Tuesday, August 31, 2004


We are meeting with our officiant tonight, who is also a family friend of sorts. Not one my parents call up to come watch the hydros or anything, but he started out as my dad's chiropractor long before dad's stroke. I was treated there for a while and after dad's stroke he's been coming to the house to adjust dad; an all around nice guy. Anyhoo, dad had asked him way back in October or November if he'd be our officiant and he said yes. Now I gotta figure out the polite way to ask if he's charging us. I don't assume that he isn't, as that is never smart... maybe I should just point blank say 'Ok, what is your fee again?' Ack. I hate moments like that though.

In other news I have YET ANOTHER MOTHERFUCKING HEADACHE. I would say I've had one every single day for the past 2 weeks straight. I don't think I'm actively stressing out about anything... I don't know, I feel pretty content... I am sort of FREAKING THE FUCK OUT about my wedding dress not fitting. We don't know that it won't but uh... I'm not losing weight. It's just not happening. Doesn't mean it won't, but it's not happening thus far. I'm going to keep trying to get my ass out of bed in the morning, but it's hard sometimes. I need to figure out how to conjure up this fear first thing in the morning, and maybe that'll help. Anyhoo, today I googled 'daily headache' and came up with a plethora of things... but when I saw this graphic:

I knew it was right. Good ol' tension headache. How I've missed ye. I used to get these fuckers all the time in high school; they are a bit different now, as before they only hurt at the base of my skull and top of my neck. Now it's the forehead action too. Sucks. I think it might also be my vision, but I guess we'll see.

I had a nightmare this morning that Asa and Molly got outside and I couldn't find them. I woke up with tears on my face... I think I was more sad about Asa, but don't tell Molly. That bitch will cut me. Also, lest you think Aaron and I have no self control, we were offered that widdle baby kitty that I fell in love with and wanted to name it peanut on Sunday... and we turned her down. Ok, Aaron turned her down. I guess HE has the self control. At least I have someone to be cat crazy with I guess. He actually wants to get two kittens when we move to a house, and I said "babe, that's like ... 5 cats." He didn't see anything wrong with that... now that's my kind of people. ;-)

Asa wants you to know he leads a miserable existence.

Look away or he'll hipnotize you with those eyes...

This is what you get when you leave your camera alone with my sister.

Monday, August 30, 2004


I believe I've had a headache EVERY.SINGLE.DAY for the past 10 days. FUN. I'm trying to cut back on the excedrine, because really; you don't need that much running through your veins all the time. Not only that, but I've cycled my way through various medicines for headaches, and it's to the point where that's the only stuff that works. Not cool. I bought some tylenol today and I'm drinking a diet coke with it for the caffeine effect. Hopefully it'll help.

That weekend just flew by didn't it? Friday night, we went down to a friend's house and had dinner, then ended up at Winco at like midnight doing our grocery shopping. That place is the shits in some aspects but is the shits in others. For example, shopping there during the day on a weekend.... you might as well put a gun in your mouth; it's not a fun experience. You are battling a million other tightwads with shopping carts and about a bizillion snotty nosed kids running amok. Shopping there at night? about 90% less people, but now you are battleing the surly stock people. People who stack the aisles tall and wide with boxes, and who don't particularly give a shit if you are trying to reach the spaghetti sauce. Dicks.

Saturday morning I was supposed to meet with a trainer at the gym, but totally overslept, and so I spent the morning cleaning and then went down to get my makeup done at the MAC counter. I thought it would be a good idea, try out a new look (all in hopes of looking my best for the wedding.) It started out badly, and went downhill from there. They couldn't find my name on their appointment register and when I insisted that I had called the previous Monday it was gently implied that perhaps I was mistaken. Or had called a different store. No Fuckwad. I called Tukwila. Because they were doing a 'product launch', there were scads of people everywhere, and of course they were just 'booked solid'. After standing for about 5 minutes, with pursed lips and my arms folded I was told they'd fit me in in a half hour. Fine. Whatever. So I went down the The Bon, did what I had to do there, came back and the trendy gal who I instantly hated told me that 'oopsy, you were on the book the whole time, she just couldn't read the handwriting.' Lovely. They hooked me up with a freelance makeup artist named Rainy. She was blonde and curly, thin and pretty... but had some odd colors on her face and if there is one cardinal rule I tend to follow when allowing someone to do my makeup... it's that if the person looks like a fucking clown they probably will make your face up to look like one too.

