Wednesday, September 01, 2004


My brakes locked up on a steep hill on the way home from the gym and apparently you can't turn the wheel when that happens. I rear ended someone stopped at the light. I wasn't going very fast; but I was on a hill, it was wet and now the front of my car is fucked and I think the brakes are shot. I was hysterical and shaky... the sound the car made when it slammed into the honda in front of me was not nice. However, the guy didn't want to call the cops and we did exchange information; his car doesn't seem that bad. I would have a hard time (if I hadn't been there) believing that the damage on my car came from hitting his; as really his damage is minimal.

Now I'm just scared. I don't think my car is worth saving. I don't know what we're going to do about another vehicle... lots of couples only have one car though right? There's just NO WAY we are going to afford a new vehicle before the wedding. No way. Let's hope the rest of this month doesn't blow as much as this morning has.

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