Tuesday, June 01, 2004


I should have updated over the weekend, we were just pretty busy, with trips out to the hospital each day, and trying to get our own stuff done, yada yada yada.

The good news is that Brandi is doing better every day. She went in on Thursday from the accident with a broken pelvis (right side had part of the joint shattered), broken tailbone, broken collarbone, collapsed lungs, and a shitload of glass embedded in her arms and neck. They moved her out of ICU on Saturday, and are having her get up and walk, plus she's off oxygen now. It's just amazing how well the body can bounce back in a few short days. She has a long road ahead of her, but hopefully things will continue to progress for her. Seeing the amount of pain and frustration she has already gone through has been like torture for us, so I can't imagine how she feels.

Thanks for the many notes and emails of good thoughts and prayers, it means a lot. :-)

In other news, this is the last week I'll have homework. I have two math assignments to do, one unit to finish up in Bio, then tackle the gay ass poster project (Hi! I'm in the 3rd grade!) for that class. Next week is finals and then finito. Thank God. I am just so tired of the bullshit. I sat in front of my laptop last night trying to figure out logarithmic properties and felt myself getting frustrated.. the kind where you almost could rip out your own hair because that pain is more bearable than trying to figure out the mumbo-jumbo on the screen. I.FUCKING.HATE.MATH. I will never use this shit in real life. Ever. And if I ever encounter a situation where a logarithm or a motherfucking radical expression is needed, I will eat shit. I would rather eat shit than figure out some of this stuff. Seriously, hate it. The final should be loads of fun. I just need to pass, I must pass or I have to take the bloody class all over again. I don't think I have the strength for that bullshit.

Warning, offensive diatribe ahead... based on nothing but experience. If you are a nurse and you read me then I love you, and you probably aren't one of those squinchy faced assholes I've encountered.

Oh yeah, visiting Brandi in the hospital brought back some strong feelings of mine. I remember how much I loathe I.C.U. nurses. I have NEVER in my life encountered a profession where there is so much power tripping. I mean get over your fucking selves, and quit being a bunch of bitches. Brandi wanted to take a trip around the ward in the wheelchair, she had a lot of visitors and she wanted to get out of her room. We weren't leaving the ward or the floor or the hospital at all. This nurse comes tearing out of the nurses station and starts saying to me and Aaron "SHE CANNOT LEAVE THE WARD OR I WILL WRITE HER OUT A.M.A." I just sort of looked at her like 'what'? We were behind Brandi and Bob(her boyfriend) and the nurse went up to them and stood in front of them to block them and said it again. What a fucking bitch. The nurses in the intensive care unit are the worst. No matter where you are, they fucking suck. They sucked at Auburn General when my grandma passed away, they sucked there when Grandpa was there. They sucked at Highline when my dad was there ... It's like the pre-requisite to being an intensive care nurse is to be a controlling beyotch. And how about some diplomacy for God's sake? Fuck. The nurse flat out told us on Thursday "pick a family spokesperson, because I don't want to spend my day on the phone. If you all keep calling I can't get anything done." Um, okay bitch. How about rephrasing that so it doesn't sound so rude?

Hell, I remembered once when my dad was in the nursing home, and the nurse came in to give him his heparin(sp?) shots. He took them in the stomach and she made us leave the room, despite the fact that dad said he wanted us there. Then because his speech was so slow and garbled at that time, she kept shouting in his face like he was deaf and then not giving him enough time to answer. ARG.

Lastly, when I was refusing to be weighed back in the day because I didn't want to know how much I weighed I had this one bitchy ass nurse tell me (I was at the doc's for PINK EYE.) "well, I could make you weigh yourself, but I won't." I was like "fucking try it bitch." okay, maybe I said that in my head, but I wouldn't have gotten on that scale. Just give me the freakin' eye drops and chill the fuck out.

Now I'm all worked up. :-)

I get the distinct feeling that Molly is bored with me

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