Friday, July 30, 2004


I am in a great motherfucking mood. It's friday, I have a lot of energy... I'm just happy and hot damn, it needs to happen more often!

Tonight Lori, Troy, Ashley and Holly are coming over to look over some of the wedding stuff I've purchased and help plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party. (Maybe even the bachelor party.) I am trying to think of fun games that I would want to play, I've come up with the purse scavenger hunt one, (a list of items that the person who has the most of wins... piece of gum, cell phone, tampon etc.) And then a quiz about Aaron and I... I want some games that are different, not the usual word scramble and stuff. Mom asked what kind of food I want and the one thing I know for sure is I WANT A COSTCO CAKE! :-D I've been craving costco cake so bad lately. Too bad the shower isn't until September.

We have a host of plans this weekend involving the wedding so hopefully it'll be productive. Wish us luck.

Friday Fiver (too lazy to link it)

You're stranded on an island.

Not a completely desolate island. More along the lines that the boat delivering supplies only comes once every six months and will never, ever take you home. Decide what you'll bring!

One celebrity:

hmmm... My first thought is of course Eminem, but I don't think I'd want to spend that time wondering what the attitude is for, so I think I'll go with Ben Affleck. I don't know why, but I just love him.

Two books:

I suppose I'd be doing a lot of praying to get me off that Island, so a bible and a copy of 'I know this much is true' by Wally Lamb.

Three edibles:

california rolls, a big ass container of Peanut butter cups and a big ass thing of fuji apples.

Four films:

*Dying Young *Boys on The Side *Pollyanna and *Ocean's Eleven

Five music albums:

*Eminem: The Eminem Show *Madonna: The Immaculate Collection *S&G: The best of Simon and Garfunkel *The Beatles: Number Ones *Red Hot Chili Peppers: By The Way

adrift on clouds of socks and undies

Reason number 1 why my pillow is covered in cat hair. GRO-DEE.

Molly sits on the side of the tub in wait for Asa to come and investigate. From there she'll jump out and scare the bejeesus out of him. It amuses me.

Thursday, July 29, 2004


I am watching Kerry at the DNC right now... have I mentioned that I heart him? How fucking refreshing is it to hear someone speak clearly and without a confused look on his face! Hot damn I'm all for inspiring speeches, that's what I miss about Bill Clinton. I used to watch the state of the union addresses simply because he was such a great speaker. Kerry's pretty good too... I am SO going to see him when they come back to Seattle.
this is my 500th post!!!! YAY!

and uh, I inquired to see how much it would be for a wedding planner to basically help out with the reception only... basically keep us on schedule and be in charge of the music. That's all... nothing else, no vendor contacts, no reception business...NOTHING. The price she gave me? $1,000. A grand. Can you believe that? For like 2 hours work? I told her that I thought that was outrageous, that I understand one has to make a living but 500 bucks an hour was absolutely, unequivocally OUT of my budget and that this was a wedding, not a coronation. Um... perhaps I'm in the wrong business. Am I being unreasonable here? All I want is someone who's going to make sure they play the right cd at the right time!


In the interest of honesty, I thought I'd mention that I've had an apple, two peaches, a few bites of watermelon, and a plum today (fruit wise)... with a big ass green salad slated for dinner I would say this spells trouble for my tummy. Ah well, fuck it. The peaches were so ripe and mushy... PERFECT.

Not too much to report today, didn't get to bed on time (what else is new), so I'm feeling a step behind everyone else today. I did tune in to watch the fantastic disaster known as 'Amish in The City'. To sum it up... it was pretty much what I figured it would be. This doesn't mean I was disappointed, but let's just say I wasn't expecting much. However, I'm sure I'll tune in again. I do enjoy a good trainwreck. I don't remember most of the names, but that fucker from Boston deserves a mighty kick to the crotch. What a fucking tool. Oh and the vegan chick too.

You know, there was once upon a time, that I was a vegetarian... but I never once scolded people or tried to make them feel bad for eating meat. I just didn't eat it because I don't like a lot of it. Big Fucking Deal. Freaky chick thinks that cows are from outer space... I kind of wanted to hit something every time she spoke. Anyway, so yeah. That's how I spent last night. That and Aaron and I decided that this weekend is 'ALL WEDDING ALL THE TIME'. We have big plans... picking out tuxes, purchasing invitations, buying a lot of frilly shit, registering for silver and china... pricing beer, hell we may even make it to the church to pay it off before Sunday Service if we're lucky. Big plans.

