Friday, April 30, 2004

Edited to add...

Is it just me, or does Maria Shriver look like Skeletor to you too?

Should I be embarrassed that I not only downloaded (legally! From Napster!) but absolutely fucking love the song 'Everytime' by Britney Spears? That's the one with her attempting suicide or whatever in the video, or maybe I missed something, but it looks like she touches her head, it's bleeding and she dies. I concluded from the video that it's when her idiot boyfriend (played stupendously by that greasy jerkoff Stephen Dorff) throws some glass shit against the wall... weird video. AWESOME song. Don't judge me.

Should I also be embarrassed that I really, really want to see that new Mary Kate and Ashley movie? Aaron and I watched them on Oprah the other night, and gotta say it, I was impressed.

I am embarrassed that I fell prey to Mark Burnett's devious editing last night and sobbed as they all got to see their family members. Especially when Big Tom got a little choked up when he saw Bucky Bo. And by the way could that name be more fitting? And of course when Rupert saw Laura I bawled like a freakin baby. Thank goodness I was home alone, as Aaron was at my parents house putting Lori's bike together. I would have been mort-i-fied for him to see me reduced by that. Though I should note, the last time when they had videos of the family members and it got all emotional he made jokes about it to deflect his own throat tightening and eye tearing. (As a side note, they are all a bunch of damn idiots if they don't get rid of Boston Rob and SOON. Last night was the perfect opportunity, but it's like they are all his sheep!)

This morning I not only downloaded Everytime by Britney, But Toxic as well (shut up!) and Godspeed by the Dixie Chicks which is achingly sweet. I also downloaded Avril Lavigne's Don't Tell Me, Tammy Wynette's Stand By Your Man (and now I totally want to watch Coal Miner's Daughter), Patsy Cline's Walkin' after Midnight (just hush), Andy Williams' Hawaiian Wedding Song (should I be embarrassed to admit that it makes me cry a little bit each time I hear it?) and to keep my streed cred up to par, I also downloaded D-12's new one Get my Gun. I did think I wanted that whole album, but I listened to samples, and they aren't all as good as My Band, most are really dark and gritty.

Sorry I havent' been updating the past few days, I might mention that my mom called me yesterday and demanded to know why I haven't updated. "I don't know, just haven't felt like it." her response "YOU SUCK." aaah, so supportive. :-)

No big plans for the weekend, some bike riding, and Aaron's cousin Mike and his fiance' Sara invited us up to Marysville to hang out so we'll do that tomorrow night. Other than that, I have some birthday money burning a hole in my pocket so I might do a little shopping.

No friday five this week at all so here's some pics...

He knows he's damn cute

Don't disturb the queen

The little fucker knows he's not allowed behind there, he gets his cat hair EVERYWHERE.

No matter if I yell at him he won't budge from his little napping spot

more party pics!

She's a genie in a bottle bay-bay

Holly gets territorial over the Karaoke book

Lori and Chandra ham it up

Lori pretends to be coy

Connor's a pimp yo. I might add that I recently ran across a couple of pictures of us as kids (before he got street cred and before Corey had one drop of tattoo ink in him) and I briefly thought about posting them, but I think they'd kick my ass.


Thursday, April 29, 2004


It's 5:23am homies! I am actually up and at em, and anticipating my first cup of morning java. I wasn't going to keep indulging because I don't necessarily think the caffeine is aiding any sort of weight loss, but since I am not going to the gym (again) because I have an INSANE AMOUNT OF FUCKING WORK TO DO FOR SCHOOL... I am up at the buttcrack of dawn to play a little catch up, and so I don't have to work from the time I get home tonight to the time I go to bed, because frankly my dear it's Survivor night and fuck all if that doesn't take precidence. ... (sp?)

So anyway, that brings me to my question, I am trying to think of a new email address. The comcast was installed just fine and I will have my earthlink accounts for another month, but I am anxious to start transferring things over. If anyone has any suggestions for some kinda cool email addys, shoot em my way. For reference, here are some past email addy's I've had and some of the ones I've come up with for the new one, but they just don't feel right a side note, I would like to keep this next one for a lot longer than just a year.

