Monday, August 16, 2004


I have a headache, I've had this headache for like... two days now. I'M.TIRED.OF.IT.

We had a great weekend. Friday night found us at dinner with some friends. Our friend James is a great cook, we ate soooo good that night. The bread was out of this world. Of course, I'm a bread FREAK so, you know... I ate a lot. He cut up some sourdough and some other kind; I can't remember the name, then we buttered it, added some grated romano cheese a touch of salt and some infused olive oil... can you say heaven? Can you say no wonder I fucking gained two pounds this weekend? The pasta dish was heavenly too, some complicated recipe from the food network. I have to give props to James because damn, most of their easy recipes are hard for me. I tried Emeril's peanut butter fudge and instead made peanut butter soup. Bah.

Also, that kitten that I fell in love with there, that I wanted to bring home and name peanut? She slept on her back in my arms like an infant for the better part of two hours. Never once attempting to get down. Slept. I love that kitten. I also had an awesome time with James' girlfriend, she is soo nice. We sat and chatted and chatted and chatted forever.

Saturday morning I got my ass to the gym, and then shopped for a few essentials. When Aaron got home I made an apple pie and watched some of the Newlyweds marathon on Tv. Then we headed out to his brother's house for an impromptu bbq, I crocheted the better part of a baby blanket and enjoyed myself visiting with my future mother in law. Brandi was there, is off her crutches (albeit admittedly against dr's orders) but is doing so good. It amazes me how quickly the human body can overcome such trauma. She's still wearing the guardian angel necklace that my dad gave her, I thought that was pretty cool. Aaron was so funny hanging out with his brother; they were playing video games and Julie (future sister in law) and I marveled at how they were like little kids.

Sunday morning I went to the gym again, then Aaron took me out to lunch at the Olive Garden. It's a good thing he did too, I was hungry and grumpy and fired up about the two bad eggs in the wedding party. I think it's because I was hungry and grumpy that it was bothering me so much, but I had to stifle the urge to send an email to the bridesmaid offering to buy back her dress... though I still might offer it in person if I'm feeling so inclined. Truthfully it bugs the SHIT out of me even now, I get so mad I want to do something to hurt them back even more, but that's below me. I'm an adult now. I'm an adult now. I'm an adult now. *sigh* I still want to kick the groomsman in the nuts so fucking hard his goddamn uncle feels it and her.. I just don't even know. I guess knowing that they both are jealous as hell and that's what is fueling this is going to have to be enough. (I'm an adult now. I'm an adult now. I'm an adult now.)

After lunch we went to half price books and dammit, the book I bought at barnes and noble for FIFTEEN bucks was only five there. Bah. We also went to Impress and the Paper zone for rubber stamps to beautify the envelopes for the invitations and thank you cards. I also got the rsvp post cards printed (THANK YA JESUS) and today will go to the post office and buy the stamps for both. I should probably look up what stamps are out there before I get there and stare blankly into the intimidating clerk's face and end up with a roll of american flag stamps. Then we went home and Aaron said "how about we go for a swim?" I went to investigate to see if the pool was open, because it was suspiciously quiet.

Could it be? Could it possibly BE?

An empty pool? No heathens not being watched by their parents doing cannonballs into the pool? I ran back to the apartment, changed, grabbed the goggles and beach ball (because I'm 9) and raced back to the pool. *sigh* only to find that there were two kids there, one of whom WAS.NOT.FOLLOWING.THE.NO-JUMPING RULE. and within 10 minutes we were invaded by a family with like 6 kids. They all held hands and jumped in and you know, maybe I'm getting old and no fun whatever. But I am just as entitled to fun swim time, without getting kicked or tidal waves over my face because 6 giant children just jumped in at once. WHEN THE FUCKING SIGN CLEARLY STATES NO JUMPING! Gah. I actually snapped at the mother "you know, there are other people in the pool too, and the sign does say no jumping. I'm getting kicked over here." She said something to her kids, but I was still disgruntled. ARG.

Have I mentioned that i have a headache?

We were at Michael's and they had these headband - costume things. I tried the puppy dog one and Aaron did the cat.

This amuses me greatly. Not as much as Aaron in the cat one, but well... I asked if I could post it and his reply was "I'm gonna have to go with... noooo."

My mom and dad will get a kick out of this. Ben fell in love with a shoebox again. He will let you carry him anywhere in it, and doesn't particularly give a shit.

"pleathe... pleathe jutht put me down... I don't yike heightth."

Then he let out a horrendous belch.. ok, maybe it was a yawn. But it smelled like a belch. Ick.

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