Kelly and Kylie over for dinner last Sunday.

Kylie was entertaining us here by being a tiger I think, she was growling and clawing at the air. Obviously, I was entertained.

Lori and Kylie hamming it up

Sweaty Aaron and Sweaty Allison at the Waterland Festival.

Sweaty Lori and Sweaty Allison at our favorite karaoke bar, trying not to look so sweaty.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Before I forget, there's a new entry up in the wedding diary.

Yeah, I'm sore. Sooooooo sore. So sore that I have to will myself to get up from a seated position. Getting out of bed this morning was no picnic, and getting out of the car was a freakin' nightmare. I'm fine when I'm up and walking and moving, but if I sit for longer than oh, 10 seconds I'm in trouble again. That damn workout tape will be the death of me someday.

Did you watch 'Trading Spouses' last night? I can't believe I'm admitting that I did, but damn, I love me some bad reality tv. You can bet your sweet bippy I'll be tuning in to Amish in the city. But back to the mom swap dealie, I wanted to slap that Tammy person so HARD. (The blonde lady)... I thought it was awesome that Mela (mee-la not AMELIA... gah, Tammy kept referring to her as Amelia and it was driving me NUTS.) gave the money to nana. I mean really, like Aaron kept saying "Dude, what the hell do they need 50 grand for anyway?" I thought it was cool that Tammy also divvied up the money in an acceptable way for her host family. I'd hate to see anyone get screwed who needed the money.

Aaron asked me if I'd ever do something like that, and the answer is HELL NO. Not for 50 grand, I don't care if it is only one week... I do NOT want to make nice and walk on eggshells around a family that I don't know from Adam. No way. However, if he wanted to do something like that and we got a new man of the house ... I might be talked into it, as long as the house was big enough so we weren't stepping on each others toes all the damn time.

Anyhoo, how bout some pics...

This is a shot of The Waterland Festival from the street up above, Aaron gets the credit for this photo.

That's Seth on the left, Lori and Travis. This was after Waterland, at our favorite Karaoke bar.

One of the photos I would have taken if I had remembered the CF card when we went to the game, instead Lori took this when she went on Sunday.

Lori and Seth at the M's game, I love this picture of them. You can't really tell here, but Seth is something like a foot and 2 inches taller than Lori.

Ashley and Lori on their way to the M's game

I might get my ass kicked for this, but since I doubt she ever reads this anyway, here's a lovely picture of Ashley. heh.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004


I have nothing here to report... absolute zilch. So instead, I'll leave you with a few pictures.

Lori and I with our plush roses we won at the balloon/dart game. This was down at Waterland last weekend.

Lori and Aaron get ready to toss some wiffle balls to win a prize. Aaron actually won something (that game is HARD.) and the guy held up two stuffed animals to choose from. Aaron looks at me and says 'Which one, Pooh or Tigger?" I scowled... "let's see, which one do I detest less?" Seriously. I motherfucking hate tigger and pooh. HATE. In case you were wondering, pooh won. But not by much.

Lori is getting a psychic reading here.

Monday, July 26, 2004


Before I forget, for Miranda in the guestbook, it's pronounced Ace-a... like Asa Bucannon on One Life to Live... he's not named for that dude or anything, but that's the only Asa I can think of. And also thanks to Bonkrood for pointing out that the links in the side bar were pointing to the .com address, I changed them and everything should be working now.

Man.  I had the hardest time waking up today.  I got up, stumbled out to the kitchen, and made coffee (I haven't had coffee in a week or more... it's just been too hot) and then sat in the living room in a daze for about 25 minutes.  I was completely out of it.  Last night we got to bed way too late... partly because after the cleaning mission I was on on Saturday, I was taken out and rewarded with Azteca for dinner, and then we went down to the Waterland festival on the Des Moines Marina.  I go every year, and every single year I see someone I know.  This year I saw someone I knew from afar, I didn't feel like going up and talking to her.  I used to work with her and she was a bit of an asshole, though never directly to me, just sort of abused her power as my lead.  Bitch.  Anyway, we had a grand ol time down there.  It was Aaron and I, Lori and Seth and Ashley and Travis. 

