailing place today and scrubbed the carpet on the passenger side in hopes to be rid of the rotting ass smell once and for all. Except I think that the odor is staining my nasal passages because sitting here way far from my car, I can fucking smell it. ICK. I also used some more febreeze and a shit load of baking soda. (Which formed a paste, LOVELY.)

I got a lot done this weekend. Friday night... we hung out, then went to my mom's to try on the dresses and visit with my Aunt Ruth who was here for the weekend for the wedding we all attended Saturday night. Saturday morning I woke up with a tummy ache and pushed through the pain to clean the house. Then I realized I had absolutely nothing to wear so I panicked and went to penny's where I found a cute skirt and some kickin' shoes at payless. Boy do I miss shopping. Then I drove home, tried on the skirt with several different shirts, (all black) and then drove down to my mom's house to try it all on again to show Lori and get her opinion. Then I stopped for lunch, and took a cat nap, before realizing I was running late, hopped in the shower, curled my hair and waited impatiently for Lori and Seth to show up.

When they got there, we hightailed it up to Edmonds where I took a wrong turn and proceeded to have a minor meltdown. I called my mom from the road and when she answered I simply said "I.DON'T.KNOW.WHERE.THE.FUCK.I.AM." To which she responded by handing my dad the phone. Luckily we found it, and the ceremony started about 5 minutes after we got there. Kylie was the flower girl (it was Kelly's mom Carol who was getting married) and once they got things started she started talking to her dad who was sitting in the front row "Daddy, I'm in the wedding!" (A shouted whisper) Matt quickly took her out, the whole way she was protesting: "But DADDY, I'm in the WEDDING!" We were sitting in the back row and at one point she got away from matt and made a mad dash for the hall we were in. She had about 3 feet on him, and they came around the corner of the guestbook table and he snatched her up and took her outside where we could still hear the screams. :-)

It was a lot of fun, I love weddings; and I love them especially when I know other people there. We danced A LOT. You know you are having a good time when you look over and see your godmother out on the dance floor dancing to 'You shook me all night long' by AC/DC and slapping her own ass. And yes, I have pictures to prove it. :-) After the wedding we came home (uh... I don't really *remember* the drive if you know what I mean, and hung out with Seth and Lori until 4am. Ok, I hung out until about 1. Lori was game until about 2. After we fell asleep, Aaron and Seth played video games until 4. Good times. :-) They didn't like my banana cookies. They said they were too 'spongy'. Whateva.

Sunday I nursed a splitting headache and an upset tummy. We did a bit of grocery shopping and then Matt, Kelly and Kylie came over for dinner and picked up Carol's wedding gift because I'm an idiot and forgot it the night before. It was a good weekend.

Oh yeah, and if I told you that I organized my big crate of yarn, I wouldn't be lying. I'm a wild and crazy chick!

Loving the pinkness!

Lori wants to try out for reno 911, renegade party skanks. Heh, I'm probably going to get my ass beat for that, but come on!

My kicky new shoes

The new Mr. and Mrs.

Lori likes em' tall huh?

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