Tuesday, June 29, 2004


can you go here and cast a vote for colors for the wedding? I know this should be in the wedding diary... big woo. I need help. Thanks!

In other news, let's see... after my day long melt down (read: choking back tears ALLFUCKINGDAYLONG.) I went home and crashed. I lay down and slept from about 5pm until after 8. Apparently I was tired. When I went back to bed around 10 I had a hell of a time falling back asleep even though I was tired. Last time I remember looking at the clock was around midnight. But I do feel better today for what it's worth. I think it was just the finality of everything that hit home yesterday. It was final three years ago, but now... it's seriously final... she's not coming back. It's a tough pill to swallow to say the least.

I am comforted by a 'dream' my mom had a few weeks or so after Grandma passed away. I am writing it from my memory, so hopefully I remember it correctly. She and Lori were on their way out to see Grandpa, and as they were driving mom fell asleep. (this is not uncommon :-) at all.) Anyway, in her dream it was really really bright. So bright she had a hard time even realizing she was in their neighborhood, but she knew she was. She said there were people lining the street on either side of the car, but they were blurry, and she could only make out their shapes. As she looked down the row of people my grandma leaned out and waved. She knew it was grandma because she wasn't blurry, just everyone else was. She smiled and waved and I think that's when mom woke up. Believe what you want about heaven or an afterlife or whatever. But for us, it was completely reassuring that she was ok.

Be sure to check out the aforementioned wedding diary for the dress pics I've been promising. Except for you AARON! These were taken with a camera phone on the sly, so they are not the best quality, but at least you get an idea.

Aaron's sister Brandi is coming to stay with us tonight. We're not sure for how long, but she's welcome to stay for as long as she needs to. I'm admittedly a bit nervous about the arrangement, only because we have never had a houseguest for longer than a night and it is a damn tiny apartment. I hope we aren't too noisy in the mornings, and I hope the cats don't bother her at night. I think it'll be just fine though, and the cats will be thrilled at having company during the day. :-) You'd think we ignored the bastards the way they carry on sometimes.

no pics today. sorry, I'll try and get some uploaded sometime this century.

Monday, June 28, 2004


Mom you always say to warn you, so I'm warning you. Don't read this one.

*sigh* I'm having a bad day. A shit day. A 'I want to crawl back into bed, and go back to sleep until tommorrow' day.

I couldn't put my finger on it right away. I woke up kind of dazed because I was exhausted from the weekend... more on that in a bit. I had some wierd dreams... two that I clearly remember involved me hanging out with Heather at Angela's house. I remember clearly thinking "I am not cool enough to be sitting in this room right now." I don't know why I dreamt of them, as I've barely exchanged a hello, except for one or two emails that I dropped to Angela to let her know that one or more of entries had made me snort diet cherry coke out my nose. Seriously, if you aren't reading either one of those ladies, you need to be. Go on, git!

The other dream was about Lori and I trying to escape a house that was haunted by way of a murder that had happened there... it was like a flashback, so I think I've had that dream before. It was enough to make me wake up rattled.

Anyway. We moved 97% of my Grandpa's belongings out of the home he shared with my Grandma since 1977. 24 years. 24 years that they lived there together. 3 years that he's lived there all by himself. 3 years that still held food that my grandma had purchased with the intent to prepare. 3 years that it has sat untouched, her 4 drawer canister (I wish I'd taken a picture, VERY retro) that held flour, sugar, tea and coffee. In that order. It was probably her hands that measured flour last out of that canister. It was her hands that probably were the last to touch the container of crisco, that still had the scoop inside. Her hands that used her frying pan last. You get the idea.

After she passed away, we (my mom, my aunt, Lori and myself) had the task of moving 'her' out of their bedroom. Turning it into a room just for Grandpa. That was hard... this was hard too, but in a different way. I can't quite put my finger on it. We moved Grandpa all day on Saturday and it wasn't as hard as I thought it might be. It's a move that needed to happen. He's going to be 84 this November. He's lonely, he get's sick more often... we all welcome this move, as not only will he be able to afford the costly prescriptions he's prescribed, but he'll have round the clock care if he needs it at my aunt's house.

