Monday, August 02, 2004


So much to say, so don't want to bore you. Before I forget there is a new update hither about Saturday, the day we were knee deep in registering and wedding shoe shopping. We were out and about from about 10ish to almost 9pm. But we did it. If you'd like to take a gander and see what we are dreaming of (and in some cases truly dreaming of because I think it's a slim chance we'll get a few of those items.) Target is here, Bed, Bath and Beyond is here, and Bon-Macy's is here. We are some wishful thinking motherfuckers. :-)

Sunday we lazed around a lot longer than we should have, then went and ran some errands; returned the white rose petals, got red ones, picked up a matte and frame to use instead of a guestbook, picked up the cake pans for the wedding cake and also oh yeah, dropped almost 400 FUCKING DOLLARS on invitations. 400 BUCKS! 2 bucks an invite folks. (of course that's including the reception card and the lined envelope with our name and address printed on the flap. That's a lot of fucking money. Aaron just about had to talk me down off a ledge after that. I figured we'd spend about 200 bucks. I could have lived with 250. 379.90 was not what I had in mind. We are doing the respond post cards ourselves. I can get a pack of those suckers for like 10 bucks. I probably could have done all the invitations for less than what we paid... I just don't want to think about it.

Saturday night we visited some friends and they tried to talk us into taking home a kitten. I do not think I can convey to you how much fucking will power it took for me to leave without her. Don't believe me?

Just looking at these pictures makes me want to call them up and tell them we'll take her.

She never made a peep while I was holding her and my God isn't she just fucking adorable?

Here I am whining and pleading and getting mad at our friend for encouraging me to take her.

And cuddly! She curled up and went to sleep here! Fuck I want to bring her home!


I keep trying to rationalize bringing her home by saying 'well, it's not like we won't be moving in less than a year anyway (current lease is up in May and we are outy... unless we find something sooner and decide to break the lease.) And I've always wanted a calico kitty, and she's really laid back and really fucking cute. And a snuggler!!! But then my sense kicks in and I think 'we already have 3 cats in a tiny ass apartment.' Plus she would need shots etc. plus I would want to have two litter boxes for 4 cats, plus I think I would have to beat some cat ass if I saw one of the bigger fuckers picking on her.

I want to name her peanut.

shoot me.

Also, it was a blue moon this weekend, and yes mom I know it wasn't blue... but it was kind of cool to know that it wasn't going to happen again for what... 2 years?

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