Thursday, September 16, 2004


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Sorry for the lack of update yesterday... just busy is all. Last night we met up with my friend Nate and his girlfriend Marissa for dinner. Ever since Mo told me what a greek salad was, I have been curious. Then when we dropped one of the bridesmaid dresses off at my cousin's house last night and she mentioned that the greek salad at the restaurant we were going to was good; I knew I had to try it. Was it good? Let me put it this way, I could have EATEN MY WEIGHT in greek salad last night mmkay? Soooo good. We had a really fun time catching up and getting to know Marissa. Good times.

I'm in a good mood today which is a fucking miracle considering that satchel fatass cleared his throat all day long. And by clearing his throat I don't mean what a normal person does; I mean it in the most vile and disgusting way one can muster. Old fucking man way. Every time he does it I'm assaulted with a wave of nausea and the urge to kick him in the nuts. Similarly, when he spoke to me today with his fucking mouth full, I had to quell the strongest urge I've ever had to stab him in the neck with my pen. Luckily it was only a medium point stick pen and he was out of arms reach.

So the invitations went out yesterday (!) and I've already heard that some people have gotten them... holy shit, another 'this is ACTUALLY HAPPENING?!?!?!' moment. As Aaron said when he called me on his way home from the post office last night "there's no backing out now!" I wouldn't back out, it's just crazy... another piece of proof that dude... I am actually getting married. I love it!

Did you happen to see that piece on Roy Horn last night? (Of Siegfried and Roy) It was a Maria Shriver piece for whatever news show she's on. We happened to catch the last half or so of it. It just broke my heart. Probably because it was like watching what my dad has gone through; seeing what Roy is having to do in therapy and the wheelchair he's in and the effects of his stroke, it is strikingly similar to what we watched and watch my dad go through. He's got the right attitude though, like my dad has had, a much better one than I think I would have. And I really hope his support system stays strong.

More pics...

Dad and Aaron at the wedding last weekend

Lori looks really cute in that hat

Matt and kel

Carol does the Limbo!

and now I present to you my Godmother, my auntie Ruth smacking her own ass to the tune of "Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC... she's got flava!

Dad takes a turn dancing with the bride

Lastly, Today marks a special day for Aaron and his family, If you've been reading for a while you'll recall that Aaron's dad passed away in February. Today would have been his 55th birthday. To mark the occasion a big family dinner is slated for tommorrow night at his favorite restaurant, where he spent many birthdays. Happy Birthday Vince, we're thinking of you.

Vince Martin
September 16, 1949 - February 18, 2004

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