Last night mom said she didn't have room for the canister's when we dropped off a few of the last items we still had in the blazer from the move. I should state here that we threw away almost nothing on Saturday. Stuff was tossed before I guess, but for all intents and purposes, we found homes for everything else. Gladware. Drinking Glasses. Pillows. Everything. Much of it ended up in a storage unit my mom rented, and will be doled out as people need it... broke your can opener? Here's another one. That sort of thing. I had said more than once "I dont' know why we don't just throw it away" about some of the kitchen stuff, knick knacks etc. When I threw away the canister set last night I didn't think anything of it at first.

But it ate at me. It continues to eat at me. Those were my Grandma's... who the hell am I to throw them out? In 30 years will my own kids be throwing out my mom's canisters? What right do I have to throw anything that was her's away? That's what my heart is saying. Logically, I know, and I understand that she's gone... but that's what's going through my head today. She's gone... she's really gone. Her canister's are in the garbage, and she's not coming back. Her house is sold, she would have nowhere to come back to. As asinine as that sounds, that's what I'm thinking... and it fucking hurts.

Grief is motherfucker. It's been laying dormant for a while now, and today it's like someone has ripped off the bandaid... the grief itself is bad enough. But add to that how absolutely shitty I feel for putting something of hers in the trash and you see why I hate the world today.

Thursday, June 24, 2004


Thanks for all the comments on the dresses, I appreciate it. My favorite goes to Joy who I won't link here unless she tells me I can, but she said:

"I *love* the new dress that you tried on. I totally think that it looks good on you, very slimming in the waist area. The other dress does seem like "your cup runneth over"

I actually laughed out loud, she cracks me up. Well folks, I did choose a dress... a mahvelous dress I must say. It's one that I've tried on before... in fact as soon as I obtain one of the forbidden pics from my cousin and ash I will upload it and show it off. I was happy, secure... no boobage, and I looked damn skinny... not to mention that both my cousin and my mom started crying which in turn made me cry... so yeah IT'S THE ONE! And I wanted to as Nessa would say 'get this motherfucker ordered.' AND I DID! 567 bucks with shipping. Hot damn I have a dress. :-)

Other than that, I suck because I haven't updated and I seriously haven't done shit other than sit on my couch with my laptop in my lap, episode one of Party of Five blaring (I heart netflix) on the tv, while I search ebay for every possible wedding related thing there could be on this green earth. I consider it a huge victory if I win something for almost nothing. I have had to stop myself at foolish buys like 'antique wedding doily... 35 cents." ... dude, I'm anti-doily. Unless it has the word 'FUCK' embroidered on it. Hey that's an idea, I want a doily emblazened with FUCK in our colors... which, ahem, have changed again.

What? You know I'm nothing if not indecisive!

I have also become addicted to the KNOT. I am an official knottie... strongly considering going to the Seattle knottie get together next week. But I'm wierd about social events like that... maybe I"ll beg Lori to come with me. It is at Azteca... oh how we love the Azteca.

check out the weddn diary for some funny moments of dress shopping... at least one that still makes me laugh.

How about a buttload of pictures... for lack of entries of substance lately... and it'll help me clean out my queue.


Aaron tries his luck at Jansen's geetar.

Ashley's future's so bright she's gotta wear shades. Meanwhile Chandra and I stare on in what appears to be confusion...

Ashley and I and... Chandra's tongue sandwiched between us. heh.

Me bonding with Holly's cat angel. Who sheds like a bastard by the way.

One of my favorite pics of Ashley of all time.

Ash, Holly and I

I don't really know what's going on here.

It was about eleventy million cajillion degrees in the apartment that night, and Jansen was going around putting a frozen water bottle on everyone's neck. It was actually really refreshing.

Holly's sister Justine even made a cameo that night.

Meghan and Emily chillin' out on the couch.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004


new dress pics in the wedding diary. Everyone but Aaron welcome to look and give feedback!

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

edited to add..

Now that's fucking funny.



