Tuesday, May 11, 2004


I am still so tired today. I was in bed around 9:30 pm, but someone insisted on watching Monster Garage. Nah, it's ok, I just had a hard time falling asleep at all.

Man, not much to write about around these parts. This morning Molly and Asa were ripping around the apartment beating the hell out of each other when she jumped up on the chair and appeared to be taking a break from all the chasing, biting, growling, hissing, wrestling etc. Then Asa comes tearing out of the hallway over to the window, unaware of her on the chair and she dropped down on him piggy back style and gave him a coronary. He gave a muffled yelp and the grab ass continued. It was funny as hell.

I caught about 10 minutes of the Swan last night, the most important 10 minutes. The tail end of where they show the before and after of the first girl and get ready to do the reveal of the second girl. The second chick... the really skinny girl who had such a horrible life because of her misshapen nose (by the way, bitch if you want to see misshapen, take a look at my ass ok? Until then you look FINE.) and she looked all crazy. Plastic crazy... like "dude, what's up with her face?" Even the 10lbs of makeup they slather on didn't really help.

Have you checked out the videos of the survivor's begging for the million? WELL GO DO IT ALREADY! Rob C's made me and Aaron laugh out loud. He's got the angle.

You know, I'm not going to say a whole lot about this whole 'Iraq prisoner abuse' crap that's dominating television lately (DOMINATING I TELL YOU!)The thing that gets me all pissed off is this angle they are taking about how supposedly this kind of bullshit hasn't happened before. I think anyone with half a brain can deduce that this isn't a first time occurrence. Someone just dropped the ball in terms of keeping it quiet. I think it's damn insulting to even pretend that millions of other political prisoners have not endured the same type of shit that these prisoners did.

And that's all I have to say about that (that is unless you know me and are forced to listen to me babble on and on about it, because you know, I'm not about to list my ENTIRE opinion on the net. In which case, I might also mention that if you have been forced to listen to me babble on about this stuff... uh sorry.)

Anyhoo, how about some pics from mother's day? I have a ton, but won't post them all as even though it's big damn family, I'm a snob and only hung out with a small group... ok, actually I'm not a snob. My aunt D. is a big fat skank and I don't associate with her at all, or her idiot son. They were in the front yard, and I hung out in the garage, that's where all the cool people were anyway. Most of everyone who was in the front yard came back and forth into the garage. It was nice to have a nice big area for everyone to spread out in.

Most everyone was milling around the front yard at this point, I think we were getting ready to leave about this time.

Because my future husband is the shiznit, I had heart pancakes on Mother's Day for being a kitty-mom. (seriously, how cute is he?!)

Lori, Mom and I... I love this picture.

My cousin Cindy, My Aunt Carrie, Cassie and Cori all listen intently to Lori tell a story (hey I'm a poet!)

Camryn tells it how it is

Evan's one badass dude

How about a guacamole chip?

why thanks, I'd love one!


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