Friday, August 13, 2004


I am so fucking tired today. We had such a good time at mom and dad's that we didn't end up leaving till almost 10:30. Then I had to get gas or I wasn't going to make it to work and that means we got home, in bed around 11:15 but I wasn't tired. So I watched a bit of tv, and the last time I looked at the clock it was 11:45. I am beat. The alarm went off at 10 to 5 and there was NO WAY IN HELL that I was going to make it to the gym. Oh fucking well. I also had a nightmare and I think that's also why I'm tired. Bah.

Dinner was goood, and so was the company. I had such a good time visiting with Amy and Kelly and Matt, even though you barely heard two peeps out of him. Kylie is so freakin' funny, she got a belated birthday present from my parents and it was one of those treasure chests with 4 or 5 disney princess costumes inside. She changed in and out of them over and over and it was damn cute. She also is obsessed with Jessica Simpson (she used to pronounce it Jessissa Swimsuit... heh) and does a rousing rendition of 'Take My Breath Away'. Hee! When we go camping next weekend, Matt and Kel won't be able to come out until Saturday, so I think I'll pick Kylie up either Thursday night or Friday morning, and we'll take her when we go on Friday. I'm excited!

Other than that, not much else is new; glad to see the comments from yesterday's entry. I had Aaron laughing at some of the stuff so hard, he needed a tissue because his eyes were watering. I love that. Maybe I'll get the one on my ma done next week. Of course I realize that this stuff is probably only hilarious to us; but still, the fact that anyone gets a kick out of it is enough for me to want to do another one.


1. What is the worst weather you have ever experienced?

Hmm... It would have to be the minimal snow we get here; it makes driving hard because people are idiots and don't use their heads. Any time it snows in seattle people's brains turn to mush.

2. There are a series of hurricanes heading towards the continental US right now. Authorities have issued mandatory evacuations for several areas, yet some people are refusing to budge. Do you think it is right that the police are allowed to make arrests in this case? Do you think you should be allowed to stay with your property?

I don't know if it's 'right'. I guess if you are breaking the law then you need to be arrested. I don't know the logistics if they don't vacate, I mean, can they sue anyone for their house getting blown to bits and losing aunt pearl in the hurricane? It's hard, because I don't have any experience. Yes, I live in earthquake country but it's not the same as living in a place that is repeatedly targeted by storms. I guess the short answer is... uh, I don't know.

3. "Poaching" has been described as the act of intentionally pursuing an individual in an already committed relationship. Have you ever poached? Would you ever poach?

No I have not. And I don't know if I would or not. Relationship or marriage... because marriage, no. But if they were just dating... probably not there either, I'm not a skank after all.

4. Who should be blamed? (The person who poaches (home wrecker)? Or the mate who strays?)

It takes two to tango. THESE QUESTIONS SUCK BY THE WAY.

5. Are certain people "fair weather friends" ? Or deep down, are we all fair weather friends to someone in our lives?

Yes, I've had more than my share of these ... I don't think I've been one to any, but I don't consider myself a flake either. But even those certain fairweather friends can leave you high and dry. Try planning a wedding and you'll see who your real friends are.

Ashley and Travis last night

Dad shows off his new choppers

Lori is dazed, but not confused. I'll probably get my ass chewed for posting this, so comment on how pretty she is!

Kylie is a bathing beauty

I thought she was especially adorable with the sunglasses on.

Kylie in her belle outfit, but I think that's a crown for one of the other outfits. She came up to me with all the jewelery on and said "look at all my boo-tifull jewelllerrrry." heh.

Have a good weekend!

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