Wednesday, August 11, 2004


Yes I'm still pissy today, probably more so. I get fired up everytime I think about something in particular and I actually had a looooong entry written up here about it but I seem to be getting over it. I also seem to be maturing because after the initial pissyness set in when I found something out I fought back urges of calling people up and the ripping of new assholes, and canceling gifts that were ordered for some members of the wedding party. When I finally realized...

People are dicks. and they are. It's unfortunate that we have a few dicks in our wedding party, but I'll get over it. However, my naivete (you know what I mean) is fading. To think that our friends and family might actually be HAPPY for us? Preposterous!

So yeah. Fuck em. I will nail their asses to the wall when the time is right. I also went through the guest list and started slashing off names in the interest of space. And also, no more inviting people out of obligation. Especially when I have reservations about inviting them in the first place. Buh.BYE. The guest list is now done to a little over 200. I do need to add a few names, but the hall capacity is like 225, so I'm breathing a bit easier. I might also add that that final count so far is also due to me highlighting the names we are inviting but that I highly doubt will show. There are several who are included, but if they actually showed I'd probably fall over from shock. There you go.

I was reading Jenny's journaland also Jane's. They mentioned about weird things their mind/body does when they are awoken suddenly. I don't have anything in particular that happens when I am woke up too fast, other than being enraged. Seriously. Once when Aaron was still on nights, he called and was broke down on the side of the fucking freeway and I was highly pissed that he called me, as I was sleeping. Hello, it's not like I was living with him and engaged to him or anything. The funny thing is when this happens, I try not to let on that I'm so mad I could punch the person in the throat; probably because I know why I'm mad. That's just how my brain operates. Sometimes when Aaron wakes me up in the morning to give me a kiss before he goes to work I'll get a split second moment of rage and then think 'eh, fuck it.' and go back to sleep. Heh, and when I fully wake up I'm not mad anymore. Weird.

When Matt and I shared a room a few years back, he would set his fucking phone alarm to wake up to and then proceed to hit the snooze button on it a million times before finally dragging his ass off the visitor's cot we got him and go to work. That shit used to enrage me like nothing else. We would have the most gnarly fights in the morning, saying awful things to each other and then by evening sit and watch tv or go out for a bite to eat, or play video games like nothing had happened. We were both weird that way.

Speaking of Matt, I am looking forward to dinner tomorrow as he and Kel and kylie are coming over for dinner to my mom's house. We set it up because Matt's sister Amy is down from Canada for something to do with her job, and since we rarely get to see her; we arranged to have dinner together. This works out well too, because mom and dad have been mentioning wanting to see Matt and kel. One big happy family! Amy has been a godsend in listening to me gripe and also giving me advice on wedding planning. It'll be nice to talk face to face finally!

I saw this sketch of Amber Frey testifying at Scott Peterson's trial and my first thought was "Damn. They need a new sketch artist. That doesn't look like either one of them AT.ALL."


You know I was a cleaning freak if I scrubbed the bathroom down and took a picture. I love me a clean bathroom. I just never feel like cleaning it.

Asa and Molly had fun wrestling with the box

Asa had to stop for a moment and lick his chops

By far my favorite picture of him ever. Look at those skinny arms!

Asa packs a wallop.

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