Tuesday, April 06, 2004


Since we got our digital camera fixed (I busted the battery door in a drunken stupor... I'll let you decide or if that's true or not) I have a shitload of pics to share. So here are a few...

Today is Lori's 23rd birthday, here she is about... 21 years ago? Go shorty it's your berfday, we gon' party... like it's Tuesday night. (ahem, the REAL party is this saturday when we'll celebrate BOTH of our birthdays along with a few of our closest friends. *yeah, I sent out like 30 invitations, we do em up right!)

Hector's back! The patio scavenging shall now commence.

The sight of such delectable treats as plump little squirrels sent Asa (and molly) into squirrel hunting freaks. here Asa stealthily blends into thin air while planning the attack.

Aaron and I at Alki beach on Saturday night, you can't tell here, but we are really fucking cold in this picture.

Chilly nights make Wili grumpy. I think I'll call this one "quit taking my fucking picture."

Chandra was cold too. We wanted to build a fire, but all the pits were taken.

That so totally is not an illegal fire built in the sand on the beach... I swear. But damn it felt good.

We were so totally not drinking on the beach either. I wonder how many public ordinances we broke that night...


I wonder how many wwpoints a smore is? (I only had one anyway)... and I'm only half serious about that question. I didn't count points this weekend. Feh... sue me.

Last night found us at my cousin Dawn's house, her youngest Camryn was celebrating her 2nd bday. There will be a formal bday party in a couple weeks for the april bdays in our family, but a few of us went over to have cake and ice cream anyway.

She got a baby!

She worked diligently to put the binky in her baby's mouth

I could gobble those toes right up

stylin' and profilin'

A Nemo cake for the birthday girl

Remember when I posted this a few days ago? These girls are Camryn's older sisters.

Here Lori and I are with them, they turn 14 this year. They wear makeup now.. they wear Lori's hand me downs now. My God did we feel old. On one hand it's so cool to see them growing up but on the other hand, Where did those little babies go? I asked them last night to participate in the wedding, they'll be lighting candles during the ceremony along with Aaron's nephews. They were excited about it, man I cannot believe they will be in high school next year.



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