We talked Lori into going on the gravitron (you know that spaceship looking thing that spins so hard that you leave the floor?)  Lori was freaking out, as she doesn't enjoy the spinning rides so much.  I kept telling her what a breeze it is and how I would ride that sucker 100 times in a row before I'd ever set foot on the teacups again etc.  We finally get her in there and it starts to spin and um... I forgot how intense it can be.  I also forgot that the 'seats' (read: metal slider with a cushion on it that you lean against) slide up and down at will, for some reason I thought you could control it.  Anyway, my feet start to leave the floor and everyone elses seats go sliding up.  I wasn't feeling so good, so when Aaron grabbed my hand and tried to slide me up I slapped him away, heh.  Ain't I a peach?  Soon though my seat decided it was time and I went sliding up at mock 10, and slammed the top of my head (right in the fucking middle) into Aaron's elbow.  Yeah.  He felt so bad.  When the spinning stopped and I stumbled out of the fucking ride, I had a headache AND I was semi-nauseous.  Awesome.  It was ok though, it wore off pretty quickly. 

I found a booth selling the same line of jewelery I had eyed at the wedding show earlier this year.  They had  a necklace similar to the one I fell in love with before, for 20 bucks cheaper so I bought it.  I don't have a pic yet, but it's really pretty.  After Waterland we went up to the Karaoke bar we love and had a beer.  Then Lori, Seth and Travis came over and hung out till 3 in the morning.  (that line from Gin n' Juice just popped in my head ... 'we got bitches in the living room gettin it on and they ain't leavin' till 6 in the mornin'.)... anyhoo, we had a good time visiting with them and just hanging out, then Aaron and I crashed and when he went to work Sunday morning I ran some errands.  When I got home we hung out for a bit until Matt and Kelly and Kylie came over.

I decided to host a dinner party and invited Lori, Seth, Ashley and Travis too.  I made fried chicken, creamy pesto pasta, cut up watermelon and had a green salad as well.  We had a great time sitting around and chit chatting.  I love entertaining!  After everyone left we cleaned up the apartment and watched a movie.  *sigh* what a great weekend.  If not too short anyway.

You know, I don't even really like fried chicken, but ever since I made it, it's all I want to eat.  All I did was flower up the chicken and add a bit of salt and pepper, browned it in oil and then baked it... it's probably still pretty fatty though huh?  I'm craving it like you wouldn't fucking believe.

This is the only pic I got of Cassie in the parade... I know, I suck.

I got this pic of Cori (she's the one on the right)... you can't see it here very well, but her cheeks were so red, it was so freakin' hot that day, I cannot imagine having to march and dance and play an instrument.  I believe we broke a record for the heat here.

I love floats.  I have always wanted to help make one and then ride on one in a parade. 

a shot of the full marching band coming our way

This is my favorite drill team of all, they are the Chinese Girls Drill Team.  I love their costumes and the performances they give.

on the way home from the parade we passed a couple of kids with a folding table and a sign that said 'ICE COLD LEMONADE 25 CENTS'.  Being that it was like 110 degrees (slight exaggeration) we stopped, paid 2 bucks and got 2 cups, we let them keep the change because we are all about supporting the young entrepreneuer (sp?).  Lori and I did koolaid stands every summer, and if we made more than 5 bucks we were thrilled.

Lori enjoying the lemonade.

You can't tell, but I'm sweating like a hog in heat right here.  Incidentally, bad idea to wear a skirt in that heat.  BAAAAAD.

Saturday, July 24, 2004


The thermostat in our living room is reading over 90 degrees. Just thought you should know that.

Despite the heat I have been an uber busy bee today. Woke up damn early (7:30 am) and did two loads of laundry, as well as shave asa. Then we got ready and picked Lori up and went to the west Seattle Hi-Yu parade to see cass and cori in the marching band. (we had PERFECT spots, they stopped right in front of us and did their dance routine, it was really neat.) After that, we went to costco and got lunch (caesar salad) and then took Lori home. Aaron and I went in the pool after I got back, despite the forty bajillion kids who were NOT ABIDING BY THE RULES. Hello, it says no jumping. and um, HELLO where are the fucking parents? I am so going to call management about this on monday. Yeah yeah, I'm also going to complain that the pool was locked up by 8:00pm last night when it was still like 80 degrees.

