Thursday, August 12, 2004


Before I get to the entry, I want to wish Bibby Lou the bestest birthday ever. Even though he's all the way over in Sweden, I miss you man, and you suck because you are only coming for a month, but you rock because you'll be here for the wedding! I know we are adults now, it's hard to not think of you coming and spending the summers anymore. I can't wait to see you and introduce you to Aaron! I hope you still come to this website or this mssg is pointless! :-)

Because I've done one of these for Lori and also one for Ashley, I thought I'd do one for Aaron. I was originally going to do one on my mom, but I'm still working on it. So here you go... All the fun/weird/admirable/quirky stuff about the future Mr. Allison Polenske.

1. His middle name is Russel, after his paternal grandpa.
2. If you plug his nose he will go into a panic and freak out. When you say “Breathe through your mouth” he will yell “I can’t!!!!” Even though he so totally can. He also doesn't respond well when you just plug one side of his nose..."I can't breathe!!!!!!!!!"
3. He likes things to match. Socks to outfits, underwear sets, bedding, dishware you name it. If it matches, he likey.
4. He created the nickname ‘Pansy Wartface’. Now we sit at home and have conversations that go something like:
Aaron: Tom Cruise is in that new movie Collateral.
Allison: I hate Tom Cruise. He’s such a dick.
Aaron: Yeah. What a pansy-wartface.
Allison: Totally.
5. If we are playing around and he hurts me he’ll make me laugh by mocking me saying “aww did I huwt yo widdo feewings?” Then I usually get mad and pinch him.
6. He
7. He has a tattoo on his right upper arm/shoulder
8. He is a pisces
9. He eats no vegetables. When I say no vegetables I mean, occasionally he’ll take a bite of salad at the Old Spaghetti Factory, but never without making a face, and he doesn’t ever enjoy it. I had to beg him to try zucchini bread.
10. He only likes fuji apples. Red apples are too soft, green apples are too sour and the rest just suck.
11. He does the dinner dishes every single night. When I complain about cooking all the time he says “ok, but you have to do the dishes if I cook.” My answer? “nevermind!”
12. His pancakes are out of this world though. Really.
13. His beer of choice at the moment is Icehouse.
14. All of his aunts and uncles on his mom’s side call him Russ (middle name is Russel.) A few of his aunts even call him Russy-Pussy (pronounced so they rhyme, not like female parts.)
15. He won’t wear jean shorts.
16. He won’t wear sandals.
17. He dreams of fixing up his fiero like a race car.
18. He is part Chippewa Indian. (I think... I always get it wrong.)
19. He is a movie buff, and owns probably over 300 dvd’s … there would be more but we’re paying for a wedding don’tcha know.
20. He is also big into cars and computers and built my mom’s computer and our own as well.
21. He will do anything for anyone to help them out without a thought as to if it inconveniences him. By far the most generous and hospitable person I’ve ever met in my life.
22. I can always tell when he’s getting ready to get off the phone because he’ll say “welllll, hellllllll….”
23. His favorite fast food is a Junior Bacon Cheeseburger from Wendy’s with no lettuce or tomato, fries, and a dr. pepper.
24. If you take a picture of him with his glasses on he will cut you.
25. He does an AWESOME impression of Asa… scooting up to you with butt in the air wanting his ass scratched. (Asa, not Aaron…heh.) But if asked, he will pretend he doesn't know what you are talking about; impression? I don't know no stinkin' impressions!
26. He does an impression of what Ben would sound like if he spoke that sends me into fits of giggles. If Ben is sitting on my lap and maybe the fan is in his face Aaron will pretend to be Ben "um, there'th... there'th air blowing on my fathe... um, could you make it thtop? It'th reawwy bothering my delicate nathal pathageth."
27. He has been at his current job for 10 years.
28. He’s a brand name whore when it comes to ibuprofen. If it doesn’t say Advil, it probably doesn’t work.
29. He won’t eat tartar sauce because “there’s green things in it”.
30. He doesn’t particularly care for Mexican food, but because it’s my favorite will take me to Azteca whenever I please.
31. He gets along with everyone.
32. He’s not much of a sports nut, but won’t turn down tickets for baseball or football.
33. He loves him some Mary Stuart Masterson and some Drew Barrymore.
34. If I make a disparaging comment about the way I look he pinches me. HARD.
35. He pines for laser eye surgery.
36. His glasses (that he only wears after he takes his contacts out before bedtime and upon waking up) are missing the arm on the right side. I keep threatening to break off the other arm, and glue a popsicle stick in it's place so he has to hold them up like opera glasses or a masquerade mask.
37. He is partial to Pontiac.
38. Garlic Butter Ritz crackers are the bomb, according to Aaron.
39. He will pick out the bits of mushroom if I cook with cream of mushroom soup.
40. He doesn't much care for spicy food, and doesn't exactly find it funny if I say it's not spicy and he takes a bite, only to discover that uh, yes it fucking is spicy. heh.
41. He doesn't care for hard liquor.
42. He was born in Nebraska but lived his first few years in Iowa.
43. He wanted to name Molly: Bianca Titticaca.
44. He lets me get away with murder.
45. He once let me draw tattoos on his chest/belly ... well, ok he was sleeping but instead of getting mad, he was amused that he had 'thug life' tattooed across his chest, as well as a forty pouring out some for his homies above his navel.
46. He speaks to the cats as if they are human "oh, sorry asa." "dude, you can't sit up there, NOONE sits on the printer!" "what? Why are you staring at me like that?"
47. He used to have about a zillion car/playboy/guy magazines. Luckily I've gotten him to scale back the collection to a million and a half.
48. He's an ebay junkie... doesn't buy much but surfs it a lot.
49. I can tell when he's getting testy or trying to make a point in a discussion because his upper lip does this twitch thing, and he forms his words differently; kind of pushing his nose and his upper lip out.
50. He is utterly and completely unable to flare his nostrils on command. However, point a camera at him and it's immediate. (I might actually get my ass kicked for that one.)
51. He loves his brother and sister more fiercely than you know.
52. He has had a few incidents in where he has come dangerously close to bad luck, but good luck ends up prevailing... the bike accident where he could have broken his damn neck, but instead sprained his wrist, the time his truck got stuck in the middle of the night while he tried to find his family's camp spot and when it got light out he saw that he was thisclose to going off the side of the cliff. Hence the name of his website
53. He is the nicest guy you'll ever meet.
54. He puts up with a lot when it comes to me, and still wants to marry me.
55. He helps out with the housework without being asked. (SCORE!)
56. He prefers Aquafresh tooth paste.
57. He doesn't care for the taste of coffee.
58. He's a muffin freak like me.
59. He maintains that he doesn't dance, but when we go out, if there's a dancefloor; he dances.
60. He doesn't care if I fart or belch, and when I do and (heh, apologize) he'll go "good one".
61. He's the most awesomest guy ever and I'm damn lucky for finding him.

Ben looks wiley...

apparently he is!

Ben looks very scholarly

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