Thursday, May 27, 2004

Just a little note,

If you all could send some positive vibes/prayers our way it would be much appreciated. We just left the Hospital in Tacoma, Aaron's sister Brandi was T-boned by a semi today in her van. She is very sick and will probably be in the ICU for another 4-5 days, we are waiting to hear when she will go into surgery. She sustained a host of injuries that are not only serious but damn scary. This was one of those accidents where if she would have been wearing her seatbelt, she probably wouldn't be with us tonight. She has 4 little boys and a huge family that is worried sick about her, but a few more prayers won't hurt.

thanks. :-)

That song is in my head right now, courtesy of Yahoo! Radio. Man, what an uneventful entry this is shaping up to be. Two sort of funny things happened today... well not funny, but kind of odd I guess.

Last night I cleaned my closet and sorted shit for the future garage sale we are planning. I do this about once a year, maybe twice... but it's a rarity nonetheless. Well this morning I get up and Lori has left a mssg on my phone, apparently she cleaned her closet last night and got stuff together for the garage sale too... even wierder, considering she found stuff in her closet she got for christmas like 2 years ago. strange.

Then I was on the phone with my cousin Dawn, and I said something about Aspartame and pronounced it (ass-per-tame). She kind of laughed and said "You know what's funny? I always mispronounce it as 'as-part-amie'." I said "Dude! I always do that, and people always correct me! In fact when I just said it I had to think 'as-part-amie or ass-per-tame'. " It was kinda funny, especially when we found out we pronounce 'adirondack' the same (wrong) way. Must be in our Polenske genes.

Other than that, I finished homework up early as it seems they are laying off now that school's almost done (14 days!) actually it's really only one more week as the last week is just finals. Anyhoo, I watched Sex and The City season 6 disk 1 while I cleaned out the closet. Good Times.

Can I just mention that I hate it when people compare me to Miranda? She is the LEAST likeable character and if I am a judgemental, moody bitch then at least don't tell me so!

Wednesday, May 26, 2004


For a long time now, I have been debating putting up a weight loss blog. I finally did it. I am excited, but mainly because it'll help me in the long run. I plan to update it daily and probably once in the morning and once at night; as I want to keep it up to par on my activities. I plan to use it as a tool to guage what works and what doesn't.

I don't know if I've mentioned this yet, but I suspect I'm way late to the Yahoo radio party. I love it. I've customized my own little station and when they played that George Hung or whatever his name is singing YMCA I took glee in rating it: NEVER PLAY THIS AGAIN! And skipping it. Ahh, yahoo radio. I love you.

It's raining like a bitch today. I can't really complain, as it's been a relatively dry spring here, but damn. Quit raining! Tossed and turned all night; too warm, too cold. That shit gets annoying, AND FAST.

I suspect I am not applying myself to my academics as of late and to be completely honest I sat and pondered what my grade outcome might be if I decided to screw all this interim work until the final. I doubt it would be good as my performance on my math homework was D-elish. 15 days left man...

I am monopolizing the Netflix Queue(sp?) and all three Sex and The City disks for season 6 should be arriving this week. Yay! I don't know why I love that show, I just do. I also can't wait to rewatch season 1 of Survivor and rewatch all of the Felicity seasons.

There was something else I wanted to talk about, but damn it all, I can't remember what it was...

Molly gears up for battle

Or maybe she'll just lay down

Tuesday, May 25, 2004


I was asleep before 8:30 last night. My lower back pain decided to multiply itself by a million or so, and I was in unbearable pain from about 7pm on. I took a vicoden, a couple ibuprofen, laid on a heating pad, had Aaron try and give me a back massage and promptly passed the hell out. Whatever it was is gone for today, and I actually woke up feeling rested! Although now I could use a nap.

I didn't even get to see who was crowned the swan. I was glad though to log on this morning and see it was Rachel, I thought she was the most dramatic. I hope she dropped her "Rachel's sort of average" husband right on his ass. What a dick! Even if she was average, how about being supportive asshole?

Satchel was supposed to be gone today, but no. Otherwise it would have been a perfect day.

