Monday, September 20, 2004


*Yawn* I'm tired today. Also, please keep our buddy Travis in your thoughts and prayers, he was supposed to be released from the hospital today from what I hear and instead must undergo another surgery and probably some more radiation. Damn. Poor Guy.

What a weekend. It felt long, but it went by so fast. Friday night we met up at a mexican restaurant that Aaron's dad loved, and hung out at. We bumped into some friends and sat with them and had dinner (and it was goo-ood.) Saturday we cleaned house and I went to my bridal shower. It was so freakin' awesome. We had an awesome turnout; I'd estimate over 30 came, and my sis (along with my aunts) did an awesome job; my aunt Ruth even brought her silver tea set so we could have coffee and tea service. The place looked awesome, everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves, and I got some great stuff. ;-)

Sunday we ran several errands, I spent a giftcard I'd received at the shower and we bought the last of the beer for the wedding. We now have 18 cases of beer in the living room. What might one do with 18 cases of beer in a living room? Make a chair of course!

Aaron crafted this masterpiece, and it's not half bad. A little hard on the tushie, but once he put the blanket there; it all worked out.

A king and his throne.

Some of the guests at the shower, visiting and introducing themselves.

My flower girls hamming it up

Me and Tatum getting cheeky

Lori showing off the board of heinous... HEINOUS pictures of me.

The wedding party including my man of honor and Aaron's best maid (on the ends) minus Jessica, as she had a hair appt.

Troy and Holly survey the crowd

I'll have more tommorrow of the toilet paper bride contest, we had a lot of fun with that one. I felt so lucky and blessed after my shower, I enjoyed myself IMMENSELY. Even when Aunt Dana made me cry by giving me some of my grandma's old recipes and signing the cards To Allison from Gramma K and Aunt Dana. Even when I got some frilly um... nightclothes and people were caterwalling and telling me to hold them up to myself. Um, no. And showing off the matching undies? I don't think the cameras could have shown accurately enough how red I was. But it was so fun, and I had such a blast; And everyone was so generous; it blows my mind. When I went home afterwards, I started organizing and decompressing from being 'on' for the day. We popped in a movie, lit some candles and freakin' crashed.

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