From Go-Quiz.com


1. If I bite my lip or cheek ONE MORE TIME whilst chewing gum, I may just explode.

2. If that dumbfuck satchel comes up to my desk one more time to waste my time I fear that felonious incidents may occur. By the way I think I should start a computer class called 'computing for dumbfuck assholes like yourself you satchel bastard face idiot.' BY THE WAY... to get out of a window YOU PRESS THE X IN THE UPPER RIGHT CORNER YOU HELPLESS FUCK. Gah!

3. I love the input on the dresses I do, but damn you guys can make a girl feel pressured. If one more person tells me not to 'settle' I may just say fuck it and show up in my comfiest pj pants and my 'save water drink beer' t-shirt. Seriously. Lori says I am thinking too much about this and that maybe I'm just not the type of person who 'bonds' with a dress. I wonder if she's right. The fact that people keep saying "you'll know it when you have it on" stresses me out to no end, because while I did love all the dresses on this page none of them made me cry or want to burst into song... or made me want to shell out money right there on the spot. What if I don't get that feeling? What if it's too late and I end up with a dress I'm not sure is 'the one?' What if I try one on and it's "the one" but it's just too expensive? WHAT IF WHAT IF WHAT IF????????

4. I keep hitting the wrong keys and have to go back and delete the typos and that alone is making me crazy.

5. This morning on my usual call with Aaron the reception was bad and he kept saying 'what?'... if you know me in real life you know that I HATE TO HAVE TO FUCKING REPEAT MYSELF. This ended with me snapping and saying "I have to go, I can't discuss something with you when you can't hear me." I then apologized, because it came out kind of harsh. I explained myself and said I had to go before I had a fucking aneurism(sp?). Poor Aaron. He was really sweet about it, but I shouldn't have snapped. But I really, really, really loathe repeating myself.

6. The fact that satchel even came in today. Seriously. Sometimes I get upset with myself about how I let him get the best of me, and the quote from Booker T. Washington comes to mind "I will permit no man to narrow and degrade my soul by making me hate him." but then I realize that Booker T. Washington was a far better person than I because all I have to do is hear the fucker's voice or see the fucker's car and I am absolutely fucking enraged.


1. Troy and I are going to the reception hall today to pay it off and take measurements and figure out how the heck we are going to turn a vfw hall into a fairytale room. I am pretty excited about this.

2. All but one of our ebay items sold, netting us about 180 bucks. Thus far, dear ol' ebay has contributed about 350 bucks to the wedding.

3. Our honeymoon tickets arrived today!!!

4. The weather outside is outstanding, and should reach 83 degrees by 5pm.

5. I buffed, filed and painted my fingernails with clear strengthening gloss last night and they look half decent.

6. I bought some doffee... don marcano's or something (it was from QFC, in a canister, not the foo-foo kind) cinnamon hazelnut and it is so damn good.

Monday, June 21, 2004


I updated the wedding diary.

If my mother tells me one more time that I need to get a dress, I think I might just flip out. I know she means well but she's preaching to the choir. I am considering taking a day or two off just to go to every bridal salon within a 50 mile radius.

Refer to the post below this if you'd like to see what I've narrowed it down to in the 'Wedding dress search of 2004... the gown that would not be found'. Upon rereading the various things I've written about Saturday's gown hunting trip, I realize I come off irritated and fed up. This is not entirely true... I put that page together the afternoon we got back after about 9 hours in the car in exceedingly scorching weather... sunburnt from the convertible, hungry, and irritated after getting lost for a period of time in Granite Falls. In which I might add I was convinced we were on the road that went straight to hell, as I can't imagine where else it could've possibly led. Luckily we eventually found the freeway, and all ended well. I was tired. And I felt fat. Those two things do not a happy bride to be make.

Now I am kind of excited, I think I like dress A the best and will be attempting to try it on again this week before I slap down the money for anything. I do like dress B an awful lot, but not as much I think as dress A. I think I look hippy in dress A only because the bitches at the store wouldn't let me take a picture, and we were crammed into the dressing room. The gown didn't have a petticoat underneath it and thus, that picture that we scammed was not a good representation. So we shall see. But I think I really like that one.