Did you catch our idiot President's address last night? I think they should have titled it: 101 Ways to mispronounce 'Abu Ghraib'. You know, it's just fucking amazing watching someone stumble over three syllables so badly at one point he pronounced it 'aru garum'... WTF? Not to mention that when he gives these fucking dumb ass speeches, he reads two sentences at a time. Like it's not all one speech, but rather an assortment of statements. Oh my God... seriously I'm getting all irritated now just thinking about it. I do not see how they are going to transfer ANY sort of power in a month. That place is a basic death chamber now, give it a month and let's see how much worse it can get. It's just so depressing.

Anyway, Hope everyone is having a decent Tuesday.

Molly's got Asa in the strong hold as she bunny kicks his face. heh.

How 'jungle-esque' does my dining room window look? Asa was picking on Ben and for once he stood up for himself. Normally the pansy lays there playing dead and will bolt at the first opportunity. On a side note, check out Asa's monster paw.

When the ears are back, she means bizness.


Monday, May 24, 2004


Before I forget, there's a new entryin the wedding diary.

For like, the last two weeks I've woken up with a stiff/sore lower back and my legs also ached. Anyone know what the hell could be wrong? I haven't been doing anything out of the ordinary, and it really makes sleeping in a bitch. I actually hurried through my homework this morning to try and do some yoga so my back would stretch, but it didn't help. I did google 'lower back stretch' and found a couple that I tried, but it's not helping as much as going away as time moves on during the day. Arg.

What a great weekend. I think any weekend where I take not 1 but 2 naps is a great one. I got some much needed homework done, lazed around and watched a bunch of Sex and The City episodes.

Also! Most importantly, I asked my cousin Dawn to be a bridesmaid, and she said yes! I am so excited, I wanted to include her from the beginning. I think it's so neat when family members become friends as well, you know? Her daughters Cassie and Cori will also be candle lighters.

I don't have too much to report, we had a great dinner at mom and dad's last night. The whole family is now on Atkins, AND ALL THE FUCKERS SEEM TO BE LOSING WEIGHT BUT ME! Actually, I think I've lost a few pounds, but it's been exactly 2 weeks today,and I'm just not seeing the progress I thought I would, but I'm sticking with it till I'm done with school (17 days nizzles!) and then I can devote more time to exercising.

The view of Downtown seattle as I head over the 4th avenue bridge going to work in the morning. If you look hard, you can see the space needle on the left, and the tall black building is the columbia tower.

My ride. Lovely paint peeling on the hood and all!

I am one of those people with shit hanging from my rearview mirror. A cherry air freshener (courtesy of my sister), a cherry necklace, a charm on that necklace with a figure of a boy that says Aaron and a keychain that says Aaron. (awww.)


Friday, May 21, 2004


I'm in a wierd mood today... so freakin tired. I had a hard time falling asleep last night, and DID NOT want to get out of bed this a.m. We rode our bikes down to mom and dad's last night, stayed about 5 minutes and then rode home. It's definitely a challenging ride, but we had a lot of fun anyway.

I did homework this morning, and then cleaned the house up a bit before I got ready for work. It needs to be deep cleaned and massively de cluttered, but at least the clutter is confined to shelves and drawers.

Our big plan for tonight is grocery shopping, woohoo! Stand back people, we are about to get crazy up in here. We never have plans really on Friday nights, so I figure we might as well make use of the time, go get the stuff we need from costco, then we'll probably just clean up the house a bit more, or maybe watch a movie. I should do a bit more homework to lighten the load for tommorrow, but who knows. If the weather gets better we'll probably go for another bike ride.

Tommorrow I am planning to get up, go to the gym, then around 1 we have a family thing on Aaron's side to go to. After that he has to work, and I will get some much needed quiet time for homework. Have I mentioned how ready I am for all of this 'school' bullshit to be done with? Man, 20 days left. Same thing for saturday reguarding homework, then we'll probably laze around a bit and get our fill of cable television, because I'm cancelling it on Monday.