OLD ONES (spin was short for spinster... heh, and 28 was Joey Cora's number when he was a Mariner) (Miha, spanish term of endearment our cook at the preschool called all of us ladies, 77 is my birth year.) (Pennielane for the Beatles song, and I was 24 at the time)

NEW ONES I'M CONSIDERING think this one is self explanatory (I just don't like the 77 at the end for some reason, but MrsMartin is already taken by itself.) think people would misread it as miss-us martin.) (this one sounds dirty) (in high school that was how I wanted to spell my name)

who knows, I'm tired of thinking about it for the moment. I'll update again later adios!

Tuesday, April 27, 2004


I am fighting the urge to chalk this up to a shitty day. I woke up in a funk, should have gone to the gym, but didn't because I was tired and my ass is sore from squatting while bathing the cats. I should have also done homework since I got up an hour early, but I didn't do that either. I did shitty on my math quiz last night (which I have two more chances to attempt to make it better but ... bah.) While putting lotion on my dry as hell elbows, I dripped lotion all over my jeans, just a few minutes ago I apparently forgot how to drink water. All of a sudden I snorted it somehow and all the water I had taken in through my mouth was dripping out of my nose, down the front of my shirt and pants and I was coughing and sputtering, and trying to stop the flow of water whilst trying not to cry because my God the burning... the burning was awful.

So yeah, it's been an interesting morning thus far. I am fucking tired and just want to go home. I have midterms on friday and monday, a lab due tonight, a quiz on thursday a math unit due tomorrow (ha! Laughable!) and I really should redo the last two math units as I performed miserably on them... but there's just no time.

Like I said, I'm in a funk.

I did make a really good, really easy dinner last night. I call it the 'breakfast bake'. I cut up two large baking potatoes into cubes and boiled them for about 5 minutes. I think half that time would have sufficed though, since they sat in the water as it heated to boiling. As that was going on, I browned some sausage, drained the grease and put it in a bowl. After the potatoes boiled, I put them in the frying pan with some butter and let them cook some more. (THey ended up being kind of mushy, but still good.) then added the sausage back to reheat and poured in a scrambled egg mixture to kind of glue everything together. I let it cook for a minute, stirred it all up, and repeated until the egg was cooked. When that was done I sprinkled grated cheese on top and covered while I toasted some english muffins.

I made my portion different as I wanted mushrooms and diced onion in mine, and I also only wanted egg whites. I didn't use cheese on mine either. In the end, Aaron had his plain, I mixed fat free sour cream with mine, and Lori put ketchup on hers. We all loved it. So easy, took about a half hour from start to serve.

I putzed around the house this morning in search of shit to sell on ebay. I figure, we'll get a decent size stash of cash in paypal and be able to buy some wedding stuff off there. They have great deals on a lot of decorative stuff. I am constantly racking my brain, trying to figure out how to make a buck.

In order to save a buck, we are having cable internet access installed tomorrow and are getting rid of our phone. Now, a wise person would say "just get rid of the internet access at home... but that just insn't a choice. It's my method of preferred communication, and Aaron loves to surf the net. So we'll get rid of Earthlink, and use Comcast, and since we already have comcast cable television, we'll get a break on internet services. Couple that with the no more nails policy and only buying what we fucking NEED at the grocery store and I think we are looking at a savings of more than 90 bucks a month. Not too bad.

Great, just got a call that our photographer for the wedding wants out, she's a friend and would rather enjoy the wedding. I totally understand, but she was giving us a great deal... I wonder if we'll get anyone else who can do as good of a deal... *sigh* great day!

oh yeah, and Kay~ those jello shots were made and brought in by someone in our group; luckily we've been going to that bar since we were well... not 21, and as a thank you, we collected donations to give to the owner/bartender but he was cool about it anyway.

And thanks to everyone who keeps sending me honeymoon ideas, it really does help!

Aaron and Wili the other night at Meghan's bday

I am moved by the styling vocal skills of that dude who kept singing all the greenday songs... and way to seriously by the way.

Aaron's sister Brandi and our friend Leah made it to they party too.

Chandra's first time baking yielded some righteous cupcakes. Damn they were good.