Anyhoo, when Aaron left for work I set about and accomplished the following:
cleaned the litter box
wrapped the muffins from costco and put them in the freezer
reorganized the freezer
put away both cases of water in the fridge and cupboards
took 4 loads of trash out
took old dining room chairs out to the dumpster
took apart old dining room table
put together new dining room table
rearranged new chairs around dining room table
moved the 200lb tool box into the bedroom (where the dresser was)
put the blue shelf from the hallway in the bathroom
stocked the blue shelf with towels and toilet paper
moved red dresser to hallway
made the bed
folded two loads of laundry
did two more loads (that are still in the washer/dryer)
cleaned the kitchen
cleaned the fish bowl
cleaned the living room
vacuumed all the rooms
put some glue on the screws in the front door that keep coming loose and rescrewed them in
put old dining room table in my car
swept kitchen and bathroom
bleached bathroom counter and basin
cleaned bathroom toilet

and then I took a big fat cold shower. ahhh, I hope aaron's suprised when he gets home!

Friday, July 23, 2004

Well, the m's game was simply fantabulous not that I can show you, because though I made sure the battery was charged and the camera was packed... I forgot the fucking cf card.  ARG!  The seats were so freakin' awesome.  We were so close, it was a beeyootiful night, and I even seen a few former coworkers at the ol' garlic fry stand.  And whoo boy were they delish.  Of course I asked for extra garlic, I am trying to kick this cold for good... it's actually not that bad, I'm just trying to stay one step ahead of the game here.   They were so yummy I can still taste them.  Every time I exhale actually. ;-)

No humongous plans for the weekend... tonight we meet the photog for the wedding, will sign all the necessary papers and hand over a big ol' check, we'll also probably do some laundry and get the new to us dining room table out of storage to put up in our place.

Tommorrow we'll get up bright and early and go see Cassie and Cori in the parade in West Seattle.  After that we'll probably head to costco for lunch and to stock up on necessities (we may even pick out and pay for the wedding invites, but we also may not.)  After that we don't have anything really planned, we'll actually probably run down to the UW Hosp to visit a good friend of mine who is having gastric bypass surgery today.  Then Aaron has to work for a bit, so I'll take that opportunity to go to the gym.  After he gets home we may head down to the Waterland Festival.

Sunday he's gotta work in the morning, so I'll probably hit the gym, then we'll probably visit Jen in the hospital again, and Matt and Kelly are coming over for dinner.  Hey, I guess we ARE busy!

Incidentally, any ideas what I could cook for dinner considering it's going to be relatively hot out, we don't own a barbecue/grill, and I need to keep in mind we'll be feeding a 3 year old as well as a 32 year old (who shall remain nameless) who refuses to ingest vegetables in any form?  I was thinking spaghetti at first, but that's a dish that will make the house sweat, so I'm thinking something along the lines of french fries /a cold salad and some sort of a meat dish... perhaps fried chicken?  I've never fried chicken before though... *sigh* HELP!

Friday Fiver
1. Do you follow current events? Why/Why not?

Yes, I watch the news semi regularly and am religious about checking my news sites at least once a day.  I follow them because they interest me.  I don't think people that don't follow them are living under a rock or anything, but news and pop culture is my thang, so that's why.

2. Where do you get most of your news from?

Well, I watch the Today Show every morning, I actually listen to most of it as I'm getting ready in the bathroom.  I also tend to watch a bit of msnbc and cnn every night, as I'm flipping channels.  I also listen to the news reports that come on periodically through the day.  You know I check in with MSNBC , CNN , and the local news KOMO every day.

3. Do you believe that the media is biased? Why or why not?

Yeah, I think it is biased.  I think the local news is pretty much bullshit.  I get tired of the health warnings and blah blah eggs are bad for you again freakin blah.  I rely on them for more stuff like human interest stories, weather and traffic.  Also community events like fairs and parades etc.  As far as the big media, you're damn right they're biased.  Some days I wonder exactly who they are biased for, but for the most part it's all generic, and you know 'whoever gets the big story first' wins.  I hate that the gov't uses the media as a tool to scare people... I am sick and fucking tired about hearing the details of the 9/11 commission report because you know what... it doesn't fucking matter.  People are dead.  People are injured.  People have lost a lot.  Yeah we want to blame someone, but you know... it isn't much more than a witch hunt.  Even if someone was responsible, nothing will ever happen.  This morning Condoleeza Rice said on the Today show 'We are a safer nation that is not yet safe.'  What.the.fuck.  No shit sherlock?  I did sort of love Matt Lauer when he kept asking about Iran, pointing out that we do in fact have knowledge of their nuclear weapons and now have evidence proving that they allowed al quaeda (sp?) safe passage through their country... and he kept asking if they weren't a better target for use of our military resources since we have no such evidence for Iraq.  Of course she never answered directly, but damn.  I loved him for even asking.

