Thursday, August 19, 2004


(I got a request for a satchel entry... if it disappoints it's because I'm not mad at him right now. This either makes for a shitty story or a worrisome piece due to the amount of venom I can spew about the fucker on a whim.)

Have I mentioned how fucking much I hate that oompa loompa piece of shit that resides in the back office? How I want to stab something every time I hear the fucker say "Thank ya kindly!" Today the tech came in the office and he said, "hey, my man!" It was the gayest thing I've ever heard, and I don't necessarily mean that in a derogative way. I mean seriously, it was the most unnatural statement EVER.

We've had quite a week anyway. Tuesday I was appalled at the way he unapologetically steamrolls any sort of policy that is put into place just to have the fucking last word. Then yesterday I told him that I was going to break at 1:30 instead of my usual 2pm. He comes up to me at 1:20 and says "uh... you were going to go to lunch at 2 right?" I said "nooo, I told you that I was going to go to break at 1:30. In ten minutes." He nods and turns, "oh... oh, okay..." then he stops, turns back around and says "is that going to be your lunch break then?" I stared at him blankly so he felt some semblance of the irritation building and said "well, I don't know what other break I would take in the middle of the day." He of course goes on and says "well it could be a different break, like a 15 minute break or maybe you have an appointment." Fucker. I said "well gee Satchel, when was the last time I outright took a 15 minute break anyway?" He replies "so this is your lunch?" I answered in a mock yell "YES!" A few minutes go by and I'm getting my stuff together to leave, and I say "I'm going to lunch now." He comes rushing out of his office and says "Now that's a standard lunch break right? You'll be back in an hour's time?" I said "Good Christ, what's with all the questions about my break? YES!" He was getting pissy too now "well gee Allison, if it's ok with you I have an obligation at a customer's." I didn't like his tone.

"WELL YOU HAVE A KEY DON'T YOU?" as I huffed out of the office he said "Thanks Allison!" That's his new thing. Being nice to me when I'm irritated with him. After a particularly fun exchange the other day, when I ended my part of it with "you know what? I DON'T CARE THAT MUCH MMKAY?" When I went to break 5 minutes after that one he said "ENJOY! HAVE A GREEEAT ONE!" Seriously I hate him. We have a customer here right now, and I can here him in the bathroom ... eh, sandblasting the walls with shit.

In other news there will be no entry tomorrow because we are off to the ocean for a weekend of camping. Many pics to come and hopefully stories to tell too. Have a great weekend!

Oh yeah, and Happy birthday to Ashley!

Always with the tongue out lately.

Ben will cut you

I'm Hoooooottttttttt.

Ben despises you. Yes, you.

He can't bring himself to look at you anymore and must occupy his time by catching his tail.


Molly doesn't despise you, she's just bored with you.


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