I freaked my mom out yesterday when I told her we had 11 paydays left until the wedding. (heh, 14 till christmas!) sort of puts things into perspective. If you want to get technical, that's only 5 more rent payments as single people. HOLY SHIT.


1] You're making a CD mix titled, "The Soundtrack of My Life."
Which songs would you include, and why?

My dad gave my sister and I songs, (songs that he heard right after we were born... appropriate songs he heard right after we were born I guess, heh.) So that song would be You Are So Beautiful By Joe Cocker, Then the song Runaway by Del Shannon, as I was obsessed with that and Bobby Brown's Don't Be Cruel as a kid. For the teen years I guess it would be Anything off of Maria Carey's music box album, and before I met Aaron the song I characterized for myself was both: Goodbye to Love by the Carpenters and Some Guys Have All The Luck by Rod Stewart. (Can you say depression?) For this phase of my life it would be the song Beautiful by Snoop Dogg, as Aaron sings it to me, and our song Baby I Love Your Way by Peter Frampton.

2] What is your favorite song right now?
Right now, I am obsessed with that Britney Spears' song 'Everytime'.

3] You're feeling down, sad, lonely, frustrated, angry ... which song[s] do you play to help yourself feel better?

The Eagle's: Heartache Tonight, followed by Foreigner's Jukebox Hero and then to make sure I'm smiling, I'd listen to anything by the Mama's and the Papas. Also, my sister and I found out long ago that if you are in a pissy mood, singing along to anything with a pronounced lisp(lithp) helps to lighten the mood and make you feel silly.

4] Do you watch the TV show "American Idol"? Why/why not?
Who do you think will win the competition?

No, I don't watch. Not for any particular reason, I just don't.

5] Do most of your friends generally share your taste in music?

A bit I guess. We all like similar stuff, some of us just have more of a like for one genre then the other.

I wish I remembered what it is they were looking at..

Lori lays it down


Lori and Ash and a little quality time, or three stooges imitations, whichever.


Thursday, May 20, 2004


It's payday, but it doesn't mean too much for us, most of it will be banked for the wedding. I also went and made a payment on our rings, so that's good. I can't wait until school is done with and I can put some actual effort into the planning.

I also have a bunch of little projects that I am excited to undertake after I'm done with finals etc. (21 days yo!) I want to rearrange the living room, Aaron and I have to get into storage and sort through ANYTHING that we don't really want and we'll have a garage sale, and I really want to get the house spic and span. Totally clean. Oh yeah, and I might reconsider installing movable type... but I wouldn't hold your breath. I am not so confident I've got the brains to get it installed correctly.

Hmm, other than that, not much going on. Have I mentioned lately how much I miss my nails? I do. Hopefully when Lori goes to beauty school she'll learn how to do nails. I was thinking about it last night and I estimated that I spend like 500 bucks a year or so on having my nails done. That is a damn waste. Yes I miss them (SO BAD) but when I think about it like that... let's just say I don't think I'll be putting them back on any time soon.

I think tomorrow I'll bring the camera with me and do a sort of 'day in the life' entry. It'll probably be up next week. I wasn't going to, but then I thought about it and I always enjoy those type of entries. I like to see where my fellow journalers live, work, etc.

What a good baby

And since Holly is tiring of the cat pics...:-)

Me and Cori, on Mother's day at Grandma's. She's so pretty.

Here's me with Cori's twin, Cassie. I was 13 when they were born, people. THEY WEAR MAKEUP FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! They aren't into hanson anymore! Or Barney. Which is probably a good thing, but I feel old.

ok, one more cat picture. Aaron and the bean-dogg.


Wednesday, May 19, 2004


I do not know what the deal is lately, I am tired as HELL. I went to the track by our house last night and ran a mile, then Aaron and I went home and did the beach body video. Today I am sore. But in a good way; sore enough to know I'm sore, but not sore enough to complain about it.

I will complain about my headache though. Had them on and off all week thankyouverymuch.

Speaking of headaches, I would think Ben has one, as it seems Asa has been using his head as a chew toy.

