Monday, April 26, 2004


Well, the weekend sure flew by didn't it? A brief rundown of ours: Friday night we didn't do much except hang out, clean the apartment, (I did some homework) and Wili and Lori came over and we played Dr. Mario. Saturday we went to Old Navy to return some stuff I bought and realized I would never wear, picked up some stuff at Petsmart, went to The Shane Company and picked out and placed on layaway, our wedding bands (!) stopped by Lowe's, and Bed Bath and Beyond to find a sprayer for the sink that hooked up to the faucet, and then ended up stopping by Fred Meyers because the one we picked up at BBB didn't fit. (Neither did the one from Fred's. *sigh*) Saturday night we went to our favorite karaoke bar for Meghan's birthday. I love it there, had such a good time. We haven't been down there since...November? January? Something, it's been a long freakin' time anyway.

Sunday we lazed around in the morning for a bit, bathed the cats (that's what the sprayer was for, I just ended up using a pitcher instead.) and went grocery shopping, then had dinner at mom and dad's. When I pulled out the towels for the cats, I was ... um, how shall we say fucking disgusted to find that we had a leak under the sink. (I keep all of our extra towels (that don't match our theme... about 20 of them) folded under the bathroom sink. In addition to extra sheets, pillowcases and a few odds and ends.) The towels all the way on the bottom of the stacks were fucking drenched. Nice. God knows how long it's been dripping, but the mold was so bad it discolored some of the towels, and ate through the jersey pillow cases. I salvaged most of everything, washing them twice on the hot water cycle with LOTS of soap. Then I cleaned out the cabinet and I'll call maintenance today. Gross.

Last night we flipped channels forever before finally settling on 'Baby Beauty Queens' on A&E. Pageant moms make me sick. Seriously. And those little itty bitty girls traipsing around as though they are hookers... you know, I don't need to see a 5 year old gyrating and simulating stripping to think she's cuter than another girl. They all had too much make up on, and such big hair. At one point Aaron said "dude, I don't even like the hair, it's not even pretty." I said "EXACTLY. But if that hairstyle was on a chick in playboy you'd think she was hot. That's why it's so sick." He was quiet for a minute and then got this grossed out look on his face and shook his head.

So yeah, we decided to bathe the cats. It's been too long, and I thought perhaps some of Ben's itchiness could be to being a dirty birdy. I figured he'd be the easiest, so we washed him up first. (obviously, I am still sporting my 'going out hair... only it's been slept on and my makeup wasn't washed off' look, because I'm not going to shower before I bathe cats and end up walking around all day smelling like wet cat funk, so that's why I look so perty here.)

Ever since he was a kitten, whenever he's afraid he buries his head under your chin, and clings on for dear life. Poor Benny.

He was really good, but did try to grab onto me a few times as well as tried to escape.

Poor baby

Man, when Ben is wet, he stinks too. Worse than the other cats. He paid us back for bathing him by cleaning himself and promptly puking up 3 hairballs. Thanks buddy!

Molly was so good in the tub. I expected hissing and biting and general shitty attitude, but she never even once tried to get out of the tub. I was highly impressed. She most certainly was not enjoying herself, but she cooperated.

"You fuckers are dead to me."

I would add pictures of Asa in the bath, except the fucker was so uncooperative we couldn't even get him wet. We got him into the tub, and when his feet got wet, it was as if we were excersing the demons out of his contorting little body. He screamed, and by screamed I don't mean yowl... it sounded like we were peeling the skin off a six year old with a potato peeler. It was so bad, I have no doubt he really thought we were torturing him, and I let him go. He stood by the door and mewed innocently, and I thought "it's just water. I'm not hurting him, it's just water." So we tried it again, and the shrieking commenced immediately and Aaron said "fine. You'll just have to stay dirty then." heh, I just can't do it when he's that upset. If we could somehow sedate him it would be fine. I bought some of that 'calm down' for cats, but it didn't do shit. I'll be taking that back this week.

Hmmm, another beer please?!

The nice picture

the birthday girl

Jello shots!

Holly and Chandra sing some tunes

Lori pretends to be charming (heh!)


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