Luckily, I didn't leave looking like a clown. However, I did have some issues. I could tell about halfway in that she wasn't doing my makeup in a way that I was going to like. She layered and layered and layerd about 50lbs of eyeshadown in dark colors on my lids forever. I had told her I was going for a warm, neutral look on my eyes... nothing with yellow undertones because I look sallow in yellow. Apparently she took that nugget of information and decided I'd look just stunning in glittery gold shit, as that was smeared all over my lids. When I initially saw what she was doing, I started having a small panic attack. The kind when you are fighting tears thinking "this looks bad, this looks bad, oh God, this looks bad. She's not doing this right, is she BLIND? Oh my God, this is so not how I wanted this to turn out..." and so on. I kept wanting to say, "here, let ME do it." but then I rationalized that this was just a saturday, nothing big and I could wash it off at home.

Basically, my one rule in applying eye makeup is that it should blend into the rest of my face. I don't want severe lines where the makup starts and stops. I had brown and gold smeared from lid to eyebrown in the space from the outside of my eye to the inside of the bridge of my nose. It was not subtle. It did not blend. I was NOT.HAPPY. I also do not know how to criticize diplomatically so I kept my mouth shut, paid for my purchases and high tailed it out of there. I wish I had a better picture but here is the nastiness that is the gold eyeshadow.

Yeah. The picture doesn't really do it justice. OH! And she outlined my lips OUTSIDE of my actual lips with liner and filled it all in. DO I NOT HAVE BIG LIPS ALREADY YOU DUMB BITCH? Seriously. I looked like Ronald Fucking Mcdonald. UGH.

Anyway, I redid my makeup with some new colors I had purchased and got this:

I like my job much better. Anyhoo, then Troy and Holly came over for dinner and we all sat around and chit chatted. I crocheted like a motherfucker this weekend... I had purchased a cute little onesie for a cousin's baby (said cousin has MANY tattoos all over his arms and well, self) and the onesie said 'My daddy has more tattoos than your daddy." I thought it was cute, well that was like 3 weeks ago when she was already a week old and today I got an email saying that they wouldn't be shipping my order for like 8 more weeks. FUCK THAT. So I demanded a refund and if I work my ass off tonight I might be able to finish one of the blankets I started this weekend and I'll mail that shit off this week.

I leave you with the sweetest picture of my weekend, Aaron and Ben all snuggled up. I could just bite them both, they're so cute.

Friday, August 27, 2004


Yeah. I suck. In lieu (again) of content, let me dump the remains of my picture folder on you. Also; I have been wedding busy lately. Got almost all the supplies for the programs, have started mapping them out in Word ... um, PAINFUL. I booked the hotel room for my sister and I for the night before the wedding... LOTS of stuff!

Friday Fiver

1. Have you been watching the 2004 Summer Olympics?

Only when I remember that it's on.

2. What are your favorite sports (Olympic or otherwise)?

Olympic - gymnastics, swimming, diving, synchronized swimming... that's about it.
Non Olympic - baseball, figure skating

3. Do you follow a specific team or athlete?


4. Is there any sport that you think should be removed/added from the Olympics?

Not really... I don't know enough about all the sports to say.

5. Paul Hamm, Morgan Hamm or Mia Hamm?



Heather and Wes. When I met Heather I was 14. Wes was a year old. Wes is now about to be a sophomore in high school. ugh, I feel old.

Lori and Seth

Even though she's grubby as hell from camping, I like this picture of her.

