Wednesday, April 14, 2004


So, I went out yesterday and bought myself a birthday cake for the office. I wasn't going to, but dammit, everyone gets cake at the office for their birthdays! So I did, and in doing that, received many well wishes and "I am so sorry I forgot"s ... I don't want anyone to feel bad! But everything is better now, the house is clean, the office is harmonious, and the people who did show up to our birthday party fucking rock. Thanks again you guys.

Since I don't have a whole helluva lot to say today, other than I DID NOT watch Idiot face give his press conference last night because you know, I don't need to get pissed off for no reason. It was enough to keep hearing journalists say "last night in President Bush's speech he reminded us that Americans are going to have to stay the course." What.the.fuck. Seriously, I hate him. I hate him and I really have a hard time respecting anyone who supports his dumb ass. Don't send me your hate mail either, because frankly I couldn't give two shits.

Onto the birthday pictures!

One shot of about 5, the rest are of me blinking, or aaron blinking or both of us blinking or him getting lost in the mass that is my hair... you get my point.

A good shot of Lisa and Dwayne

I don't know if that's such a good look for him

L-R Lori, Adrienne and Chandra, cool pic huh?!

This picture fucking kills me, the fact that I actually had the urge at one point to give Aaron a noogie... heh, he puts up with a lot of shit. :-)

A round of Goldshlager! (Thanks Chandra!)

Either the Goldshlager didn't go down as smoothly for Lori, or she is all fuhlklempt. (quickly, talk amongst yourselves "tomato... is it a vegetable or a fruit?")

Sue and Louie, and Aaron and I

This one is Lori's favorite of the whole night

me, obnoxious? Neeevvvveeerrrrr

this is what I looked like the next morning, scary! (I obviously have zero shame)

Lori gets down with her bad self

as does Chandra

Are you mocking me?


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