Friday, August 27, 2004


Yeah. I suck. In lieu (again) of content, let me dump the remains of my picture folder on you. Also; I have been wedding busy lately. Got almost all the supplies for the programs, have started mapping them out in Word ... um, PAINFUL. I booked the hotel room for my sister and I for the night before the wedding... LOTS of stuff!

Friday Fiver

1. Have you been watching the 2004 Summer Olympics?

Only when I remember that it's on.

2. What are your favorite sports (Olympic or otherwise)?

Olympic - gymnastics, swimming, diving, synchronized swimming... that's about it.
Non Olympic - baseball, figure skating

3. Do you follow a specific team or athlete?


4. Is there any sport that you think should be removed/added from the Olympics?

Not really... I don't know enough about all the sports to say.

5. Paul Hamm, Morgan Hamm or Mia Hamm?



Heather and Wes. When I met Heather I was 14. Wes was a year old. Wes is now about to be a sophomore in high school. ugh, I feel old.

Lori and Seth

Even though she's grubby as hell from camping, I like this picture of her.

Lori got mouthy and then there was grab ass to be had.

I can just hear my dad ... "NO GRABASS IN THE TENT!"

Good mornin!

Magesty is such a good dog, she sat with that cookie on her nose for a while before she finally was given the go ahead to eat it.

These signs were everywhere and sort of made me laugh. Tsunami? In WASHINGTON? Oh well, I guess we're prepared.

Travis' ingenious mattress plan.

Seth, me, Aaron and Matt at breakfast the next morning.

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