Wednesday, August 18, 2004


Man, it's been a busy week. Sorry for no entry yesterday but shit has just been crazy. Monday night I spent like 4 hours addressing invitations, and I only got through about 40 of them. I am so OCD about it, I keep stressing that I'm leaving one of the various enclosures out.

Last night Lori came over for dinner and then we zipped down to Target to get a camp stove and then over to Michael's (WHERE THEY ARE STILL OUT OF RED ROSE PETALS DAMMIT.) Then home. I got approximately 8 invitations done yesterday. I'm a page and 1/4 into my 3 page guest list. This should be FUN! Nah, I kid. It's really not that bad. I actually kind of enjoy it.

Tonight Aaron and I have a date with the storage compartment, we will be digging out all the camping shit we can find for our trip this weekend. We are going to the Ocean, and I can't wait! It'll be Lori and Seth, Ashley and Travis, Heather and Sean, Matt and Kelly (and kylie!) and Aaron and I. Lori and I were concerned with eating lots of shitty food (chips, cookies, candy, smores, more cookies...) so we bought a camp stove. The plan is currently to have pancakes and french toast for breakfast... tell me how that's healthier than cookies and chips. TELL ME?! I think I'll be enjoying my egg beaters and maybe one or two pieces of sausage. If I'm good.

I am notorious for overpacking, so I'm a bit worried that I will be bringing too much. The last time we packed up for a camp trip we had the entire bed of aaron's truck almost overflowing with gear. This time we are taking my honda and will have a child in a car seat in the back... space is what you might call limited. He does have some tie downs though, so if you see a shitty gold hatchback (that now runs like a dream thanks to Aaron and my Uncle Gary!) going down SR 109 with a large blue rubbermaid container strapped to the top with red tiedowns, wave and honk. It'll be us. Yee haw!

Lastly, this must be (and I'm blatantly stealing this title from Jenny) Wedding Shit Wednesday, because it's all that I can think about. I went up to Microsoft today and met a girl who I've been emailing from the knot messageboards and she sold me 16 boxes of icicle lights for 27 bucks. 27 bucks people! That's damn good! And they all work! Even better! Hot diggity!

Molly shuns my kisses


Asa shares the love with Ben

Asa's crazy face

He almost looks ferocious

Mr. Pathetic makes it known that he's miserably hot

But not too hot to yawn

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