See that scratch in his bald spot? (Male pattern balding, hee!) It's actually more of a deep gash. Asa has been picking on poor benny lately, actually so has Molly. But Molly's an asshole by nature, so I guess I dismiss it more. For example, last night Ben happened to walk by Molly (she was standing on the box near the windowsill, and he was on the windowsill. NOT infringing on her personal space or anything) and she not only swiped at him but growled and screeched. She growled at me this morning when I picked her up and batted at me with her paw. Whatever. I think she's got some sort of attachment disorder, heh. Maybe it's time for some aversion therapy.

"my brother uses my head as a chew toy."
Also, This is for my dear friend Sarah, who I was best friends with back in like... the 7th and 8th grades. She moved back to New York to live with her mom the summer before 9th grade, and we haven't seen each other since. (ahem, that's like 13 years man.) I was looking for a different ring to wear a while ago and in my jewelery box sat this ring that she gave to me oh so many years ago. It's a tiger's eye ring, and I've been wearing it for a few weeks now. I thought she might get a kick out of that.

I was in a foul fucking mood this morning. Even though at first I was all happy and giddy, I was listening to another old cd mix. The song "The Final Countdown" by Europe came on, and hot damn it lifted my spirits. Immediately I was thinking of Bobby, excited that he is going to be coming out for the ol' nuptials, and thinking of how we could play this at the wedding reception. He contends that it's the greatest song ever written. Of course, he is a resident of Stockholm, Sweden where hairbands NEVER go out of style. (Case in point: his undying love for all things Bon Jovi, Metallica, Europe, Guns N' Roses and Poison.) Of course he likes the techno too, but I love him anyway.

Anyway, I snapped out of it somehow, but not before hollering at Aaron on the phone about this that and the other thing. (though none of it was directed at him, I was just venting.)

Asa made friends with Ashley during our life game on Saturday night. He also surveyed the game and declared us a bunch of losers for playing a board game on a Saturday night.

He was in heaven, I love it when you pet him and he looks up at you like "please don't stop".

This picture is a lot funnier if you hum the tune of 'eye of the tiger' and make his paws do little punching moves. Seriously.


Tuesday, May 18, 2004


I am having a SEVERE MOTHERFUCKING PROBLEM restraining myself from punching satchel in the face. He is having... issues, which require him to clear his throat/cough and the sound is so absolutely disgusting I want to beat him with a fucking bat every time he does it.

It sounds like he is sucking the bottom of a milkshake with a straw.

I must vomit now.

So, my dad has graciously bestowed upon Aaron and I his $5,000 wheelchair to sell for the wedding. He's got a much nicer automatic one to cruise, and hasn't used this particular one for like 3-4 years. He used it mostly while he was in neuro-rehab. ANYHOO, I am going to post it on craigslist when my mom finds the paperwork so I can describe it better than 'uh, a really nice set of wheels,yo.' It has a 'uni-brake' and it also can be tilted back like... 90 degrees? Dad help me out here. Anyway, here's a picture of me in it.

So yeah, if you know anyone who is looking for something like this let me know. I am hoping (praying, begging, pleading) to get 3 grand for it, but you know. Highest offer wins.

So I've just discovered Air America Radio. I have been listening to it (quietly of course) online at work, and am thoroughly enjoying it, and all the ads too. I can't wait to tune into Janeane Garofalo's show this afternoon. It's on at an awkward time (5-8pm) but I do want to try and catch a bit of it. I just sucks because I can only listen to it online.

Last night we decided to take a bike ride down to mom and dad's. It's only a couple of miles, but it's a long, low grade hill. My thighs were burning like something fierce. But we did it and had a great time. When we got home we worked out to Lori's beach body dvd.(arms and abs.)

We had to shut the cats out of the bedroom last night because Molly is a damn freak. There is a kitty who hangs around, I think he lives in the complex, and he drives Molly batshit. He doesn't mean to, all he does is walk by and the hissing and growling start. The other night she freaked out, jumped at the window, and ended up pulling the curtains partially down. Well last night I was brushing my teeth and Aaron was dozing when this kitty came by and Molly freaked out and scared the hell out of Aaron. Heh, it was kinda funny, but I shooed her ass right out the door. I do not need a 3 am wake up call in the form of screeching and hissing.