Saturday night we attended a bbq at Holly's where much beer and brats and bean dip was eaten. Oh! also artichoke salad that Chandra made. It was so good, I made it for Father's day dinner, where everyone but my picky future husband and picky grandfather had some. I must give props, because damn, that salad was good. Here is the recipe: (as I remember it, because I was a bit inebriated when Chandra gave it to me... though it turned out, so if it's not dead on, it's close.)

Start out with a batch of freshly made chicken rice-a-roni. Add to it chopped olives, red pepper, and artichoke hearts. Then take the juice from the hearts, mix it with some mayo (I used about a cup of mayo... maybe a bit more) and then mix with the rice-a-roni mixture. I also added some whole artichoke hearts on the top for decoration. Chill then serve. Delish.

Sunday was spent cleaning and hanging out at my parent's house. My mom made some bomb-ass hamburgers... I don't even like beef, and these were really good. It was a good weekend.

This explains why Lori was so severely sunburnt. She must've been in direct sunlight for a good 5 hours. I wore sunscreen so I burned a bit but nothing like her.

Holly, Meghan and I chilling out at the end of the night.

I think I hit a 2 beer minimum when I start taking self portraits of the two of us.

Ashley fake laughing to me calling her 'ash-hole'... Lori coined that one.

My sister, the tomato

Yucca... mmmm. Holly's been making this for years, she layers cut up lemons, ice, and sugar over and over until she fills the container, then adds a fifth of vodka. We added raspberry pucker in the shotglasses and it was quite tasty.

Holly's brother Jansen. When I met Holly we were his age. He was 6 at the time. My how time frickin flies.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

shoot me

because I'm an indecisive fuck... check out the link (EXCEPT YOU AARON!) these are what I think I've narrowed it down to...

dresses dresses dresses!

Thursday, June 17, 2004


Before I forget, we booked the honeymoon today!!!! We fly out to Breezes Montego Bay(Jamaica) the day after the wedding, and will spend three nights there. From there we will fly to New York City and stay in a condo for 5 night. Yeehaw! Expedia rocks man, we got an awesome deal!

So I know all things wedding related should go in the wedding diary but dammit if I'm not all about dresses, flowers, schedules, registries and the like lately. I had another appointment tonight at 'I Do Bridal' in Wallingford. They were nice enough, but we didn't start out on the right foot. Upon entering the store we were accosted with a sign that said 'ABSOLUTELY NO PICTURE TAKING'. I inquired about it and they said that the designers requested they not allow it. I told her that the other stores I'd been in had allowed it and she just shrugged her shoulders. I said flatly "well that's gay." Ashley snorted (or someone did) and I said "well it is!" Then when I wouldn't allow cheery salesgal to come in and lace me up she seemed a tad put out. Sorry, but I don't need someone I don't know seeing me in all my whalish glory flopping in and out of a bustier with my gut poking out with every breath. I have pride.

Anyhoo, Lori disobeyed and took pictures without the flash.
I think the flash was about to go off here:

That cracks me up.

SO, basically, I'm not sure what gown I want or where I'm going to get it. *sigh* we'll see what conclusions I come to this weekend. Time is surely running out, and I NEED to get a gown.


1) Are you taking a summer vacation this year? If so, where are you
heading? If you already went on vacation, where did you go?

No, we are saving for the wedding... though next year I think we'll attempt a vegas weekend.

2) Planes, trains, or automobiles...what is your preferred mode of
transportation to get to your vacation get-away?

If we are going far then fly definitely. If it's instate I'm always up for a roadtrip!

3) Any vacation locales you would recommend for those looking for


4) What US city/state have you never been to but would love to visit?

Los Angeles, California or Washington DC!

5) What international city/country have you never been to but would
love to visit?

France, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany... just to name a few.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004


So, I've lined up appts for the evenings for the next 3 days and one on saturday. I feel like I don't have time to sit down much less do anything else. See the wedding diary for details.

Last night was fun, Lori and I went to our cousin's 8th grade graduation or rather 'promotion'. It was neat, their school has kind of a bad rep. but damn, there were a ton of honors students... they must be doing something right. The girls looked so cute all dressed up. I'll spread the pics out for the rest of this week.

Cori and I, Lori commented that we look like sisters. We both looked at each other as if to say something snarky, then at the same time said "cool!"

