Tuesday, August 03, 2004


I'm in a Tuesday fog today. Nothing too much to report. Yesterday I went and applied for a passport, there goeth 85 bucketh. Aaron needs to get his birth certificate and then he'll apply too, but since we have to get one from NEBRASKA, and I'M A DUMBASS and forgot the photo copies of his license we can't even do that until tomorrow.

Lori and Ashley came over last night and we sat around playing Dr. Mario for a bit. I caught half of 'Growing Up Gotti' before I fell asleep... dayam. That woman looks like she's in her 50's and is only 38? Also, I would beat the hell out of her kids if I was her. I said to Aaron the other day "Maybe we should name our first son Carmine." Without even looking up he replied "The big Ragu?" I just about choked I was giggling so bad.

Sorry it's so short, but I have nothing... NOTHING to share.

oh yeah, before I go, today is Someone's birthday. I think she should know she shares a birthday with someone else of high esteem...


That's right, Ben is 8 years old today. (I had to photoshop that picture because as lame as I am about some things, I just couldn't bring myself to make him wear a hat and pose again. This pic is from several years ago.) I adopted ben in October, when he was 12 weeks old. He was a cute little bugger.

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