Lori got mouthy and then there was grab ass to be had.

I can just hear my dad ... "NO GRABASS IN THE TENT!"

Good mornin!

Magesty is such a good dog, she sat with that cookie on her nose for a while before she finally was given the go ahead to eat it.

These signs were everywhere and sort of made me laugh. Tsunami? In WASHINGTON? Oh well, I guess we're prepared.

Travis' ingenious mattress plan.

Seth, me, Aaron and Matt at breakfast the next morning.

Thursday, August 26, 2004


I would've posted yesterday, but I ended up needing to leave work early as I had a bladder infection come out of nowhere. The doc said it was a mild case, so I must be a first class pansy wartface because I couldn't sit still it hurt so bad. Luckily I got the forbidden antibiotics and am now feeling much better. Because I couldn't really sit still I didn't do much on the computer when I got home, and insted baked about 10 (mini) loaves of banana bread. Some with nuts, some with chocolate chips. I even substituted splenda for sugar and whole wheat flour for regular flour. If I'd had egg beaters I'd have used those instead of eggs too; but ran out. The kind with nuts is fat free, and I used splenda for that too; so it's sugar free. I'm all about the healthy way these days.

While I'm thinking about it; I have been working these past few evenings very diligently on a recipe blog; and it's finally ready. As if I don't have enough to do in my spare time, I took on this project. ah, well, it went fast. You can find it HERE. I'll link it on the main page and probably in my sidebar too. Be sure to let me know what you think if you try any of them out!

Hmmm... I did brag a little bit yesterday over in the wedding diary. We got our first gift!

I still have a lot of camping pics, so here's more...

Have I mentioned that it rained like a motherfucker? So bad that we made kylie wear a trash bag that I'd poked holes in, and I wore one too? So bad that as I was cooking pancakes for everyone, I could hear the water hitting the griddle and zapping up? So bad that I had Aaron put a screaming Kylie in the car (screaming because the umbrella I made her hang onto wasn't helping with the gale force winds and she DID.NOT.WANT.TO wear that blasted trashbag.) because it was the only place left that wasn't soaking wet. So bad that the legs of my pants were soaked completely through as if I'd been out swimming in the ocean. Yeah. Bad. That's the shelter that Lori's boyfriend Bought when we all gave up and went into Ocean Shores to get out of the rain. The bowling alley was packed, and Aaron had to come back to seattle to work for a few hours; so after running into them at the Ace Hardware store, looking for an easy up; we determined that Kylie and I would go with Seth and Laurie to Aberdeen to the Walmart and see a man about a shelter. This fucker saved us. And oh, what a pain in the ass to put together. Especially when one piece was broken already. But it worked!

This is the shelter that Lori bought so we could cook without getting soaked. I bought that tarp and another HUGE one to go around the other shelter. Both of those shelters saved us and allowed us to all cram in and hang out. It was pretty fun.

Aaron and I conserving space. Only a few of us had to double up; it would have been fine, except two of our chairs were completely soaked.

Point a camera at her, and this is what you get. ;-P

Kelly, Matt and Kylie try to stay dry

My sister is a class act, no?

Heather and Sean huddle close for warmth

Travis made a friend this weekend... he kept having her call him Rick James. I took her to the potty at one point and she said "Rick is funny!" I said "Rick who?" She just looked at me confused until I realized and said "yep, he sure is."

See? They were buds. She literally had not been in his lap for more than a minute or two before passing out.

Insert obvious joke about Travis eating weiners here. Heh.

Oh yeah, and I sent the announcement off today, Picture B won! Thanks for voting!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Before I begin, I just wanted to add my 2 cents to the whole journalcon recap debacle 2004! I notice how some people high in the ranks of the planning of J'con after J'con seem to get damn defensive and more uppity than usual when they are bashed by people who feel snubbed. Then when other people weigh in, they too are attacked whether they attended or not. Let me say this: I did not attend, automatically that means my opinion is irrelevant to those uppity ups. However, I would think that if you are going to spend a lot of time and effort pulling something like J'con off, you would put just as much time and effort into going out of your way to make people feel welcome. I'm not just talking about one person here either. Perhaps a committee is necessary, or a panel of people who can welcome those who haven't been to J'con before, or rewelcome those who have been.

