Tuesday, September 07, 2004


I love it when it's a short week, coming back on a Tuesday instead of a Monday. I especially love it when I continually forget that the Tuesday isn't a Monday and am continually surprised to remember that hey! It's closer to Friday!

I'm in a good mood today... actually, it's a day of mood swings sort of. One minute happy because, well see the above paragraph. The next minute I'm panicking because HOLY SHIT WE ONLY HAVE TWO MONTHS UNTIL THE WEDDING AND THERE ARE A MILLION AND ONE PIDDLY ASS THINGS THAT NEED TO GET DONE BEFORE THEN!

No lie. Two very distinct moods and I'm swinging from one to the other today. Because there is only like 61 days left, and time is indeed running out, I will drag Aaron to The Men's Warehouse tonight and see how much they charge and what we'll get for the price. I did finish the invitations and the thank you cards for the attendants, and their gifts have arrived so all I need to do is wrap those fuckers. My wedding dress is scheduled to be delivered tommorrow, and the bridesmaid dresses should be here by Monday. Progress! I have 3 paydays left before the wedding. I think my stomach just lept into my throat when I typed that.

Oh yeah and we are having white cake with raspberry filling, that was also determined this weekend. I don't know why I even have that wedding diary since I write about wedding shit here all the time.

I can also tell it's getting close because this morning I was listening to P.I.M.P. by fifty cent and making a mental note to add it to the dance list for the reception when out of nowhere I started getting all teary eyed and misty about getting married, and then had to laugh because hello? I was getting teary eyed to P.I.M.P.

Before I forget ...

Today is Acey pie's 3rd birthday. I thought I'd put in some cute pictures of him that we've taken through the years.

In other news ... I got glasses! And they work!

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