Thursday, May 06, 2004


If you get that reference, you my friend are my people.

So yes, I am going to address the last episode of Friends. I will be watching it, of course as I never miss an episode. Even though I think the last two years have been by far, not the best (particularly due to making Monica so outlandishly... obvious? Is that the right word? And Phoebe is just... ick. I don't know, something just isn't right in the lines.) Anyway, I still love the show. I have been a faithful friends watcher since season One, when I would go over to Heather's and watch it with her family, as my family didn't watch it (yet). I remember being pissed as hell at the cliffhangers and then wishing Rachel and Ross would just get together (again, and again, and yet again), and then wishing for Joey and Rachel to get together, and now back to her and Ross (again).

To most people I guess, Friends is just a sitcom. For me it's a little bit more than that. When my dad had his stroke back in July of 2000, I think my sister and I were really the only avid Friends watchers. I had just about every episode taped, and in those first few weeks when Dad couldn't talk, and the neurological rehab center didn't have cable, mom bought a mini tv/vcr combo for him. The movies got old quick, and often were interrupted by various doctor and therapy appts. Not to mention that he slipped in and out of sleep pretty frequently. So I brought in some friends tapes and he got hooked. I don't remember if mom watched it yet or not, but over the next few weeks we watched hours upon hours of friends. It was a bright spot in our days and nights at the rehab center.

So when they first mentioned making that season of 2000/2001 their last I was beyond panicked. It was the only show I looked forward to all week. (Mind you this is back when I was knee deep in a depression so thick, the only thing that lifted my mood was this show, Ben and Jerry's New York Super Fudge Chunk and Nestle's treasures (the caramel kind)). I was overjoyed when they decided to stay on the air for a few more years. Now, though I am sad to see the show end, and have already predicted that yes, I will cry (though I didn't last week) I am ok with it ending. I think NBC is going a little overboard with all the coverage, but, you know, I still watched the dateline special last night. (btw, how beautiful is Courtney Cox?) And I really, really, really hope they don't fuck up the Joey spinoff.

By the way, I got a D on my math midterm. I've decided that it stands for D-ynomite! Perhaps I have the wrong attitude, but it's not even college level so as long as I pass I could give a shit. I do qualify for free tutoring though, but between all the busy work in biology and getting my math done at all I have no time for that shit.

Lately, Ben and Asa have been best buds, snuggling up all the time and generally hanging out together a lot more than usual.


One good lick...

deserves another


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