Aaron was surprised at my foot attire for the bike ride. I never wear shoes when possible. Ever. (I'm my mother's daughter, huh mom?)

sweet kitty yawn

scary kitty yawn

Ben likes to bitch. A LOT.


Monday, May 17, 2004


So. Another update in the wedding diary. One thing's for sure: I'm a wordy motherfucker. Again, if you don't have the username/password info, email me at allisonruth.comATcomcastDOTnet or leave a comment and I'll gladly give it out. Unless of course you are in the wedding party.

For a shitty morning, the day certainly shaped up to be a lot better. I had a bad dream, one that left me with a sore jaw as I was clenching my teeth for so long, as well as a stiff neck, and I was tired as hell when I woke up. I had a bad night as well, due to um... a remedy I took LAST WEDNESDAY for my un-fiberous diet, and it hit yesterday at approximately 3pm. It was not a fun evening for me.

Friday night Aaron and I had dinner, I did a bit of homework and we then headed out to run a few errands. We discovered Russel Stover low carb candies, and I spent the weekend in a chocolate haze. Hot damn those toffee squares are addicting. Lori and Ash came over on Friday night and we played a couple thousand rounds of Dr. Mario. Then, Saturday morning Aaron had some stuff to do, so I did laundry and homework until about 5. We vegged out for a little bit, then Holly invited us over to her family's house, as they were having a bbq. I finished making dinner (turkey burgers topped with bacon and cheese, so good.) and we stopped by for about 45 minutes. It was nice to see everyone, we had a nice time chatting.

When we got home, Lori and Ash came over again and this time we played Life. 3 rounds of it to be exact. I beat all their asses the first round, but then sucked eggs the next two. It was a lot of fun, we should play board games more often. Sunday morning we got up, watched a bit of tv, then I did a ton of homework, got so frustrated at my math that I was near tears and proclaimed "fuck it." and took off for an hour or so. I went to Longs, (they had the russel stovers candy on sale for cheap) then to Value Village just to look around. I ran into a friend of mine there who hasn't seen me in like 2 years? God has it been THAT long? After that I stopped in at the low-carb grocery to check it out, but um, I am not a lottery winner so I won't be purchasing ANYTHING there. After that I stopped at Alby's and then went home.

We watched Cheaper by The Dozen and for a movie I was so looking forward to, it ended up pissing me off. Hillary Duff was highly irritating, though I suppose her character was supposed to be, so um, kudos I guess. But the underlying theme was these out of control kids blah blah blah. Only the mom could keep them in control... whatever. Like I said to Aaron about a million times during the movie "kids act that way when they are allowed to act that way." I didn't like the movie, I get tired of kids who act like heathens and the parents let them get away with it. I understand this is just a movie, and without the antics it wouldn't have been much, but seriously. It irritated me.

I spent the rest of the evening wearing a path in the carpet from the living room to the facilities, while trying to watch Ocean's 11. I looooove that movie. It's the only movie I think Brad Pitt was very good in. (Ok, besides Legend's of the fall, he was good there too.... I guess I haven't seen many Brad Pitt movies...Don't listen to me I'm just babbling.)

Oh yeah, and we shaved Asa. He looks like a little pony, a little pony with furry moon boots. I gave him some of that calm down stuff from petsmart, (mixed it with tuna juice) and damn it helped a lot. He was still distressed, but less jumping. He got antsy towards the end, which is why his underside looks bad, but the top looks good!

Love the moonboots!

Woe is me.

This one's for mom and dad, Asa say's "Push the button!"
He hates to be held, here I'm telling him "Pretend that you LIKE me, I'm the one who feeds you for God's sake!"

Yeehaw! We partied in the big time on Saturday night.

I'm a poorly paid superstar

Wherein I attempt to assert myself as the woman in charge, and Molly does not back down. Though she did blink first.