I mean seriously folks, this seems to come up A LOT the last few years about people who feel it's too clique-y, and when scathing reports of J'con are posted... some of the organizers feel the need to rip those who criticize new assholes. How about being proactive instead of defensive? Make sense much? Take some of that redundant bullshit you post and repost in guestbooks wherein you pass the buck, and attempt to make positive changes? GAH. This is what makes people not want to go. GET A CLUE!]

Ok, onto bigger and better things... I need your help! I am going to be posting a picture with our wedding announcement in the local paper and don't know which one to choose. Since it's likely that a lot of my old high school mates will see it I want to make sure I look crazy hot. And if not crazy hot, well then at least thin. Which one do you like best?

Picture A

Picture B

Picture C

Picture D

Which picture do you like better for our Wedding announcement?


Free polls from Pollhost.com

More camping pictures...

We were STARVING when Lori, Seth, Travis and Ash got there, so I got on the stick and started up some rice-a-roni, fried potatoes and scrambled eggs. mmmmm. Travis made fried potatoes the next night, and Seth grilled some onions, and they put me to shame. TO SHAME!

Kylie sits with her ghetto pail and shovel and peruses Aaron's car magazine.

Aaron's end table.. it worked quite well!


Me and Kylie ham it up

Since it was raining the next morning Ash unzipped the tunnel and she and travis and Aaron, Kylie and I hung out together while we waited for the sprinkles to stop.

We had woken up at 6:30, so Kylie and I went into town to get shampoo and conditioner and some diaper pins to dig out my sliver (oh, and a MUCH needed coffee!) and when we got back it was all muddy outside from the dewy mist that had settled in the night before. I set her up with some crayons and a color book and she eventually passed back out.

Aaron and Wes roast some marshmallows... the spots are from the mist ... it was really thick.

we got into a bit of trouble for this fire... it was taller than most of us, and you could definitely see it from way over by the bathrooms.

More tommorrow, hopefully my sister will upload her pictures too. (HINT, HINT, LORI!)

Monday, August 23, 2004


I'm bone fucking tired. It rained all weekend... we had fun, but I am sick of feeling soggy. As it is, we packed up wet blankets, two wet tents, wet clothes, muddy tarps... you name it. So on my lunchbreak I hosed down the tarps and hung them over the upstairs railing (of our garage) and set up the tents up there to dry out. Go me! In lieu of a real entry, I think I'll just post some pics and share the details behind them.

We were stuck in traffic for something like 2 hours in a spot where it shouldn't have taken more than about 20 minutes to get through. All because there was a patch of grass on the freeway that had caught fire. Oh how I hate the looky-loo.

Finally! We're here!

Our cool tent; it's attached to the smaller one with a tunnel. Aaron and Kylie and I had the big one and then Ashley and Travis had the smaller one.

Our beds all made up, we were completely set up within the first hour of getting there.

Fifteen minutes after getting there Kylie decided to play in the fire pit. She thought she was in trouble here, Aaron and I thought it was totally funny.

Lori made this cake for Ashley's birthday and brought it down, it was DAYAM good.

The ghetto pail and shovel set. I looked all around, as did lori for sand toys for Kylie, but couldn't find ANY. Heather found them in the first store she went to at Ocean Shores. Until then though, Kylie made do with an empty beer bottle and plastic spoons.

Aaron is relieved to have camp set up

Kylie was upset over something, (I can't remember) and Heather gave her the job of walking her dog Magesty.

Magesty, hanging out. Heather and Sean brought two dogs, Toby and Magesty, and they were the coolest dogs ever. They weren't all up in your face, and weren't into licking you to death or jumping on you... very laid back dogs. So cool.

more pics tommorrow!