Please pet me


Monday, April 26, 2004


Well, the weekend sure flew by didn't it? A brief rundown of ours: Friday night we didn't do much except hang out, clean the apartment, (I did some homework) and Wili and Lori came over and we played Dr. Mario. Saturday we went to Old Navy to return some stuff I bought and realized I would never wear, picked up some stuff at Petsmart, went to The Shane Company and picked out and placed on layaway, our wedding bands (!) stopped by Lowe's, and Bed Bath and Beyond to find a sprayer for the sink that hooked up to the faucet, and then ended up stopping by Fred Meyers because the one we picked up at BBB didn't fit. (Neither did the one from Fred's. *sigh*) Saturday night we went to our favorite karaoke bar for Meghan's birthday. I love it there, had such a good time. We haven't been down there since...November? January? Something, it's been a long freakin' time anyway.

Sunday we lazed around in the morning for a bit, bathed the cats (that's what the sprayer was for, I just ended up using a pitcher instead.) and went grocery shopping, then had dinner at mom and dad's. When I pulled out the towels for the cats, I was ... um, how shall we say fucking disgusted to find that we had a leak under the sink. (I keep all of our extra towels (that don't match our theme... about 20 of them) folded under the bathroom sink. In addition to extra sheets, pillowcases and a few odds and ends.) The towels all the way on the bottom of the stacks were fucking drenched. Nice. God knows how long it's been dripping, but the mold was so bad it discolored some of the towels, and ate through the jersey pillow cases. I salvaged most of everything, washing them twice on the hot water cycle with LOTS of soap. Then I cleaned out the cabinet and I'll call maintenance today. Gross.

Last night we flipped channels forever before finally settling on 'Baby Beauty Queens' on A&E. Pageant moms make me sick. Seriously. And those little itty bitty girls traipsing around as though they are hookers... you know, I don't need to see a 5 year old gyrating and simulating stripping to think she's cuter than another girl. They all had too much make up on, and such big hair. At one point Aaron said "dude, I don't even like the hair, it's not even pretty." I said "EXACTLY. But if that hairstyle was on a chick in playboy you'd think she was hot. That's why it's so sick." He was quiet for a minute and then got this grossed out look on his face and shook his head.

So yeah, we decided to bathe the cats. It's been too long, and I thought perhaps some of Ben's itchiness could be to being a dirty birdy. I figured he'd be the easiest, so we washed him up first. (obviously, I am still sporting my 'going out hair... only it's been slept on and my makeup wasn't washed off' look, because I'm not going to shower before I bathe cats and end up walking around all day smelling like wet cat funk, so that's why I look so perty here.)

Ever since he was a kitten, whenever he's afraid he buries his head under your chin, and clings on for dear life. Poor Benny.

He was really good, but did try to grab onto me a few times as well as tried to escape.

Poor baby

Man, when Ben is wet, he stinks too. Worse than the other cats. He paid us back for bathing him by cleaning himself and promptly puking up 3 hairballs. Thanks buddy!

Molly was so good in the tub. I expected hissing and biting and general shitty attitude, but she never even once tried to get out of the tub. I was highly impressed. She most certainly was not enjoying herself, but she cooperated.

"You fuckers are dead to me."

I would add pictures of Asa in the bath, except the fucker was so uncooperative we couldn't even get him wet. We got him into the tub, and when his feet got wet, it was as if we were excersing the demons out of his contorting little body. He screamed, and by screamed I don't mean yowl... it sounded like we were peeling the skin off a six year old with a potato peeler. It was so bad, I have no doubt he really thought we were torturing him, and I let him go. He stood by the door and mewed innocently, and I thought "it's just water. I'm not hurting him, it's just water." So we tried it again, and the shrieking commenced immediately and Aaron said "fine. You'll just have to stay dirty then." heh, I just can't do it when he's that upset. If we could somehow sedate him it would be fine. I bought some of that 'calm down' for cats, but it didn't do shit. I'll be taking that back this week.

Hmmm, another beer please?!

The nice picture

the birthday girl

Jello shots!

Holly and Chandra sing some tunes

Lori pretends to be charming (heh!)