Mr. Itchyfoot


Friday, May 14, 2004


I was so glad Rupert won last night. Both Aaron and I were rooting for him, and let out a couple of woops. Not even 5 minutes later someone banged on our front door. We checked the peephole, but there wasn't anyone there. I doubt it was because we yelled, because it's not like it was more than 5 seconds of yelling. No, we did not investigate. Um, hello? There could have been some psycho freak out there out of the line of sight waiting with a chloroform soaked rag ready to turn me into the next Patty Hearst or something. Ok, well maybe not. But still. Stand in my line of sight or I'm not letting you in.

Boy, who put a long tail on that kite?

So the dentist appointment went swimmingly. By swimmingly I mean I had an enjoyable buzz for about 10 minutes, fell asleep *cough*passedout*cough* and woke up in a haze and the dentist telling me that it was a very deep cavity and that I should keep an eye on it. I remember him speaking to me, but I don't remember what he said at all. When the asst. walked me out to the front desk, I leaned across the counter and whispered "what did he say? I was all foggy from the nitrus." She laughed and told me.

I always feel dumb when I wake up and am genuinely surprised that they are done. I always think of damn HILARIOUS things to write about when I'm in there too. But then I come out and voila, gone. I always get real testy too in the beginning if the asst. is all chatty. I'm laying there, starting to buzz and I always feel the need to crank the music up as loud as possible on my walkman. Then I have to turn it down, and it totally brings me back to the moment. I like to be as relaxed as possible when the dentist comes in, as it makes the whole visit way more tolerable for both of us. I always think of that moment in 'She's All That' when Seth Green's character freaks out on his friends with "Dayam! Why you got's to ruin my flava?!" This sounds bad huh?

Well, no big plans this weekend. I have a paper due in Bio tomorrow, and am waiting for her heiness the prof to email me back and approve my topic. *sigh* I should not be talking smack, because she's got the web address. I doubt she reads, but if she does she is so going to flunk my ass.

Other than that, we don't have much planned. Since it's almost a c-note (street cred man) to fill up the ol' Honda, we'll be chillin at home or riding our bikes a lot. Ok, maybe it's only a quarter of a c-note to fill up. Still.

Ben enjoys some much needed alone time in the window sill without Asa biting him on the back, (something new, he just leans over and bites him.)or Molly swiping at him when he breathes wrong.

If my mom really loved me she'd clean this gunk out of my eyes.

I was making salmon salad the other night and treated the babies to the squeezed out salmon juice. MMMMmmmm salmon juice.

as always, after Ben eats ANYTHING, he must cleanse himself.

Asa and Molly are diligently tracking the every move of our neighbor's ghetto ass kids.

ooh!ooh! the screen door is open, let's sniff the air!

ooh!ooh! the window is open, let's sniff the air!


Thursday, May 13, 2004


Is it wrong that I am almost... *almost* looking forward to my dental appointment this evening because I know I'll be getting nitrus? Last time they had that shit cranked up so high I passed out for the duration of the appointment. It makes the first 10 minutes of the appointment VERY enjoyable, I'll tell ya that much.

I'm so pissed, America's Next Top Model had two, TWO viewings of the update show this week and I fucking missed the first half of both. ARg.

So, I wasn't going to mention this here, and please do not email me and tell me your opinion, because really, this is not up to debate. But Aaron and I have been on Atkins all week and it's going well. Contrary to public opinion, we are not stuffing ourselves like gluttons, we are eating pretty much the same amount of food as before, it's just weird to have no grains. We decided to give it a try because Aaron's hiatal hernia is bugging the shit out of him, and the doc said a loss of about 15-20lbs would help, and me being the ever neurotic freak about my weight decided that since I have no time for the gym right now, Atkins was the answer. I am getting ready to go wedding dress shopping and until June 10th my attendance at the gym will be all but non-existent. (I am averaging 1 day a week due to motherfucking homework.) So, I figured Atkins will give me a jump start.