4. Will you be voting this year?

yes... not that it will matter.

5. Describe one political issue that really pushes your button.

You name it.  Gay marriage, FREE FUCKING SPEECH, The number of sham reasons we went to war with Iraq in the first place... pick one, they all piss me off.

Molly always sits like this with her arms straight out in front of her... weirdo.

Asa again with the gagging

Ben doing what he does best... looking pathetically overheated and unloved.

Asa and ben were all curled up in the breezy window when Aaron snuck up on them to get this pic.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, July 22, 2004


Ben would like you to know that it's fucking hot here today. Granted, it's still under 90 degrees but it's also humid as hell and hey... it NEVER gets very hot here mmkay?

We have tickets tonight to go the M's game vs. Anaheim. This is sadly very exciting for Aaron and I. Not only have I not been to a game for enjoyment in years... YEARS people! Like since 99 I think, but we've never gone to a game together. Awwww. I of course worked there for two years after my day job, and as much as it sucked, I also had fun. So I'm just really amped to go in general. We also have stellar seats (15 rows up from the field peeps) right at 3rd base, courtesy of a coworker of mine. He is in Mexico for the rest of the week and will be on vacay through next week and gave us the tickets. Thanks man!

The wedding nightmares have started... Aaron was played by Ben stiller last night and the dream pretty much consisted of me searching for my wedding gown in a very cluttered shop that had lost mine. I even had a flashlight and was looking everywhere, getting VERY upset.

We went down to Aaron's brother's place last night, it was in honor of his birthday. I leave you with some peectures.

Aaron, Dan and Brandi--who by the way is doing so much better. Since her surgery to put plates and pins and stuff into her hips and what not, she said she feels a lot better. She's on crutches, but can move around without them if necessary. Yay!

Dan and his daughter Britney stare in awe at the cake.

Aaron doesn't like traffic. That's all I'm going to say about that.

Heh, Asa gags on the shoelace I was taunting him with

Now if I could just get her to dance in this position the money would roll in...

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Seriously, I am NOT speaking to Ben, Asa OR Molly.  The fuckers are smart, this I know.  They know how to work the door handle to get in the bedroom.   They know to push and push and push even if the momma has crammed 6 feet of shit under the door to make it harder for them.  Just one more push, and they know they'll get inside.  They also know that this enrages the momma, especially at 2 in the morning, so when the momma gets out of bed... even if she's using her nice voice it's probably wise to hide under the bed so she won't throw your raggedy ass out. 

Yeah.  3 fucking times last night they broke into our room.  THREE TIMES!  I am seriously debating getting a little hook and eye lock thingy.  There were a few things working against us of course.  The first being that right now we have a houseguest.  Said houseguest needs to have access to the restroom, because... well if he didn't have access that would just be plain mean.  The houseguest also had the fan on, which is fine, but in our weirdly shaped apartment, creates a vacuum that works against keeping our bedroom door shut.  

One might ask why we don't just let them come in the bedroom at night.  I think I mentioned it before, but there is a stray who comes by our bedroom window (which is at ground level since we're the bottom floor) and the cats get into a fight through the screen.  Getting woken up by hissing and yowling and the sound of the place coming down around your ears at 3 am is not fun.  Of course neither is shooing the beasts out 80 times a night either.  *sigh* I'm tired.

Tonight, after work we are heading down to Olympia for Aaron's brother's birthday.  (Can you say that 10 times fast?)

My friend Sarah in New York, (whom I haven't seen since I was 14 ... gawd, 14.) anyway, she didn't know I had tattoos, so I thought I'd post the pics so she could see them.  (Hi Sarah!) Anyway, this is on my lower back, and there used to be a lot of yellow in the center, hard to say if there still is, as I took this myself... maybe it's the lighting.

This is the cross on the back of my neck.  Sadly, I will admit that I stole the idea from a magazine article about Melissa Joan Hart.  She has the same one, I actually despise her... but loved the tattoo.  So I cut out the article and took it with me to the tattoo shop.    I'd love to get a third, but until I have my heart set on something, I think I'll wait.

