Thursday, September 30, 2004


I don't have much of anything to say today. I'm tired. I'm cranky. and, I'm sort of groggy. I stayed up to late watching 'Wife Swap'... good God that husband needed a kick between the knees and I wanted to grab that woman by her long fake hair and shake her for all she's worth. That aside it was ok. Heh, but really... the NYC couple... why BOTHER having kids if you are only going to schedule an hour of time with them a day? What's the fucking point? I liked the country family much more, they had their faults too but they were within reason. The point of this is that I woke up this morning, fell asleep and dreamt I was on wife swap with that NYC jackass and he was pissing me off royally. Yet he liked me and wouldn't leave me alone. Ick.

Since I all but finished the program layout last night and finished our slideshow (with the exception of figuring out how to make it play in the dvd... which I WILL figure out dammit!) I am now all tapped out on wedding motivation. What I SHOULD do tonight is go home, sit my ass down and put all of the pictures for the slide show in a box for Lori. I've delegated the task of the photo boards to her and Ashley. I want to make sure there are plenty of pics and that there are equal amounts so it doesn't turn out weird.

Speaking of the slideshow, since I now have the mad slideshow skillz, and know how to make the music play (I converted the mp3 to a wav and voila!) I kind of want to do one with family pictures and friend pictures to the tune of 'get by with a little help from my friends'... or something like that but I think ONE 8 minute slide show is probably enough don't you? If I ever learn how to load it on the web I'll post it so y'all can see. I'm very proud of it and even started crying a teensy bit when I watched it and imagined it being played at the wedding. 37 days to go nizzles!

Asa that fucker has figured out how to open the bedroom door even when it's locked. He hasn't totally grasped the concept yet, but he's damn close. Our bedroom door knobs are handles that you simply push down and the door opens. You can kind of see it in this picture of our room after we moved in last year (that explains the mess.)

Anyway, he stands on the dresser and pushes down on the handle and then releases. Down and release. Down and release. It's noisy as fuck and once or twice now he's pushed as well and the door has opened. Then I wake up to him furry ass in my face or the screeching of Molly in the window because a neighborhood cat has walked by. *sigh* I think we're going to have to get a hook and eye thingy to keep it shut.

I told you I didn't have much to say, I am ready to just chill out and crochet and watch the stupid debate. (Which by the way dad is on here at 6 not 9).

Molly waits her turn for the box

She is pure eeeeeeevvvvvviiiiiilllll.

Because laying on the momma's purse is much better than laying on the dumb old carpet.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


Sorry for the lack of entry yesterday. I forgot. I got busy, and it slipped my mind. In other news I am about 85% done with the programs. But I need some help from y'all.

We have an extra page in the program and I was thinking about making it a 'fun fact' page about Aaron and I ... some of the little coincidences etc. But I don't really know if that's a good idea or what people would even want to know. If you were a friend/acquaintance/family member of ours and you wanted to know something new about us what might that be?

Also, anyone familiar with Windows Movie Maker? I have xp (the first service pack) and while the pictures are uploading and playing great, I cannot for the life of me get the music to play. I've added it to the time line, but nothing... the track plays when I test it out in media player... I am ready to bash my head in, and I don't particularly want to go buy a special program just to have a slideshow... but if I have to I will. Any advice on this would be GREATLY appreciated.

Not too much else is going on, I have GOT to get some kitty malt or some other form of hairball medicine, because Ben keeps yacking up the antibiotic I have to give him twice a day. This morning he coughed once or twice and was getting into position when I ran and got some peanut butter and wiped it on his tongue (ew) and then tried to hold his mouth semi shut so he wouldn't fling the peanut butter everywhere. (I picked up that tip at The Smart and Sassy Forum. It stopped the puking, but now the poor baby just sits and glares and reinforces how pathetic he truly is.

Oh yeah, don't know how much airplay this is getting elsewhere but it's all over the news here... The Threat of Mt. St. Helens that is. Kind of exciting at the prospect of something happening, for the sake of any and all who live near it I hope it's nothing big.