Cassie and I, my aunt Leenie (the girls' nana) told me that she sees a strong resemblance between Cass and I. I agreed, because I always thought their mom Dawn and I looked a bit alike, and I think Cass looks more like her mom too. Those Polenske genes man, you can't beat em out with a stick! I'll have to look for a pic of their mom and post it. We took one last night, but she just had oral surgery and is all swollen so I don't think she'd appreciate me posting one now!

Camryn waves at her sissies

Lori took this shot, a good one of the family... that's Aunt Carrie in the front, Grandma and then Uncle Bruce and Aunt Leenie.

oh, and uh... appropriate wear for your kid's graduation?

Tuesday, June 15, 2004


I'll post more tommorrow ... busy busy busy, my cousins are graduating 8th grade tonight! Check out the wedding diary for some much needed good news!

grab ass time

Look at that Belly!

Me and Aaron in the backseat of Lori's convertible

one where I look less like cousin 'it'

Monday, June 14, 2004


Let's see... what did we do... Friday night found Aaron and I driving around the greater parts of Seattle... Magnolia, Ballard, Fremont as well as West Seattle. Then we did a bit of grocery shopping and finally fell asleep after 1am. I find that if I have something to occupy my time with on Friday nights, the weekend seems to last longer.

Saturday we hung out and I ended up going to the gym in the morning. Then Lori and Ash and I hung out and ended up stopping by the local wedding shop so Lori could see the bridesmaid dress... which they didn't really have. I am going to call around and see if anyone local has the actual dress in stock. I ended up trying on a couple gowns... and found one that I really really like. Go check out the wedding diary to see those pics. Unless your name is Aaron then don't even think about it mister. After that, we drove out to Aaron's Uncle's house to pick Aaron up. His fiero is being a big fat asshole and won't run right. This is causing MUCH frustration for Aaron... well, and for me too. Then Aaron went to work and Lori and I hung out at my house watching the Newlyweds marathon. I also did about a bijillion loads of laundry and even cleaned the bedroom and dining room. Saturday night Lori and I stopped by Holly's grandparent's house to say hello, everyone was over there for a bbq. It was good to say hello and see her little cousins, one of which I haven't seen since she was a day old and now she's 2. What a doll. :-)

After that, Aaron and I went out and visited Matt and Kelly. It was so good to see them, I really miss hanging out with them. We stayed for a couple hours, and then drove home. I fell asleep on the couch while surfing the net for wedding shizzle.

Sunday morning Aaron went to work and I did some more housework, and watched an old tape of My So Called Life... I had about 5 episodes on it, and now I am fiending for the dvd set. I love that show. When Aaron got home we cleaned out our storage unit, scavenging for things to sell at the swap meet this next weekend, and rearranging to get that godforsaken toolbox out of the dining room. (cross your fingers!) It took some handy work because apparently we got rid of a lot of our shit last year, and we didn't have much to sell... so with some rearranging we might be able to do it. I so cannot wait until we have a house or at least a bigger apartment. This shit just sucks.

After that we drove out to Aaron's uncle's again, and I went and finished the grocery shopping, the fiero still wouldn't start, so I came back, picked Aaron up and we went home. I then listed even more shit on ebay and we debated several different options for raising some cash.

I am even seriously thinking about selling partylite candles. I just don't know if I would do well seeing as my family doesn't really buy stuff like that. What do you think?

Molly has been very affectionate as of late, and would not leave me alone on Sunday, sitting in my lap, giving me kisses etc. She even jumped up on the vanity in the bathroom when I was getting ready for the day. I am loving it!

affectionate girly

Aaron took this pic of me driving on friday night.

When I was a kid I used to think these cranes were chairs for giants.

Friday, June 11, 2004


You know that commercial for the medicine that's supposed to help people who have to pee all the time? I've got the jingle stuck in my head. Last night I actually said to Aaron "You know, it amazes me how much I pee on a daily basis." I believe I've pulled back the curtain. There are no more secrets.