Asa hates being held, and this is his way of flaring the ol' nostrils in contempt.

Molly also hates to be hold, but rather than be silent and still she is actually kind of menacing and mean.  The growls are scawy.

Ben is my angel.  My little angel toe sniffer.

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Glad to be back, I was only offline a couple of days; but once you figure out it's your fault and it's going to either cost an arm and a leg or be a month before you get your old domain name back... you start sweating it.  At least I do.  I enjoy having this website, and I enjoy writing here... I would miss it too much, even for just a month.  That's why I became and org and left my com roots behind.  I'll probably purchase the .com addy when it becomes available next month and point it here; but I think this is the place we'll stay from now on.
So, not too much has been happening, we spent the weekend kind of low key; I was getting over a cold ... actually, the cold started on Friday and I seem to be nearing the end of it now. I've been blasting myself with vitamin c and chicken noodle soup.  This week is turning out to be a busy one, I am going to head to the gym tonight... am a little apprehensive but hey if I start coughing or don't feel well, all I have to do is leave anyway.  Tomorrow we are heading down to Aaron's brother's place for his birthday.  They live about an hour away from us.  Thursday we scored tickets to the M's game vs. Anaheim.  Friday I hope to meet with our photog for the wedding.  Though we will see.  I hate busy weeks.  This means that in order to get to the gym tomorrow and thursday, I HAVE to go in the morning.  Ick.  
Anyhoo. It's be fucking hot around here lately.  We went to the bite of Seattle on Sunday, and it was so hot the people who were cooking the food in the tents had sweaty hair all clinging to their faces and necks.  ICKY.  But the garlic fries were damn good.  DAMN GOOD.  I ran into one of my closest friends Heather there.  Which is odd, because she lives all the way up north/east in Monroe.  That's a ways away, so she was the last person I expected to run into.  We had a nice time chatting and then Aaron and I and his friend Wili walked around a bit more.  It was almost too hot to do anything though, the nights have been awful and the humidity is also what's killing us.  The cats haven't done much except lay around and wait for a breeze.  Proof?

Hey everyone, guess what?!  I forgot to renew my domain name!  So unless I wanted to wait until August 22nd, or pay 120 bucks I would be without a site.  We can't have that, I can't deprive you wonderful people of all my boring drivel!  (Is drivel even a word?)  ... So now I'm a dot-org kind of girl.  I will probably purchase the dot com domain name in august and have it point to here for a year, and then I'll stay dot org for da rest a my life. 
Anyhoo, a real entry to come later. :-D
And please spread the word and update yer links, I'd be ever so grateful.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Yeah.  I feel like dogshit.  Actually, just a bit above dog shit.  It could be far, far worse.  However, this entry is brought to you by vitamin C(I've had 2), a multi (1), Tylenol Sinus (2) and hot salty chicken broth.  (currently sipping a mug full now.)  I hate hate hate gargling salt water... which is unfortunately a perfect cure for a sore throat.  So instead I salt the shit out of the chicken broth and that does the job nicely.
All weekend we have been watching the second disc of Dead Like Me.  I think I've fallen in love with this show.  There are a few glaring problems... like the fact that I cannot fucking stand the main character 'George'.  Her diction and voice in general are like fingernails on a chalkboard.  Plus she's all veiny and wirey... she has these big ass muscley man hands with pointy fingers.  She's tiny, no body fat whatsoever, but when they have her in a shirt that shows a little tummy, she looks creepy... grody.  Plus she looks jaundiced most of the time.  She seriously irritates my shizzle. 
However, this is the first time I've ever seen Mandy Patinkin in anything, and I looooove him.  He plays the lead reaper 'Rube', and he is so good!  I checked out his IMDB bio but I don't think I've seen anything he's been in thus far.  Where have I been man.  Also, Jasmine Guy looks OLD.  However, I was relieved to see she was not playing another 'whitley' character.  (On a side note, I think that's why I hate Jason Alexander--- every role I've seen him in is like another George Costanza... dude, get some RANGE.)  So yeah, loving this show.   

Thursday, July 15, 2004


Not too much to report here, seem to have worked out some of the kinks in the page design. I still wish I could make the banner at the top smaller, but I can't for the life of me figure it out. Also, to the peeps at blogger who have yet to answer my email, hey thanks for being so on top of things! Whatever.