We are following it strictly, and Aaron that punk has already lost 3+ pounds, I am behind him with a loss of 2 (though this morning the scale said 4lbs, but it was early and I was squinting, so I'm holding it at 2lbs for now.) It's hard to be inventive on this diet, but I told Aaron going into it I wouldn't do it unless I could make it as yummy as possible and thus far we've been just fine. We didn't have any problems weening ourselves off of soda or sweets at home, as we rarely have them in the house to begin with. I miss my rice, but that's ok, this is only temporary. We've committed to doing this for 3 weeks, unless we see no significant losses. So, we're taking it day by day, but I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Oh yeah, and the treat to die for? Sugar free jello with whipped cream on top. We will probably continue that dessert for a while after we stop the diet. It's so good!

Looking forward to tonight's survivor, crossing my fingers that Rupert wins!

It's the Asa show today...

He's such a sweetie pie

When Lori was over on Sunday night he would not stop writhing all over her shoes.

When I tell him to get down he rolls over and looks up at me. I hate that he uses his cuteness to his advantage.

I miss New York so freakin' much.


Wednesday, May 12, 2004


I am in a bit of a mood today. Let's just say I need more fiber in my system and call it good.

Ok gang, I have 29 days of school left...*sigh* that translates to about 4 weeks from today I will be taking my last final until January of next year. (Unless of course I take a class over the summer, but I HIGHLY doubt I would do something as crazy as that.) I just want to BE DONE RIGHT FUCKING NOW. Right now!

I want to get back to the gym, every week I say "this is the week I go back." Then I get bitch-slapped by my biology class and if that isn't enough my math class takes a cheap shot and kicks me in the ribs while I'm down.

I hate school right now. To the powers that be, I could give a rat's ass how many motherfucking nucleotides are in each cell of my everloving self. (the answer to that is 3 billion by the way.) Nor do I care what the nth root of a is to the x power. *sigh* HATE.HATE.HATE.HATE.HATE.HATE!

On the upside, we got new computers at work this week, and it is DIVINE. Love love love the new computers. Also, the conference room that is right next to my space is now kevin's new office, he moved up there to get away from the satchel bastard, and it's kind of nice not being the only one in the front of the office. I feel like I have a buddy up there.

Speaking of dickface (satchel--as if you didn't know) we got into it yesterday, because I didn't bother to alert him that he had a mssg in his mssg. box. Now, when I take down a mssg, the guys usually check their box when they come through the door, grab any mail and/or mssgs and are on their way. For some reason, dumbass doesn't remember to do this all the time, and consequently mssgs will occasionally sit there for a few hours. He got all offended when I didn't alert him to it, and I told him I forgot. He acted all insulted and shit and said "well, why couldn't you have just made an effort to let me know it's been sitting there?" I said "BECAUSE I FORGOT FOR ONE, and secondly, I don't make it my business to make sure you have your messages. That's why you have a box." He shouted at me in a sarcastic tone "Thanks. Your cooperation is OUTSTANDING!" I replied "Satchel, SHUT UP!" Professional, no? I then received the following email this morning:

I desire to return every call or respond to each message as soon as I can. To help me, please advise me as soon as practical whenever you have a person I am to respond to. I would like an intercom call or E mail or some other method you think would work better. Thanks for your help.

I replied:

I understand, however, if you are not in the office I cannot intercom you, that is what your message box is for. I will try to remember to send you an email, but you need to try to remember to check your box, as I am not only taking messages for you, but for kevin and john as well.

Also, 9 times out of ten, your customers don't leave messages. Almost all of the time they decline to leave a mssg, as I'm sure you can attest. (Being that you rarely have mssgs waiting.)

I wanted to add:
Oh yeah, and quit being a fucking douchebag and maybe people will want to help you.

But I didn't.

"And then you put the ball in the net like this..."

Camryn: "This dude is Craaazy."
Evan: "someone tell her that the ball goes in net!"

Evan: "The ball goes in the net right?"
Camryn: "I am so going to grab that ball from him as soon as I get a chance..."

Evan: "forget about the ball, let's talk about us"
Camryn: "I don't know dude, I think cousins are as good as we're gonna get."