Thursday, May 13, 2004


Is it wrong that I am almost... *almost* looking forward to my dental appointment this evening because I know I'll be getting nitrus? Last time they had that shit cranked up so high I passed out for the duration of the appointment. It makes the first 10 minutes of the appointment VERY enjoyable, I'll tell ya that much.

I'm so pissed, America's Next Top Model had two, TWO viewings of the update show this week and I fucking missed the first half of both. ARg.

So, I wasn't going to mention this here, and please do not email me and tell me your opinion, because really, this is not up to debate. But Aaron and I have been on Atkins all week and it's going well. Contrary to public opinion, we are not stuffing ourselves like gluttons, we are eating pretty much the same amount of food as before, it's just weird to have no grains. We decided to give it a try because Aaron's hiatal hernia is bugging the shit out of him, and the doc said a loss of about 15-20lbs would help, and me being the ever neurotic freak about my weight decided that since I have no time for the gym right now, Atkins was the answer. I am getting ready to go wedding dress shopping and until June 10th my attendance at the gym will be all but non-existent. (I am averaging 1 day a week due to motherfucking homework.) So, I figured Atkins will give me a jump start.

We are following it strictly, and Aaron that punk has already lost 3+ pounds, I am behind him with a loss of 2 (though this morning the scale said 4lbs, but it was early and I was squinting, so I'm holding it at 2lbs for now.) It's hard to be inventive on this diet, but I told Aaron going into it I wouldn't do it unless I could make it as yummy as possible and thus far we've been just fine. We didn't have any problems weening ourselves off of soda or sweets at home, as we rarely have them in the house to begin with. I miss my rice, but that's ok, this is only temporary. We've committed to doing this for 3 weeks, unless we see no significant losses. So, we're taking it day by day, but I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Oh yeah, and the treat to die for? Sugar free jello with whipped cream on top. We will probably continue that dessert for a while after we stop the diet. It's so good!

Looking forward to tonight's survivor, crossing my fingers that Rupert wins!

It's the Asa show today...

He's such a sweetie pie

When Lori was over on Sunday night he would not stop writhing all over her shoes.

When I tell him to get down he rolls over and looks up at me. I hate that he uses his cuteness to his advantage.

I miss New York so freakin' much.


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