Thanks for all the comments people, I LOVE them!!! I am glad it's easier for y'all to read, though I will say that my mom found it easier to read the other way. Oh well, I seem to have pleased the masses. That's always a good thing.

I actually created the banner in Photoshop and it took a lot longer than I initially thought it would. But since that turned out fairly well, and is relatively simple to do, I am going to try designing recipe cards next. Woo! Reign me in, cuz I'm getting wild!

The only thing I'm still unsure about is whether or not to leave normal text red and links black or to change it to normal text black and links red. What do you all think?

Look for updates today in the wedding diary and over at the weight loss blog as well.

Ofoto has been acting like a straight up chump lately, so that's why I've been lacking in the picture department. I'm also lazy, so that's why I haven't uploaded any directly. I will try and remember to upload some tonight.

Molly has perfected the bored arrogant look.

I was given permission by Aaron to post this. Usually any pic involving his glasses is 86ed before it makes it off the camera. I love this though... this is the monster he created. (I say he because until he started feeding him human food I never did. Now though, I am guilty of the crime as well. Though this was a particularly aggressive morning, he usually just sits and stares forlornly as you eat.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


I'd hate to dirty this new perty layout with a hateful entry... oh who am I kidding.

Sometimes the hate I have reserved in that dick face's name is so overwhelming I actually am bothered by it. Bothered because I know I shouldn't hate anyone... but fuck all if I absolutely detest him with every fiber of my very being.

He asked me to do a shipment this morning, and I normally do them in the afternoon, right around lunch time so I can knock all that are waiting out at once. Well today I forgot. Big fucking woo. He made sure to tell me that I forgot when I came back from lunch and I apologized (I can be cordial you know) and asked if he had went ahead and shipped it. He gave me that blank perplexed sort of look that makes me want to kick him so hard in the balls that his fucking uncle feels it, and says "no". Only, it's not a regular no... it's a no said in a way like you are accusing an insolent 8 year old of saying the b-word. (When you fucking know he said the b-word but he's all pissed off that you would even ask.) Yeah, he said no that way. Like who the hell was I to even ask that. So I put on my nice face and said in my most syrupy tone 'Well, that's why you should know how to use the UPS system, in case I forget.' He didn't even answer, just turned around and walked away. Not 30 seconds later out of an office close to mine I heard one of my fellow haters say "hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate.hate." Amen brother.
Well, I rarely, if ever do them, but I kind of liked this one so what the hell.

Stolen from Sherry's blog. I am not supposed to use any answer more than once,I'll never be able to keep to that rule... this'll be hard!

1. What blogger inspired you to FINALLY start a blog?
My friend Nathan encouraged it, but I never really understood blogs or online journals at all until I started reading Uncle Bob, and Pamie. I don't really even read Pamie anymore... but U.B. is still on my daily reads list.

2. What blog do you visit the most often everday?
I visit most of my favorite blogs at least once every day. But there are a few who I occasionally will check on more than once, usually because I know they post more often than the norm. They are Rachel, Jennifer, and Ragan.

3. What blogger do you think you have the most in common with?
I don't know really, maybe Nessa, and Suzanne, Khara, and maybe even Ragan.

4. Which blog can you be sure will make you laugh hard?
Jane never fails to make me smile, and often it's an outright guffaw. I also giggle when reading Robyn and Nance. Tiny Coconut has some damn funny stories about her kids that leave me laughing too.

5. Which blogger leaves you the best/funniest comments?
I live for comments in general, and Mo never disappoints. Of course neither does Joy or Nessa or Jane ... there I go breaking the rules already.

6. What blogger do you wish would update more often?
Khara, Lana, Becky and Bonkrood. If I had my way, everyone would update daily!

7. Which blog do you wish more people would read?
Definitely Tiny Coconut and also Angela and of course Lori.

8. Which blog do you learn the most from?
Hmmm... I've learned A LOT more than I probably ever wanted to know from Emily... but that's what keeps me coming back I guess. I've also taken away a lot from the parenting blogs I read... such as like a baby, and The Berry and Moody Mama.

9. What blog is your newest addition?
Jenny also known as Jane's sister in law. Wordy and funny!

10. Who has been on your blogroll the longest?
Probably Amy and Uncle Bob.

11. Whose blogroll would you LOVE find yourself on?
You know, I am just tickled that people read me at all.. there isn't one person specifically that I wish read me.

