Thursday, September 02, 2004


So, first of all; thanks for the nice comments; I'm fine. I was just totally upset as I've never been in an accident before... it scared the shit out of me. Aaron fiddled with the car last night, pounding down the hood (at one point he had to come in and get a hammer) and I'm not sure if the grill survived or if he just ripped it off, and he also replaced the headlights. it looks better.

HOWEVER. It smells like ass in there. No, worse actually... I could live with ass... it smells like moldy, gangrenous ass. I doubt gangrenous is a word but it is pretty descriptive. It nastay.

I thought it was from the water that must've gotten into the car when we were camping and it rained like Noah was stocking the ark again. So for the last what... 2 weeks I had been airing it out like nobody's bidness. Parking it in the afternoon so that the sun hit the passenger side floor board (where I am pretty sure the disgusting odor is coming from) and leaving the doors open so air and sun hit every inch possible. I doused it in febreeze. I redoused it in febreeze. A coworker saw me out there with the bottle spraying my mats and bought me new ones, I was totally surprised and he laughed and said 'hey, I've been there; have some new ones." That was totally nice of him. Too bad the stank moldy smell is coming from the fucking rug on the floor.

Anyway, Aaron actually thinks it was the heater coil or something that must've gone bad because to him it smells a little like antifreeze. I never smelled antifreeze that smelled like that. I got in there this morning to leave him something (we switched cars for a few days) and I fucking gagged when I opened the door. GAGGED. FROM A SMELL. Yeah.

ANYHOO, I forgot to mention this but did anyone see trading spouses the other night? With the New York guy and the Georgia guy? Let me just say that Jay (georgia guy) and Pierce (New York guy's son) were so sweet and genuine, I just wanted to hug them both, invite them over for milk and cookies and tuck them in my pocket for whenever I was having a bad day. When Jay teared up saying goodbye it was just so sweet. The NY guy wasn't bad, but he had to put up with Jay's kids and let me tell you, I would have wupped some serious whiney brat ass. GAH.

In other news, I deserved the dipshit of the day award when I arrived at my dr. appt a week early. Yeah. Good one, no? My mom deserved saint of the day because she drove over to my house first thing in the early ass morning after I called hysterical about the accident, and then took me to work. Thank you mom. I so totally appreciated that.

oooh! Let me share! The wedding announcement for us came out yesterday...

By the way, thanks for voting! I guess you can see I went with the overwhelming choice! (In other wedding news I am completely and utterly NOT FUCKING MOTIVATED to do anything. At all. But that's a whole other entry.)

Lori and Seth at Ashley's bday dinner on the 19th

Mr. Picky eating salad at the same dinner. The pic was for my mom who wouldn't let him eat it until I took a picture.

Asa has taken to sleeping on my purse collection in the closet. I lay out a squooshy bed for him, complete with blankie and the freak wants to lay on a pile of uneven plastic purses. Okie doke.

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