Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Because I'm lazy and tired, I am just going to throw up some pictures here from the bridal shower. *yawn*

Cheesy as it may be to some, I think the toilet paper bride part of the party was my favorite game. It was Tatum, Heather and Ashley and I on my team.

Cassie gets made up, her outfit reminded me of an egyptian gown or something, and she even had a ring!

Aaron's Grandma gets dolled up by Cathy and Angie and Sara. I didn't realize she was one of the brides, and it was so cool to see everyone participating and having fun.

Kelly waits patiently while my mom and aunt Ruth get her all dolled up.

The finished product, from left: Cassie, Me, Grandma Joyce, Kelly and Brandi. Everyone clapped and applauded for the winner, I think I won because I'm the bride. I think Cassie's was the best. :-)

That would be Heather, me, Ash and Tatum. That's supposed to be a bow on the front of mine, but the tape wouldn't stick.

Good times, good times. :-)

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