Friday, April 23, 2004


Except to say that I updated the wedding diary over here.

I'm should kick my own ass for forgetting that Survivor was on last night. Damn you NBC with your hypnotizing ads about the first of the last three friends being on last night. I totally spaced it. FUCK!

A note to Maeleigh in the guestbook, I tried to put a sweater on Molly and homegirl I still have a little fear of her, as she doesn't take any shit. She's damn lucky I'm so lenient because I never would have tolerated such attitude from the boy cats. I couldn't even get the sweater over her head before I was bitten (though not hard) and hissed at. She is really good with kids though, where the other two cats put up with my shit, but don't like kids. Weird.

I have midterms at the end of next week. I am a little scared, because in the past for online classes there either have been NO midterms at all, or they were done online. Not this one. This one I have to show up, and there's no notes to be used. However, in keeping with the theme of busy work, my bio professor has assigned a task to answer like 15 or 20 questions using references from the net or other books to bring with us (though I don't think we can use them) and they can't be answered from our own texts or encyclopedias. Yay. You know, I probably shouldn't talk shit on here about that class, since I mistakenly sent a couple emails with my signature at the bottom which lists this site. It's just that you know, I think it's unrealistic and a bit sadistic to assign so MUCH when most of the students aren't in just one class. (No offense professor S!) and really, the text isn't that great either, because the idiot leading the lectures jumps from topic to topic with the inclination that I know what the fuck a prokaryote or a eukaryote is. He's been mentioning that shit from day one, and now that we're in unit 5 I finally have a sort of understanding of them. Perhaps one could make the argument that I should have takent the initiative to look them up earlier, but fuck that noise. I'm too busy doing the myriad of other busy work to actually try and comprehend the material... oh and I have math homework too. Crazy concept huh?

No big plans for the weekend, there's a birthday party for Meghan tomorrow night. Tonight we'll probalby have a picnic dinner at Alki (that we bring this time instead of buy) and we'll probably play a little dr. mario (aaron beat me twice last night dammit!). I have set aside about 4 hours on sat and sun to do homework. Other than that we might go return some stuff to Old Navy and head over to Shaneco, to see about wedding bands. Oh, and the house HAS.GOT.TO.BE.CLEANED. Big plans, no?


1. Would you say that you're good at keeping in touch with people?

Yes, I'm not the best at constant contact, but I try to keep in touch with people on a somewhat regular basis. Even if by 'regular' for that particular relationship it could be once every two months.

2. Which communication method do you usually prefer/use: e-mail, telephone, snail mail, blog comments, or meeting in person? Why?

Email by far. I hate the phone, unless I'm in the mood to talk then I love it. But really there are only a handful of people I ever call on the phone, mostly I am in touch with people by email.

3. Do you have an instant messenger program? How many? Why/why not? How often do you use it?

no. They are annoying. I used to love Aol's instant messenger, but when I'm online I am either doing stuff for work, or I am at home trying to get shit done for school. Not to mention if I am goofing off on the net, I don't want to be interrupted by chit chat. (man, I sound like a bitch!)

4. Do most of your close friends live nearby or far away?

Close friends all live within Seattle, with the exception of one or two who insist on torturing me by living far a way. ;-)

5. Are you an "out of sight, out of mind" person, or do you believe that "distance makes the heart grow fonder"?

Depends on my relationship with them. Some people I could give a shit, even if we are friends and only meet up occasionally because of distance or whatever. Sure it sucks sometimes, but I accept it. With other people though, I totally believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Taken this morning, see his owie looks much better. I'm going to continue to put medicine on it for a few more days until I am confident it's healed.

Ben's take on biology: "man. this shit is boring as hell."

Molly freaks Asa out by playing "the thing that came from under the blanket"

her "I'm concerned" look.

"come pet me, see how cute I am? You know you want to pet me, come here, pet me!"


Thursday, April 22, 2004


Hey gang! I think I've found the bright spot in all this wedding budget drama! I've looked at the facts and figures and if I can manage to scrimp and save $68.47 per day starting ya know, today then we will meet our budget no sweat!

