Thursday, June 03, 2004


So, basically I've been slacking on the homework BIG TIME this week. It's the last week and I could basically give a shit. I predict this weekend will be a mad dash to study all the shit I should know for the final... the fake math finals we have for practice are intimidating enough that I am a wee bit scurred.

With the absence of homework, I find myself with free time in the evenings; not much, mind you since we have been going to Tacoma every day. But enough that I sit there and look around for something to do. I don't feel like coloring(shut-up), I don't feel like crocheting... so last night I sat in front of the computer trying to finagle a honeymoon for less than 3 grand. Preferably in the 2500 range. *sigh* With what we are hoping for it probably ain't gonna happen. I don't want to say too much right now about what our plans are, because they keep fucking changing. However, the moment we book it, I'll be talking nonstop about it.

I pissed Molly off last night royally. I heard squawking and hissing and the like coming from the bedroom and upon investigating found that the stray standing outside the window taunting Ben and Asa. They wouldn't get out of the window and wouldn't stop growling and hissing. I grabbed Ben because really, he doesn't scare me at all. He knows better. I then went to grab Asa, but he's tricky because he's all jumpy and freaked out and well... he's Asa. One giant contorting muscle. I was also trying to keep Molly out of the room, because she tends to go ballistic and I am afraid one of these days she's going to completely rip out the screen. So I grabbed my spray bottle when they didn't respond to my yelling. I got her once and the hiss that came out... damn. I felt bad, I don't take joy in squirting the fuckers, but when Asa hid behind the dresser, it did come in handy. I then let them back in a few hours later, and had to kick them out again around 1:15. The yowling from Asa that followed leads me to believe I am no longer his friend. But I will be if I just open the door. Open the door please... please? Please open the door? Please oh please oh please? In his most pitifullest voice, he serenaded me. What can I say, I'm a sucker for pitiful baby.

My new favorite pic of Asa. What a nerd. He was sitting like that for a minute or two with his tongue out.

It's almost alien to see her act coy.

He's a real nailbiter.

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