Tuesday, August 10, 2004


Bleeeeeccccchhhhh. Today is NOT a good food day for me. Both yogurts I had here at work were expired. (I usually keep an extra in case of that very thing, but this time BOTH were duds.) And the grapes I was eating this afternoon tasted dirty. Upon investigation, it looked like in between the vines there was a spiderweb, and upon further investigation I saw a motherfucking dead spider. A small one but still. I threw that bag in trash pronto.


I didn't write yesterday because I was in a piss ass mood and frankly didn't feel like sharing it with anyone. I might add that it really chaps my ass when people don't return their fucking emails. Really.

It's damn hot today, and was even worse yesterday. Bad enough that I didn't sleep for shit last night, well there was more to that; but I'll elaborate in a moment. Anyway, it was about eleventy billion degrees in our bedroom. DAMN.HOT. I even turned my little fan on, and I never do that. The other reason I couldn't sleep was because our houseguest has been sleeping with the sliding glass door open, which normally is fine, we didn't mind etc. But then with the news stories of home invasion burglaries lately, that x-box murder case in Florida where people were beaten as they slept, and even the weirdo freak who has been breaking into people's homes and raiding their fridges... I was tense. So tense that I didn't get ANY decent sleep until Aaron shut the slider for me this morning. I feel bad because I know it gets hot out there too, but damn... I cannot relax knowing that door is open. I told Aaron I worry that some freak will come and cut the screen, kill our houseguest, then come and kill us. Then the cats will get out. I know, a little dramatic but still.

I am wracking my brain over what to bring to dinner on Thurs. Mom is making fried chicken and pasta salad, and my favorite ranch and bacon suddenly salad. I want to bring something but I don't know what. I was thinking a green salad but eh.

We didn't do much over the weekend, because well, no money=no fun. Well, we did go see the blue angels on sunday, and then watched the races at Karen and uncle Gary's. We also attended an engagement bbq Saturday afternoon. That was pretty cool; seeing some girls from high school that I haven't seen in too long. Talk turned to our 10 year reunion and holy crap; that's NEXT SUMMER. Damn. Where did the last 10 years go?

The guys at work listen to (motherfucking) sports radio ALL DAY LONG. I am so sick and tired of hearing about Edgar Martinez's retirement. AGGGGHHHHH!

This is the shot on the front page; cracks me up.

Four of the six jets that have graced our skyline the last few days.

They flew pretty low, a couple of flyby's that scared the shit out of us, as you can't hear them until they are over your head. AWESOME!

Me and the sweet boy who bought me an ice cream bar. (he's the debil.)

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