Monday, May 17, 2004


So. Another update in the wedding diary. One thing's for sure: I'm a wordy motherfucker. Again, if you don't have the username/password info, email me at allisonruth.comATcomcastDOTnet or leave a comment and I'll gladly give it out. Unless of course you are in the wedding party.

For a shitty morning, the day certainly shaped up to be a lot better. I had a bad dream, one that left me with a sore jaw as I was clenching my teeth for so long, as well as a stiff neck, and I was tired as hell when I woke up. I had a bad night as well, due to um... a remedy I took LAST WEDNESDAY for my un-fiberous diet, and it hit yesterday at approximately 3pm. It was not a fun evening for me.

Friday night Aaron and I had dinner, I did a bit of homework and we then headed out to run a few errands. We discovered Russel Stover low carb candies, and I spent the weekend in a chocolate haze. Hot damn those toffee squares are addicting. Lori and Ash came over on Friday night and we played a couple thousand rounds of Dr. Mario. Then, Saturday morning Aaron had some stuff to do, so I did laundry and homework until about 5. We vegged out for a little bit, then Holly invited us over to her family's house, as they were having a bbq. I finished making dinner (turkey burgers topped with bacon and cheese, so good.) and we stopped by for about 45 minutes. It was nice to see everyone, we had a nice time chatting.

When we got home, Lori and Ash came over again and this time we played Life. 3 rounds of it to be exact. I beat all their asses the first round, but then sucked eggs the next two. It was a lot of fun, we should play board games more often. Sunday morning we got up, watched a bit of tv, then I did a ton of homework, got so frustrated at my math that I was near tears and proclaimed "fuck it." and took off for an hour or so. I went to Longs, (they had the russel stovers candy on sale for cheap) then to Value Village just to look around. I ran into a friend of mine there who hasn't seen me in like 2 years? God has it been THAT long? After that I stopped in at the low-carb grocery to check it out, but um, I am not a lottery winner so I won't be purchasing ANYTHING there. After that I stopped at Alby's and then went home.

We watched Cheaper by The Dozen and for a movie I was so looking forward to, it ended up pissing me off. Hillary Duff was highly irritating, though I suppose her character was supposed to be, so um, kudos I guess. But the underlying theme was these out of control kids blah blah blah. Only the mom could keep them in control... whatever. Like I said to Aaron about a million times during the movie "kids act that way when they are allowed to act that way." I didn't like the movie, I get tired of kids who act like heathens and the parents let them get away with it. I understand this is just a movie, and without the antics it wouldn't have been much, but seriously. It irritated me.

I spent the rest of the evening wearing a path in the carpet from the living room to the facilities, while trying to watch Ocean's 11. I looooove that movie. It's the only movie I think Brad Pitt was very good in. (Ok, besides Legend's of the fall, he was good there too.... I guess I haven't seen many Brad Pitt movies...Don't listen to me I'm just babbling.)

Oh yeah, and we shaved Asa. He looks like a little pony, a little pony with furry moon boots. I gave him some of that calm down stuff from petsmart, (mixed it with tuna juice) and damn it helped a lot. He was still distressed, but less jumping. He got antsy towards the end, which is why his underside looks bad, but the top looks good!

Love the moonboots!

Woe is me.

This one's for mom and dad, Asa say's "Push the button!"
He hates to be held, here I'm telling him "Pretend that you LIKE me, I'm the one who feeds you for God's sake!"

Yeehaw! We partied in the big time on Saturday night.

I'm a poorly paid superstar

Wherein I attempt to assert myself as the woman in charge, and Molly does not back down. Though she did blink first.

Mr. Itchyfoot


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