You know I'll be sitting and watching the debate tomorrow night. I should go out and get a prescription for xanax first though, fucking Bush man. Seriously, I don't understand how intelligent well rounded people can think he's right for us for another 4 years. It fucking boggles the mind. I'm not 100% on Kerry either, but at this point, what choice do we have? You know what else boggles the mind? People who vote for Bush because that's what their parents do. That fucking not only enrages me, but makes me sad at the same time. I know several people like that... people who have ZERO business voting for Bush let alone voting republican especially when they are uneducated and working for barely above minimum wage... struggling to support a fucking family. These people think you can't be democratic and christian at the same time. They think if you are prolife you can't be a democrat. Well, you don't have to be... you need to take into account what's important and vote for those issues. To these narrowminded people who wait for the day that abortion will become illegal, get comfortable because it's never going to happen. I think gay marriage will be legal before anything ever gets overturned on abortion. It sort of amazes me when people use that as a tool for deciding who to vote for.

Personally, I don't fit into either the Democrat or Republican party... I would say I'm in the middle on a lot of it, but when we are talking about our country's best interest you have to look at the past four years. The amount of jobs lost... I have several friends who have had a HELL of a time finding work or keeping it due to businesses shutting down or moving out of the country. Look at the cost of living, the price of gas, the state of things concerning our safety... how many soldiers have to die before someone takes the lead and gets shit done correctly? Here's another FYI... you can think the war in Iraq is a big fat mistake and still support the troops. You can support the troops and still think our president is a stupid ass ignorant little pissant. You can vote for John Kerry and still believe in the red, white and blue.

Just fucking think for yourself man.

Now I'm all worked up. See what you do to me?


Here he thinks he's being cute

Here, he is just damn angelic.

Monday, September 27, 2004


That describes today.

I had an entire entry typed up about what I'm stressing about today, but scrapped it. It sounds like I'm complaining and I'm not, but man... there is so much to do.

How about a weekend recap? Friday afternoon found me at the vet's office with Ben, since the swelling had gone down quite a bit, they were guessing it was probably an abcess, but everything else looked ok. He's lost a half pound since I brought him in in March, so that's a bit disconcerting, what would cause him to lose that much weight? I mean he only weighs like 8lbs... that's a lot to lose! After that mom and I went to Walmart and then I went home and vegged out a bit with Aaron.

I baked snickerdoodles that night for Travis, and let me tell you; I remembered why it is I don't keep cookies and snacky shit like that in the house. I HAVE NO SELF CONTROL. Luckily, I made regular ones for Travis and put them in a container out of sight. For Aaron and I, I had found a recipe using whole wheat flour and less fats; they ended up being worth 1 point for 2 cookies. Not too shabby.

Also, I had been discussing the merits of airbake cookiesheets with a friend over email recently and saw the proof for myself that night. I baked all but one cookie sheet full of cookies on my new airbake sheets (thanks Amy!) and the last batch on my calphalon sheet. See why I will never bake them on the calphalon sheet again, below. (Airbake cookies on the right/calphalon on the left)

The calphalon ones cooked for the same amount of time never spread like the air bake ones and they burnt to a crisp... we happened to win that cookie sheet, but still; calphalon ain't cheap.

Saturday, we went and finalized the details for our cake, then we headed out to the supermall and found Aaron a decent pair of shoes (29 bucks!)and I finally buckled and bought a black knit poncho and I LOVE IT. Then we went to lunch at Applebees and headed home for a nap. Later in the day Lori and Seth picked us up and Lori treated us to the Puyallup fair, where I had THE tastiest cheeseburger and a peanut butter cup ice cream cone that I would consider selling one of my cats for. MMMMmmmm. I also proved how domesticated I am becoming by signing up to have a pampered chef party at my house later on after we're married. Lori thinks I'm getting old.

Sunday, Aaron had to work, so I cleaned the bedroom closet and tried to organize the house a little bit. I cleaned the bathroom as well and we changed the bedding to the new set I got at the bridal shower:

I love it, and don't look at the shit on the floor under the bed, this was BEFORE I cleaned up.

When Aaron got home we watched a bit of the Seahawk game (as they kicked the shit out of the 49ers YEAH!) and then went up to Harborview to visit Travis and bring him the snickerdoodles, poor guy is STILL there. Patience of a saint I tell you. When we went home I made a fabulous crab leg and ranch potatoes dinner while we watched Will and Grace on dvd. After dinner I spent about 45 minutes going through every.single.dvd.we.have. because we cannot find the 'just married' disc, and of course; since we can't find it, it's the only one we want to watch.

Ben's mouth is getting a little better

He's milking it for all it's worth too.