All sarcasm aside, that's about what it breaks down to. *sigh* I think we'll be alright, I think if we can save every penny that comes from my paychecks we'll come in under that by a couple grand, but hopefully Aaron's side job will help cover some of it too. I just got a dental bill for 700 bucks and a girlie doctor bill for 260. SWEET! I didn't go to the doctor yesterday because, well I want to serve grilled eggplant on beds of caviar at the wedding... not. I want to serve the cheapest motherfucking food possible (only the best for my friends and family! I swear!) and you know, shelling out 25 bucks to be told it's a virus or some other ailment that is only cured by time and prayers is not what I'm about right now. I feel better anyway. I think I'm also going to quit getting my nails done for the time being, that's an additional 40 bucks a month, which is about a savings of 240 buckaroos by the time it's time to get my wedding manicure. There will be other ways to save too...

Oh yeah, and Kay offered in the guestbook to buy my cats off ebay, well dear, if Molly tries to bite my face one more time you may have yourself a deal. :-) GRANTED, I may or may not have been *cough* antagonizing her (read: she hates having her toes pulled) but still. Yesterday I bent down to kiss the asshole on top of her head and she took both paws and slapped either side of my face at the same time, as if she was boxing my ears only at my temples. My reaction? To scream "QUIT BEING A DICKHEAD!" I never said I was appropriate. Anyway, I also made ben a sweater last night that actually fit, and I looked at his owie this morning and it's doing 80% better than it was.

oh and for Lori in the guestbook, they sniff EVERYTHING. Ben is the one whose most fond of plastic bags and will chew the handles and ingest some, inevitably ending in a vomit session. We try to keep most of them up and out of his reach.

In lieu of actual content today, here's a shit load of pictures at the request of my mom, who misses her grandkitties terribly.

Ben's grody owie, this is what it looked like at it's worst. That's actually a lot of matted blood you are seeing there, the actual owie is much smaller.

"oh crimony, first they shave my neck, put oozy gross shit on my neck, then they embarass me by making me wear this idiotic sweater, and now they steal my dignity by taking pictures?!"

Ben thinking to himself: "I am so going to mate with her bathrobe when she leaves..."

When Molly isn't being physically abusive to her parents, she likes to carry bottlecaps around in her mouth. Only if there isn't a camera pointed her way, if that happens then she totally never did it, doesn't know how to do it and "quit pointing that fucking camera at me or I'll box your temples."

Molly goes on the attack

Asa: "Quit staring at me, you're freaking me out."

Asa: "Bitch, you craaaazzzyyyy."

Molly decides she's had enough trash talk

Asa: "yeee-ah Beyotch! I told you ... mess with the bull, get the horns!"


Wednesday, April 21, 2004


Before I get into the wedding talk, I have to admit something. Bonkrood and I must be one in the same, she left a mssg in the guestbook about the dr. mario picture, wondering how I could be the player on the left. Um, in that picture I wasn't. I do beat the crap out of Aaron when we play, but that was a game he won. I much prefer being on the right side of the screen. :-)

Yesterday Aaron and I had to have a big 'wedding budget' discussion. I have been saying for weeks "I do not know how we are going to pay for this wedding." Part of it was tongue in cheek, yes. Part of it was not. Yesterday as we went over some of the more general parts of the budget I had set up, we indeed saw that a few changes were absolutely going to have to be made. I crossed a few things off the list. Namely being wine, and coffee, rental of a coffee urn, etc. I think a couple of kegs of beer for the alcohol drinkers will be fine. For those who don't indulge, there will be non-alcoholic punch and bottled water from costco. We will buy a case of champagne for the toast, but that's not that bad. I don't believe we have a ton of wine drinking friends anyway. If anything, we'll buy a couple bottles to keep near the kegs, and once those are gone, their gone.