But seriously. I drink usually about 4-5 liters of water a day. For two reasons really... one is because when I had the kidney stones in March of 2002, the doc told me that I am now 80% more likely to get them again. One of the ways to prevent them or help them along, I don't really remember is to drink LOTS of water. Every now and then I get a pang, right where the kidney stone pain was and I'm downing the water like there's no tommorrow. Probably unrelated, but whatever. The other reason is because I do think it aids weight loss and hot damn if it doesn't keep my skin looking all dewy and fresh... or not. Anyhoo, the point of this long disconnected paragraph is that I pee. A lot.

We buy our water at costco because it's so damn cheap, and I've even been putting the tap filter that Aaron installed oh so long ago to use. It's not bad really. My sister doesn't really care for water, so I guess I'm lucky in that I kind of like it. I never drink it at a restaurant though. ick.

So school has been over for less than 24 hours and already the wedding planning has resumed full force. I spent about 5 hours in front of my laptop (in front of the television.. um, heaven!) trying to install my favorite publishing program (yeah, if anyone has a copy of Microsoft Picture It Publishing --- anything later than 2001 and would like to burn me a copy I would be your best friend and send you a little thank you gift!) I was trying to do a bridal newsletter to send out to the bridesmaids and family just to update them on what's going on. Finally I gave up and loaded my printmaster software, it's ok but I really like Microsoft publishing better.

Check out the wedding diary for details on the planning. It's also got a new look, and if the entry titled: Mish Mash doesn't come up, well then check back because Diaryland keeps deleting it and it's the entry I just added today. I'll keep tinkering with it and see if I can fix the prob.

Friday Forum

1. Have you ever seen or met a world leader [or a high-ranking
government official] in person? When and where? What was the
experience like?

Well... Ol' GW drove past my office in his motorcade shortly after the buffoon was elected, I don't remember why he was here... anyhoo my office is very close to the small airport that Airforce one flies into. Other than that I saw our governor at a rally for 9-11 a couple years back.

2. Have you ever had the desire to run for a public/political office? Why/why not?

Hell no. Why would I bring that kind of pressure on myself? Not only that, but if you disagree with me on politics I will think you are an idiot and that would make me an undesirable political candidate. I am unbending on my opinions.

3. Who do you feel has been the most memorable world leader
so far? Why?

For me personally, it would be Clinton... if we are talking people I think positively of. If we are talking notorious figures then it would be the idiot-bag that holds the office now. No leader has ever pissed me off as much that's for sure.

4. What, if anything, would you most like to improve about your country?

LEADERSHIP. Get that fucker out of office.

5. What are your thoughts about the recent passing of former
U.S. President Ronald Reagan?

Nothing really... I get irritated by all the people claiming 'what a national hero' he was... it's like we only say the kindest things about dead people. I think he probably had the best intentions and it seems like he truly believed in what he was doing... I could contrast that with the puppet we call president right now, but you know... it gets redundant after a while. I don't think he did much for the working class, (read:PO FOLK) but whatever. It's kind of cool to see the traditions carried out for his funeral that my generation really has never been exposed to. So I guess I'm learning something. I think as our former President, it's kind of cool that he gets so much honor and all the ceremonial stuff is pretty cool.

The boys and their love affair with boxes.

Taken through a hole in the box asa likes to hide out in.

"You have insulted my sensibilities you impetuous whore!"

Asa readies himself for the bitch slap

Love the action shot... mid bite?

Thursday, June 10, 2004


What an up and down day. I am so dizzy right now I can hardly see straight.. not sure what's up with that. I had my math final last night... and uh, I'm not optimistic. Let's all take a moment to send good vibes (PRAYERS?) because I am seriously afraid I may not pass this class. I actually wrote as an answer to one of the questions : This test is a lot harder then the three tests you handed out as practice, and I feel completely unprepaired. The bio final was today... 7 handwritten pages of essay questions. yikes. BUT IT'S DONE! Yippee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I forgot to tell you all about the fight we got into with our ghetto ass neighbor. She is such a bitch. Same lady who freaked out when Lori pulled into her parking stall for like 30 seconds. The lady doesn't even have a car, and Lori was just getting the wallet she left at my house. Anyway, this time she was blasting her music really loud the other night. I was trying to do math homework and was getting EXTREMELY stressed out. I couldn't concentrate with Teddy Pendergast blasting through the walls, and making the windows rattle. So in my passive aggressive way I locked the cats in the bedroom, opened the doors and windows and turned the speakers to face the doors. I then blasted some Eminem (soldier)as loud as I could stand it. It didn't effect her music so when that song was over I put on say goodbye to hollywood by eminem. And I turned it up. Aaron walked in about that time, and thought it was kinda funny that I was doing that. About two minutes later we heard shouting and Shenaynay was at our door. (Seriously looks like Shenaynay... it's spooky.) We turned the music down and went to the door.