Friday, September 24, 2004


My poor little Benny has something wrong with his mouth. I sent a frantic email last night to Robyn as well as some family members asking if they'd ever heard of a cat having an abcess, and attached this picture:

the other day when touched his cheek on that side he yelped, which is unlike him. I didn't see anything wrong; though perhaps I didn't look well enough. Last night when he jerked away when I softly touched his cheek I lifted the cheek up and saw a big reddish pink bubble above his fang. Robyn emailed me back and said that is normal and common for cats to get abcesses. I had called the vet already, and he's got an appt today even thought the bubble is gone and he doesn't seem bothered when I touch his cheek. It's still red, and though he was eating fine I am not taking any chances.

Ok, now onto stuff I need help with...

I am trying to find a cool song for the church to play after Aaron and I are announced as Man and Wife... We went to a wedding a few weeks ago and they played 'signed sealed and delivered'. My mom is insistant on having us have that song, but I want something different. If we weren't getting married in a church I would totally play either Georgia Satellite's - Keep Your Hands To Yourself or Billy Idol's - White Wedding. Buuuut since we ARE in a church I am thinking of the following:

Eight Days a Week - Beatles
When I'm 64 - Beatles
Islands in the Stream - Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers
Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Diana Ross and that guy...Marvin Gaye maybe?
(though the lyrics aren't totally us.. he never set me free, HOWEVER there ain't no mountain high enough, aint no valley low enough, and ain't no river high enough to keep me from gettin' to him baby. heh.)

Point is none of these totally grab me, though if I had to say it would totally be between eight days a week and Ain't no mountain high enough and Islands in the Stream... Do you see why I need help? INDECISIVE!

Any ideas you might have would be MUCH APPRECIATED!

So, this weekend... not too much going on. Tonight I plan on making a ton of snickerdoodles. Both the regular kind, and the whole wheat kind. (The whole wheat kind are only 1 pt each on WW!) Thanks to All Recipes for the recipes. (That was redundant.) We'll probably hit Walmart tonight as well.

Saturday is the one year mark of when Aaron proposed to me, so we'll celebrate the past year of wedding madness by using the movie giftcard we got at my shower, (I'm pulling for Garden State but it looks grim.) and I'm going to make a special dinner with the crab legs sitting in our freezer. I assume I just boil them? I'll have to ask my mom how she would cook them. We'll go finalize the details of our wedding cake and then hopefully pick up a crinoline and flower petals from a knottie I've been emailing with. I'm sure we'll get up to see Travis at the hospital too, yes he's STILL there and I imagine going insane. That's who the snickerdoodles are for. :-) Sunday Aaron has to work for a bit, so I think I may attempt to get to the gym, and then we have dinner with my parents that day. Busy Busy Busy!

I also plan to make the bed up with our new snowflake comforter and navy sheets. I am BEYOND excited about this, I love new bedding!

Friday Fiver

1. Pick a theme song that represents your life:

Hmm... I have no idea. For the longest time (before I met Aaron obviously) I swore the Carpenter's hit 'Goodbye To Love' was my theme song. That and Rod Stewart's 'Some Guys Have All The Luck' only for a girl. (Me and Matt must be doomsdayers because we used to LOVE that song and say "that's my song" "no! That's MY Song!" Now... I really love the song "Dreamer" by Ozzy Osbourne. I shamelessy stole it from my friend Tatum, but it is a great song. If I had to be original and NOT steal someone else's theme song I would probably go with... Let it Be or Imagine or Yesterday by the Beatles. I LOVE those songs.

2. Do you talk to yourself?

Sometimes. Mostly I talk to the television; usually to Bush when they are playing sound bites of him on The Today Show... usually it's along the lines of "SHUT UP YOU DUMB MOTHERFUCKER."

3. Describe your relationship with your co-workers:

Depends on who you're talking about. With everyone but Satchel: friendly, hospitable, humorous etc. With Satchel... contemptuous, hateful, sullen... you know the drill.

4. Have you ever done karaoke?

This is a trick question right? OF course! I haven't done it in ages, but I love it.

5. Do you believe in love at first sight?

I don't know. Maybe. I don't think it's impossible.

Because laying on a hairbrush is comfortable.

Ben models the latest in crocheted hatware for cats

Unfortunately his sullen attitude won't get him far in the world of modeling.