We prioritized a few things in terms of what should be paid for first. The honeymoon and wedding dress are atop that list. We have decided to cut down the honeymoon from 10 days to 7, (at least 7 hotel staying days, we will lose a day to and from with travel.) and we probably will not be going to both france and Italy. This is ok, because you know, that's a big trip, and we are still going to Italy, we may even be going up the coast or something, I don't know. All I know is that we need to be able to afford the honeymoon. I absolutely refuse to come back with wedding debt. There is just no reason in my mind, that we need to spend 20 grand on ONE day. ONE day people. That's what I keep telling myself anyway. It adds up though once you add the honeymoon, rings etc. Right this second (before I go tweak it some more) the wedding will cost about 14 grand. I don't see this changing too much, and luckily we've spent about 3 grand already. Of course, this means between now and September we need to come up with a cool 11 grand. Heh, that should be fun.

I've been racking my brain trying to figure out more ways to cut corners, thinking of things we could do to raise money... sell shit on ebay (though I don't know what we'd sell), having a sponsored wedding (which I don't know how to go about, and almost don't even want to try,) and even thinking of things I could pick up as a side gig that are remotely lucrative. God help me, I am serioulsy considering signing up under Holly to sell Partylite candles. *sigh* I've hit rock bottom obviously. I'm so not a salesperson, but she did really good in her first few months, and that has me wondering if I could make even a grand at it.

The one major thing we decided on was that until school is out, (June 10th) we will just concentrate on saving money, and then worry about specific stuff then. *sigh* except it's ALL I can think about NOW!

oh yeah, I got some advantage for the cats because apparently the flea problem is back. It would make sense, now that it's getting warmer. Ben has also seemed to have developed a charming little sore (ok, 2 sores) on his neck. One is right under his chin on his throat, and he doesn't seem to be able to reach it when he cleans himself, and the other one is on the side of his neck, perfectly reachable. I couldn't see exactly what the problem was, so Aaron and I shaved the areas with the clippers (heh, you should have seen the look on Asa's face when he heard those things, he ran out of the room so fast and hid until they were put away) and saw that there was a bit of matted blood in the fur. I put some neosporin on the sores, and he promptly licked it off the side of his neck. Later on, I held a warm compress to the area for a while, trying to clean it up a bit. He again, licked off the neosporin and I couldn't figure out how to keep him from doing it. Until, that is I happened to find the sweater that I made Asa last year. Oh yeah, I put the sweater on, put some neosporin back on the area and he is so irritated that the sweater is on (and is too big, so when he walks he sometimes steps on it.. poor baby) he doesn't even attempt to lick the neosporin off. I feel bad about it, but I would feel worse if I wasn't ultimately helping him. I'll post a pic tomorrow. :-)

Plastic bags smell goooooooodddd

Yeah, ben's got a real rough life huh?


Tuesday, April 20, 2004


Of course, that's assuming anyone EVER thinks my title ideas are clever. So, first off, to those of you who left messages (which landed you in the majority with my mother which, let me just say thrills me to no end. /sarcasm) saying that I should go to a doctor, I had already made an appointment for Wednesday afternoon. Luckily they had a spot open during my lunch break. *sigh* this does however mean I'm going to have to write a motherfucking 25 dollar check to be told that A. it's a virus or B. it's a cold and I will leave there with nothing but a shitty attitude and a hatred of a new doctor. Of course, there are a couple of other things I might run by her just because I'm there, but concerning my nose, it will be as it always is.

Someone once said "you catch more 'viruses' than anyone I know." Don't I know it sister. I call it the shitty doctor disease. I think a lot of it is genetics, my mom spent the better part of my life blowing her nose and complaining about her sinuses. (she probably still has the same problems, but since I moved out I seem to not remember much about it.) I think I just got handed her crappy genes in that respect. Of course I also inherited her good genes when it comes to taste, reading, and being a democrat, but the sinuses man, the sinuses are a low blow.

Speaking of politics (ok, we're not, just play along.) I have got to stop reading people's blogs who tend to post political BULLSHIT. All it does is piss me off and further my distaste for them and their stupid fucking opinions. Of course, some people may feel that way about me, oh well piss on them.