12. Whose blogroll were you the happiest to find yourself on?
Again, Anyone who reads me is my bestest friend ever.

13. If you could write like any blogger, who would it be?
Oh man, there are a ton. I'd love to be in the same league as any of these gals: Angela, Jane, Eliza, Dooce, Erin, Robin, and of course TC.

14. What blogger are you the happiest you’ve met?
Sadly, I've never met any.

15. Which blog do you recommend the most?
Anything I've listed here today... read them. You won't regret it.

16. Who is the next person you’ll add to your blogroll?
I actually don't use blog roll because ... well, I don't know why. I don't plan on adding people, I add them when I feel like it. I have, however recently removed Someone. I don't even know why, but I think I added him because EVERYONE LOVES ROB. Um, not everyone. I don't dislike him, but I don't find myself checking in on him anymore, so that's why he got the boot.

17. Who is the blogger you hope to meet in real life?
Too many to name here... but more than that... there are some blogs I read just because I hate the person who writes them. It's true. I can't stand them and yet for some reason, the curiosity gets me every time. 99% of the blogs I do read are because I like the people... I don't know if I'd want to meet them and ruin my idea of them, and besides that, I don't think I'd have the balls.

18. Which blogger do you admire the most?
I don't know if I admire anyone specifically. Everytime someone has a baby I'm knee deep in envy... anytime someone's life seems happier than mine I'm also knee deep in envy. Lost weight? I WISH I WAS YOU!!! *sob*

19. Who would you trust with your blog while you were away?
Probably no-one. I hate guest entries, never read them EVER.

20. Which blog has your favorite design?
Anyone with movable type is my hero, I cannot figure that shizzle out.

21. How many blogs are on your blogroll(s)?
I don't have a blog roll, check here to see who I read.

Things are a little wonky... I can't seem to figure out how to shrink the top portion so it's just the new title that shows... arg. Let me know what you think! (Entry to follow soon)

Tuesday, July 13, 2004


Apparently, if you make the window you are reading this in smaller, than you should be able to view the last few posts in their entirety. I have emailed but no word as of yet as to why when the window is full size, you can't see everything.

Blogger sucks BIG FUCKING TIME. For some reason there is a glitch that is not allowing it to load completely, which is why you are only able to see a portion of this page... there should be something like 20 entries that show up here, but it's stopping way too early and I can't figure out how to fix it. ARG!

In other news I went home last night and scared the shit out of Aaron. I went to the gym after work and then got home, showered and started dinner. All was fine. I was toodling around on the computer, messing with my blog etc, and then the timer went off for dinner. In the time it took to get up and take the chicken out of the oven and dish up the rice things had gone south for me. I felt icky, my legs and arms and back... ok, every inch of my body ached. I was freezing, I couldn't eat (there's a first) and every movement required a lot of effort.

Aaron was worried and wanted to either call my mom or take me to the emergency room. Neither of which were happening. My mom would have been overly worried and the emergency room... eh, I wasn't that bad. I was laying in the fetal position on the couch bawling though. Aaron: "why are you crying?" Me: "I don't knoooowwwwwww." He turned the bed down for me and set me up with a heating pad and even put my socks on for me (yeah, it's 80 degrees out and I'm asking for socks.) He kept feeling my forehead, but said I wasn't that warm at all. I floated in and out of sleep for an hour or two, then woke up at about 10, I was too warm, and fucking STARVING. I was afraid to eat though, because my tummy had hurt off and on all day and I suspected I had been subjected to a case of bad indigestion or something. So I had some toast with peanut butter and some water and went back to sleep.

I feel fine this morning, a little tired. I didn't get up and go to the gym because I was kind of wiped out from whatever was wrong with me last night. I'm still kinda tired, and still kind of afraid to eat much of anything. I did have some toast a few hours ago and a small bowl of cheerios just now. I'm laying off the coffee today (though I did brew some and bring it in just in case I feel the need.) So weird... I have no idea what the problem was.

Cassie (3rd from the right in the second row) is patient during the inspection.

Cori (4th from the right in the second row) also waits for inspection.

I stood on the sidelines trying to get Cassie's attention without looking like I was trying to get her attention. (No arm waving or yelling etc.) Finally she looked and I got a smile.