"Um, IS THERE A PROBLEM?!" She shouted.
No, why would you think that? (I don't know why I didn't just let it rip, but you know... manly woman standing in front of me, I didn't want Aaron to have to cash the check my mouth was about to write.

we proceeded to argue back and forth for a minute or two and she insisted she was approachable and that I should have knocked on her door and told her it was too loud. I told her that she is NOT approachable and I didn't feel comfortable doing that after she threatened my sister the last time there was an altercation. She denied it of course, and then we argued some more and Aaron got pissed off and slammed the door in her face.

To that she screamed: 'YO MAMA... BIITCH.'

I just have to interject here... um 'yo mama'? Didn't that saying go out with hammer pants?

We stormed around the apartment fuming, and she put on a little 50 cent, so loud we had to speak up to hear each other in our apartment. I hemmed and hawed and decided 'fuck this.' I went over to her door and knocked, then shouted(she blasts the music while the front door is open.)... it was too loud. Aaron pounded on the door so hard I thought it would come off the hinges. She came out, more arguing ensued and I said "dude, you said you were approachable... I'm approaching you. IT'S TOO LOUD."

To sum it up she turned it down, and things are kosher... I think.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


ok peeps, No real entry for today, and probably not one until Thursday or Friday. I have finals this week and um, I need to pass my math class. No really, I need to pass my math class. I am a little scared here, and so I will post after the final. Math final is Wednesday night, Bio final is Thurs. afternoon. Wish me luck!

In lieu of actual wordage, I'll use the rest of the pics I have uploaded and start fresh next time I check in here.

Asa's big ol' clodhoppers

He's lacking cardboard in his diet.

"quit taking my FUCKING picture."

Pardonnez moi?

He's already getting so tan, lucky dog.

Sleeping sweetie

My attempt at being artsy

Monday, June 07, 2004


Dude, I think Dr. Phil needs to step in and address some 'male validation' issues with miss thing. Someone needs to tell J-lo that "dude, you don't have to marry every boyfriend. You can just be boyfriend and girlfriend. Damn, and if she and Affleck hadn't dodged the bullet last year when 'the press was too much for them', she'd have had to go to the Dominican Republic to get a quickie divorce too. Damn. I'm taking bets, I say this thing's got a shelf life of a year tops.

What else... I'm not really commenting on Reagan because quite frankly I don't know much about him, except that my parents hated his guts. I do think the devotion between him and Nancy was what marriage is about, and many people I know should take a good look at them and learn something. Alzheimer's is a shitty way to end your life, and no one deserves it. Ok, I guess I commented whatever. On the other hand, I am crossing my fingers that satchel won't be in as I would imagine he's in mourning.

Speaking of asshole breath, last week upon arrival at work, he handed me a pink copy of packet of info that is normally the customer's copy with a note attached. Normally I toss the pink copy when it gets to me because it's the customer's copy. Anyhoo he says "here you go, I found this in your trash." I just stared at him and the note (which was a page long for God's sake) and said "you go through my trash?" He said "well I was emptying it and saw it and pulled it out to see what it was. Those need to go to Everett for that customer..." then he proceeded to tell me exactly what the note said as I walked away, back to my desk. What the fuck. I don't want that idiot emptying my trash if it means his nosy ass goes through it. What if I throw away something personal? Am I being weird about this?

I really want to see farenheit 9/11 Go see the trailer if you haven't already. Of course the trailer pissed me off, and I know the movie will too. It's made to piss you off, I get that... and I know that Michael Moore is pretty ...um, creative when it comes to editing... but the guy has made some pretty interesting points and I am going to see it. I don't see how my hatred of Bush could get any worse, but I imagine it will grow threefold.

