Wednesday, August 04, 2004


...Wedding stuff should go in the wedding diary, but fuck it. I am supposed to write about what's on my mind, and wedding stuff is what's on my mind. *sigh* THERE'S JUST SO MUCH. Also, mom, please email me Aunt Nancy's phone number as I do not have it.

I applied for my passport. We ordered the invitations (THREE HUNDRED AND SEVENTY NINE FUCKING DOLLARS!!!!!) I think I might've mentioned that... anyway, I have approved the proofs, they were sent to me this morning, and as I got ready to send off the approval something in the back of my mind said "just call the church." So I did. I called and left a mssg and someone got back to me in like 5 minutes, and reassured me that construction is due to be done by September 19th, and All is set for the church on the 6th of November. So tomorrow I will go over there on my lunch break, hand the woman a check for the last part of the fee and beg and plead that someone there will handle the music and/or lighting.

Also, I think I mentioned we picked up the beer (or at least some of the beer) for the wedding. 6 cases (these are 'big' cases ... 30 cans each), and I think we'll probably have a total of about 15 cases. Aaron is concerned that we don't run out, which I am too. But I tend to live by the motto of 'too fucking bad if we do'. Have some wine! Here's a glass of champagne!

Right now I am concerned with readings. I want something untraditional. I was considering some poetry, but the really cool ones have the word breast in them and dammit, I'm not going to have the word breast uttered in my ceremony while I'm standing at the altar for God's sake. heh. I don't want the same old shit with 'Love is kind, love is patient...' um, love is BORING. I want something whimsical and enchanting. Or funny. Funny is good. My friend Cathy got married last year and one of her bridesmaids spoke, and it was the story of Nick and Cathy and it was not only damn funny, but it was well delivered. I think that has a huge amount to do with it, so I want something easy so the people I ask to read them have an ok time doing so. I may just end up asking a couple people to 'speak from their heart' and hope for the best.

I started work on our wedding video or rather photo montage. If that ain't frustrating well then I don't know what is. Windows Movie Maker can kiss my fat ass.

Well then, I think that's my cue to end things. How about a few boring pics first though?

This would be a fraction of the bajillion heart ornaments that we bought last year when I decided I wanted to give them out as favors. I have since decided 'fuck that noise it's too much work to etch our names and the date on there.' I am debating selling them on ebay or just hauling them back down to Michael's and returning them for store credit. We bought them last October... think they'll take em' back?

Apparently at the big Bridal Shindig (tm) last weekend, Aaron and I won a prize at Bon-Macy's. I'VE NEVER WON ANYTHING BEFORE!!!! Even though it's something we'll probably only use once a year, I am stoked. We Won! It's a marble board that you cut cheese on (heh) and it comes with a knife and a little dealybobber to hold crackers. ooh la la.

The state of my house is pretty much parallel to the state of our dining room table these days. AND.IT.MUST.STOP. This is wedding stuff, school supplies for our nephews and also, an array of crap that just seems to accumulate on the dining room table.

I just want it on record here that I, Allison P-----ke wore a motherfucking halter top last weekend for the first time in my adult life. And it was a little too big for me, but I wore it anyway. Hot damn. I'm still working on losing more, but I'm down about 7lbs (I had gained a good 20lbs from my lowest weight ever last summer.) and I'm feeling mighty good about it. It makes saying no to that scrumptious looking birthday cake at work a bit easier. Not much, but a bit.

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