Friday, May 14, 2004


I was so glad Rupert won last night. Both Aaron and I were rooting for him, and let out a couple of woops. Not even 5 minutes later someone banged on our front door. We checked the peephole, but there wasn't anyone there. I doubt it was because we yelled, because it's not like it was more than 5 seconds of yelling. No, we did not investigate. Um, hello? There could have been some psycho freak out there out of the line of sight waiting with a chloroform soaked rag ready to turn me into the next Patty Hearst or something. Ok, well maybe not. But still. Stand in my line of sight or I'm not letting you in.

Boy, who put a long tail on that kite?

So the dentist appointment went swimmingly. By swimmingly I mean I had an enjoyable buzz for about 10 minutes, fell asleep *cough*passedout*cough* and woke up in a haze and the dentist telling me that it was a very deep cavity and that I should keep an eye on it. I remember him speaking to me, but I don't remember what he said at all. When the asst. walked me out to the front desk, I leaned across the counter and whispered "what did he say? I was all foggy from the nitrus." She laughed and told me.

I always feel dumb when I wake up and am genuinely surprised that they are done. I always think of damn HILARIOUS things to write about when I'm in there too. But then I come out and voila, gone. I always get real testy too in the beginning if the asst. is all chatty. I'm laying there, starting to buzz and I always feel the need to crank the music up as loud as possible on my walkman. Then I have to turn it down, and it totally brings me back to the moment. I like to be as relaxed as possible when the dentist comes in, as it makes the whole visit way more tolerable for both of us. I always think of that moment in 'She's All That' when Seth Green's character freaks out on his friends with "Dayam! Why you got's to ruin my flava?!" This sounds bad huh?

Well, no big plans this weekend. I have a paper due in Bio tomorrow, and am waiting for her heiness the prof to email me back and approve my topic. *sigh* I should not be talking smack, because she's got the web address. I doubt she reads, but if she does she is so going to flunk my ass.

Other than that, we don't have much planned. Since it's almost a c-note (street cred man) to fill up the ol' Honda, we'll be chillin at home or riding our bikes a lot. Ok, maybe it's only a quarter of a c-note to fill up. Still.

Ben enjoys some much needed alone time in the window sill without Asa biting him on the back, (something new, he just leans over and bites him.)or Molly swiping at him when he breathes wrong.

If my mom really loved me she'd clean this gunk out of my eyes.

I was making salmon salad the other night and treated the babies to the squeezed out salmon juice. MMMMmmmm salmon juice.

as always, after Ben eats ANYTHING, he must cleanse himself.

Asa and Molly are diligently tracking the every move of our neighbor's ghetto ass kids.

ooh!ooh! the screen door is open, let's sniff the air!

ooh!ooh! the window is open, let's sniff the air!


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