We didn't do too much this weekend, Friday night Lori and I went out and she bought a ton of sporting equipment, I bought a basketball! We intend to wile away the pounds playing fun stuff outside. She even picked up jump ropes and Aaron agreed that we could bother him from time to time to be a rope turner. Heh. I still remember my favorite jump rope song "judge, judge, call the judge. Mama's gonna have a baaaaby. Wrap it up in Toilet paper send it down the elevator, first floor stop. Second floor go, third floor turn around, fourth floor touch the ground, fifth floor jump out, sixth floor jump back in, seventh floor start all over again." Dude, this is so the summer of regression.

Saturday we got some stuff done around the house, then Lori came with us and we went to visit Brandi in the rehab center. I feel so bad for her, she's just miserable. They have her in a real shit hole, and she's basically taking care of herself. She is able to get up and move around with a walker, and really is doing remarkably well considering what she's been through. After that, we picked Grandpa up and went to dinner at my parent's house, where I had one glass of wine and got borderline shitfaced. Damn.

Sunday was much of the same, getting stuff done; visited Brandi... got some homework done both days. Just same shit I guess.

Step away from the box bitch.

Pinch a cheeky!

quality time


Friday, June 04, 2004


I actually had my hair up in a completely different style complete with curling and everything before I left for work... I then deemed that it looked like shit, ripped it out, wet it down, blew dry it again, and now it's just hanging all sad and... icky. It's getting too long to be able to put up easily and be bouncy.

I was laying on the floor doing crunches, and Asa was sitting by the entertainment center. Out of nowhere he turned to bolt and ran smack dab into the entertainment center. It cracked me up, but I also felt bad for the little guy, the crack from his forehead hitting the wood was so loud.

When I got home last night Aaron and I cleaned the shit out of the apartment. It was getting to me big time. He's such a good sport when it comes to that... for some fucked up reason I always feel bad asking him to help me take care of the apartment. I always thank him when we are done and he usually says "you don't have to thank me, I live here too." And it's true, but I still do. I'm weird.

I am unlocking the wedding diary; and putting the entries that need to stay password protected, in the private folder. If you have the username and password you should still be able to access them. Everything else should be accessible now though. I may even remove those entries completely as I don't want to 'darken' the diary that's supposed to be happy with them. We'll see.

For everyone but Aaron...
On a happier note though, I did update over there, so check it out.


1. Name three people, living or dead, who you'd love to invite over for a dinner party. What would you serve?

Well, this doesn't say famous or not. So I guess if it were famous it would be... Bill Clinton, Wally Lamb- my most favoritest author ever, and lastly... Paul sr. or mikey from Orange County Choppers... after all if Aaron and I are throwing a dinner party it can't all be about me. If we are talking not famous then I would say Aaron's Dad (so he could see him once more), My grandma (who is deceased),and my mom-- so she could meet Aaron's dad, and so she could see her mom once more... and so we could both get a lesson in how you make gravy!

2. What does your all-time favorite meal consist of? Which foods do you like the least?

Hmmm... it's probably white clam sauce spaghetti from The Old Spaghetti Factory. Complete with sourdough bread and spumoni for dessert. I don't care for coleslaw at all, as well as cottage cheese or much fish... unless it's boneless.

3. Do you enjoy a food combination that some might consider
unusual [for example, barbecue sauce with French fries]?

I love peanut butter and banana sandwiches... but that's not really odd. I don't think so.

4. Do you have any food weaknesses [i.e., chips, candy,
cookies]? Do you usually manage to avoid the temptation or give

Ice cream... I love ice cream. I avoid it if it's not in the house. If it's in the house I have to be really determined otherwise I'll cave.

5. Which foods/recipes have you never tried but would like to?

I'd like to try to make indian food and thai food... but never have. Oooh, and sushi too.

Asa on MY lap in a fit of rare affection.

Gimme that finger!

Asa refuses to step 'outside the box'

But he'll still kick some ass

that is until Molly decides to pull the fur off his face.

here it is in closeup... good Lord.