Um, I went to get my car tabs today and to transfer the title on the car from Dad's name to mine... let me tell you, those asshole employees have a pretty good deal going on down there. The office was tiny, there were two employees. One was on a break, and the other person was on the phone fiddling with her computer (in fairness she was attempting to help someone, but still.) There were 8 people in line, including me, and before she got off the phone, two more came and had to keep the door open so the line could go outside. She was a cheerful person, but damn. Wouldn't you think the people in the fucking flesh would be more important than someone on the phone? And by the way, step it up a notch. They were so slow. Ah well, at least I got it done and don't have to worry about it for another year.

oh, before I forget, to answer, Maeleigh, the cats do hang out together if there is an open window, or a big box in the front room they can all sit on. Other than that, Molly is a bit of a loner. When she's not wrestling to the death with Asa, she is either in the chair by herself or on our bed by herself. Asa and Ben both like the company of Aaron and I, though Asa just wants to be in the same room, while Ben *has* to be touching one of us at all times.

Asa the little bastard far prefers Aaron to me, oh well, at least they're cute together.

Here Evan is in his brand new tonka hard hat that came with his dump truck. He turned two last friday, and um, by the way I'm not allowed to post any pictures of Aaron that were allegedly taken with him wearing this hat.

Ahhh, the joys of watching survivor while simultaneously kicking Aaron's ass at Dr. Mario, heh, in his defense he is getting better. My days at the top are numbered.


Monday, April 19, 2004


I fell like shit. I can't breathe through my nose at all, my ears are plugged and every time I swallow, because of the nose stuffiness, there is a suction type thing happening in the back of my throat. It makes me want to hurt something. This cold came back with a vengeance on Friday night, I hadn't felt that good on Thursday either, but Friday night is when the aches and the feeling as if my head is 80 feet around came into play. I don't feel bad enough to warrant going home and missing a full day of work, although I'm awfully close. I just basically feel like dog shit.

Speaking of dog shit, Satchel pissed me off before I had even been in the office for one full minute. This is no exaggeration either. No sooner had I come into the office, set down my purse and walked into the kitchenette to start coffee, I heard him pick up line one, I heard the dial tone bounce (which means we have voice mail) and then he shouted "messages waiting." FUCK OFF. How about letting me get my motherfucking coat off before you start worrying about shit that is NONE OF YOUR BIZNESS? What a motherfucker. Since the bastard makes his coffee with half a scoop per pot of water (it looks like tea when he's making it) I put in 7 scoops of coffee. I like mine strong, truth be told it was a bit too strong, but I don't give a shit. I hope the fucker chokes on it.

Since I'm in such a joyous mood, I might mention that my biology teacher is out to kill me. I foolishly sent her an email and didn't change the signature, so she might well be reading this (if you are, no hard feelings k?) But seriously, the busy work has got to stop. I feel as though I'm in the 6th grade again. There is enough work with the lectures and the regular assignments before you even add in the midterm questions and the bioregional portrait, issues paper, and poster project. Seriously. I had to drop a class because this class is so demanding. A word to the obvious, most people who take online classes do so because at the moment they are unable to commit to time on campus... I would think mostly because they are working adults... I spend more time on the busy work for Biology than I do on anything else in my life. ANYTHING.

Also, those thinkwell cds' kind of suck. The professor addresses issues as though we have a prior backround in biology... I feel as though I've missed the boat on some topics due to this. This worries me greatly in terms of tests.

Didn't do much this weekend, friday night we attended the 2nd bday party of my cousin Evan, and did a bit of shopping at Walmart. I ran into an old friend there, and it was nice to say hello and catch up. I hadn't seen her since her wedding in September. After that, Ashley and Lori and Aaron and I all played against each other on Dr. Mario. Saturday morning/day was spent running errands, and I spent the better part of the afternoon into the evening doing busy work for Biology. Saturday night we went out for dinner with Lori and Ash, then came back and had another Dr. Mario marathon. Sunday I did a bit of housework, a whole lot of homework and we attended a memorial service for my Aunt Nancy's mom Faye. After the service, I did more homework and then Aaron and I had dinner over at mom and dad's. We then came home, and I fell asleep while we watched the film 'Kurt and Courtney', which I gotta say is pretty interesting.

Sleepy girl

I love how all three cats flock to any open window in the house.