She's only angelic when she's sleeping

Thursday, September 23, 2004


I'm just going to touch on this because it's been a rough morning, but today is the third anniversary of my Grandma's death. I'm taking it a lot harder than I anticipated, and have been blinking back tears all morning... and it fucking sucks. I don't particularly want to talk about it, but this just proves that keeping grief at arms length so you don't have to deal with it doesn't necessarily work. I miss her so much sometimes it amazes me that it's only been 3 years. I had an entire entry typed out in my head about her and things I'd like to share with her... but I don't have it in me to write. Or rather, I do, but I'm tired of crying, I hate crying. At least I hate sad crying.

And I don't have a cute cry face either. So there you go. If you'd like to see my little tribute (that does zero justice to the woman my grandma was, but still in some way pays a little respect to her go here. I never understood why people didn't visit the graves of their loved ones, and I guess now I get it. I have immeasurable guilt over the fact that I have never been to where my Grandma was laid to rest. I feel worse than you could know about that, but I just don't want to go. I'm sure eventually I will, but now I just can't.

Ok, onto other things... Lori said to write a long entry so you have her to thank for the rambling today.

The satchel fuck is sick, and fucking hacking on everything. One of my coworkers got pissed off because last night the fucker was complaining about not feeling well and coworker told him he should just stay home and not get everyone sick. He cackled it off (I'd say laughed it off but he doesn't laugh, he cackles a cackle that makes me want to punch a wall.) and sure enough the bastard came in today. I took the lysol wipes and wiped down everything he touched and then sprayed the shit out of those surfaces with Lysol as well... if he gets me sick, he better fucking watch out.

Hmmm, what else can I ramble on about... I lost 5 lbs in the last two weeks! I have been doing weight watchers, well sort of. I would end up over my points by 1 point every day for a while, and since I've been really watching it, it seems to be paying off. That and for dinner I've been cutting out starches completely. For now it seems to be helping, we'll see in the long run. I 've been eating stir fried veggies (in pam and water...) with my chicken breast and sauce without rice and it's damn good. I do love rice, and noodles and bread... and anything remotely starchy. But cutting them out isn't killing me. And that's key right?

Although, I did have this for dinner this weekend, fried rice w/ sausage... and it was dammmmmnnnn good.

Benny and Aaron hang out and watch tv

Acey pie

Wednesday, September 22, 2004


Dude! I slept for 11 hours last night. ELEVEN HOURS. That never happens. I don't know what my deal was, but I passed out about 7:30pm, and Aaron said around 8:30 I complained of being cold and got up and brushed my teeth and went to bed. I didn't get up today until 6:30 am. And I'm in a damn good mood. So this is what well rested feels like... awesome!

So the response cards from the invites have been coming in left and right; as of right now, we are expecting 145 peeps. I know people say that you should expect 25% of your guest list to not show; but that would drop us down to 259, not a bad number. I think we'll have more than that though. We'll see.

I had dinner with my friend Nate last week, and I forgot that he works for All so I made a point to get on there and surf around; I'd been there before, but a while back. I have to say, my favorite aspect of the whole site is that it lets you customize recipes for the amount of servings you want it to yield. That is so perfect for me, because often it lists servings for 4-8 people and you know; I don't need a fridge full of leftovers, so I customized it to two and voila!

Oh, and the other UBER awesome part is that the recipes are broken down into nutritional info too... how fucking fantastic is that?! I love it.

Another guest shot

I think this is such a cute pic of kel; the blushing tp bride!

My bridesmaid and favorite cousin dawn, and her girls (Cori on the left and Cassie on the right) who are also my favorite cousins :-) They are so grown up, man a few of my friends remember in high school how I used to have their pictures in my binder (they were about yrs old then) and couldn't believe how grown up they are now. Freshmen! ::sob:: I feel so old.

my hostess with the mostest, Lori taking a moment to just breathe.

Tatum hanging out and playing the purse scavenger hunt (which she won!)

my bow-kay that holly made for the rehearsal dinner, she did an absolute awesome job! (Note that heinous bruise on my right arm... I guess not having dinner on the table by 6 has it's consequences!..TOTALLY kidding by the way.)

This picture doesn't even do it justice, the yellow and purple splotches are so awful looking. I got this by moving a 200lb desk upstairs at work. I wanted to create a 'break room' and there was a big desk/table not being used in our bay, so my coworker helped me drag it up the stairs; I was on the bottom end and it was resting on my bicep (hee). Didn't hurt though; so I was surprised to get such a nasty bruise. It hurts like a mofo now though.

Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004


Because I'm lazy and tired, I am just going to throw up some pictures here from the bridal shower. *yawn*

Cheesy as it may be to some, I think the toilet paper bride part of the party was my favorite game. It was Tatum, Heather and Ashley and I on my team.

Cassie gets made up, her outfit reminded me of an egyptian gown or something, and she even had a ring!

Aaron's Grandma gets dolled up by Cathy and Angie and Sara. I didn't realize she was one of the brides, and it was so cool to see everyone participating and having fun.

Kelly waits patiently while my mom and aunt Ruth get her all dolled up.

The finished product, from left: Cassie, Me, Grandma Joyce, Kelly and Brandi. Everyone clapped and applauded for the winner, I think I won because I'm the bride. I think Cassie's was the best. :-)

That would be Heather, me, Ash and Tatum. That's supposed to be a bow on the front of mine, but the tape wouldn't stick.

Good times, good times. :-)

Monday, September 20, 2004


*Yawn* I'm tired today. Also, please keep our buddy Travis in your thoughts and prayers, he was supposed to be released from the hospital today from what I hear and instead must undergo another surgery and probably some more radiation. Damn. Poor Guy.

What a weekend. It felt long, but it went by so fast. Friday night we met up at a mexican restaurant that Aaron's dad loved, and hung out at. We bumped into some friends and sat with them and had dinner (and it was goo-ood.) Saturday we cleaned house and I went to my bridal shower. It was so freakin' awesome. We had an awesome turnout; I'd estimate over 30 came, and my sis (along with my aunts) did an awesome job; my aunt Ruth even brought her silver tea set so we could have coffee and tea service. The place looked awesome, everyone seems to have enjoyed themselves, and I got some great stuff. ;-)

Sunday we ran several errands, I spent a giftcard I'd received at the shower and we bought the last of the beer for the wedding. We now have 18 cases of beer in the living room. What might one do with 18 cases of beer in a living room? Make a chair of course!

Aaron crafted this masterpiece, and it's not half bad. A little hard on the tushie, but once he put the blanket there; it all worked out.

A king and his throne.

Some of the guests at the shower, visiting and introducing themselves.

My flower girls hamming it up

Me and Tatum getting cheeky

Lori showing off the board of heinous... HEINOUS pictures of me.

The wedding party including my man of honor and Aaron's best maid (on the ends) minus Jessica, as she had a hair appt.

Troy and Holly survey the crowd

I'll have more tommorrow of the toilet paper bride contest, we had a lot of fun with that one. I felt so lucky and blessed after my shower, I enjoyed myself IMMENSELY. Even when Aunt Dana made me cry by giving me some of my grandma's old recipes and signing the cards To Allison from Gramma K and Aunt Dana. Even when I got some frilly um... nightclothes and people were caterwalling and telling me to hold them up to myself. Um, no. And showing off the matching undies? I don't think the cameras could have shown accurately enough how red I was. But it was so fun, and I had such a blast; And everyone was so generous; it blows my mind. When I went home afterwards, I started organizing and decompressing from being 'on' for the day. We popped in a movie, lit some candles and freakin' crashed.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Friday, September 17, 2004


Not too much time so I'll be brief. Tommorrow is my bridal shower(!) and it's going to be interesting to see how I do. I'm the 'monica' of parties, usually taking the lead and organizing... I'm excited at the prospect of not being in charge, but wondering how I'll do at sitting back and enjoying myself for a change :-) Lori said she's nervous because it'll be on her shoulders (coupled with two of my aunts as well) but I think she'll do just fine. Plus she already knows most of the people who will be there, so I think it'll be great! Plus! I get presents!!! :-D Seriously, I am stoked. Many, many, MANY pictures I'm sure to come next week.

Also, we are picking out the tuxes tonight, and having dinner with Aaron's family. We will also make the trek to Costco this weekend buy some more beer for the reception (clear out some more space ma; we're comin over!) and hopefully order the wedding cake either this weekend or next week. So much to do! Only 50 days left, can YOU BELIEVE IT???

Lori's boyfriend Seth does THEBEST impersonation of 'Stuart' from Mad Tv... here he is in action

Noooooooooooooo.... (imagine that in a wee tiny girly voice)

Look what I can do..... (again with the voice)

Kelly and dad

Dad and Aunt Ruth

only 50 days to go baby!

Asa plays with his birthday toy

Here he guards it from Molly, apparently Molly didn't get the memo that Asa.doesn't.share.