Friday, April 16, 2004


For the emails and the comments, I really appreciate them all. I didn't write that yesterday to illicit any compliments, it's just something I deal with on a daily fucking basis, and though I don't mention it here much, sometimes it's all I can think about. So I thought I'd share. I have received a few suggestions which I am mulling over... *sigh* sometimes I really hate being a grown up.

I have a gift card for Barnes and Noble burning a hole in my pocket. Any suggestions? For reference, my favorite books EVER are I know this much is true and She's come undone. Both by Wally Lamb. I also like some chicklit... Diary of a Mad bride, Diary of a Mad mom to be, as well as the nanny diaries and the devil wears prada are among my favorites.

We talked to the landlord last night, and we are probably not moving. He won't budge on the whole security/pet deposit issue. We would have to pay them for the new apartment and get reimbursed from our old apartment within two weeks of vacating the old apt. Whatever. Customer service is a dying art man. So I think we will just get a larger storage unit, it will be cheaper in the long run than adding a hundred bucks onto our rent.

Aaron received something he ordered off of ebay last night, Dr. Mario for the nintendo 64. It's AWESOME. We played it for about 3 hours... when Survivor and the Apprentice were on, we brought out the office tv to have on while we played. ;-) dorks, yes, but happy dorks. I might add that I kicked his ass for all of those 3 hours. He has vowed to practice and then mop the floor with me soon. We'll see.

Speaking of the Apprentice and Survivor (scroll down to avoid spoilers)

I am so glad they got rid of Kathy. I can't stand that beyotch. After the whole thing with Sue freaking out and Kathy was such a whore about it, buh bye jerkface! And um, how freaky was it hearing big Tom's voice come out of his son? Creeeeepy! I thought it was real sweet that he said his son was his best friend too.

As for the apprentice, I am glad he chose Bill. Kwame needs to learn how to deal with conflict and problems. He kept referring to getting involved with his team as 'micromanaging' but you know, it's only micro managing if you are doing it when it's not necessary. If you delegate and people do their job, then no problem, no need to get involved in what their doing. However if someone lies to you and drops the ball time after time, you should definitely get involved. He looked like a fool because of that beyotch Omarosa. *** I also LOVED when Erika said "she's a liar, and I've always known she was a liar."

I loved the end of the show, how there was NO host, just The Donald. I also loved how he blatantly read from the teleprompter, he's so stiff and mechanical it just kills me.

Randomness: My car smells like sausage. This is troubling to me, as I don't eat in my car, nor do I really eat sausage that much.... hmmmm.

THINGS PEOPLE HAVE SEARCHED FOR AND COME TO MY SITE BY:(asterisks used to deflect future searches)

P*aris H*ilton A*ss
H*odgkins S*wollen G*lands Constantly
Maynar'ds Dreadlocks
K*atie C*ouric's W*orkout Routine (people actually want this?)
T*rishelle F*arts (Hee!)
M*aryKate and A*shley's Weight
S*ex V*ideos no M*otherf*ucking Payments (Heh, sorry angry guy looking for porn, you came to the wrong place.)

and possible the weirdest one:

'C*olored Eggs ohmygoodness' ... hmmmm

I don't know what the deal with the friday five is lately, but there isn't a new one posted so I'll pick an old one.

1. What is your favorite restaurant and why?

I love The Old Spaghetti Factory (too tired to link it, but it's, they give you so much for such a good price. Aaron and I love going there for 'date night'. I also love Azteca, Mexican food is the bomb, yo.

2. What fast food restaurant are you partial to?

Probably Taco Time... I try not to eat fast food, but I love their veggie soft taco (no olives!)

3. What are your standards and rules for tipping?

I'm the worst tipper ever, Aaron once called me cheap. Whatever. We usually just double the tax, unless it was awesome service then we add a buck or two, and if it was shitty service, well they don't get a dime. I once even wrote a snide little message on the receipt for a waiter who was an absolute ass.

4. Do you usually order an appetizer and/or dessert?

no, too much food. At Old Spaghetti Factory you get bread and salad with your dinner, it's a lot so we only go there when we are starving, otherwise by the time you get to dinner you're full.

5. What do you usually order to drink at a restaurant?

diet pepsi/coke.

Last friday, we had a picnic at Alki, here Ashley is in two coats and is still cold. (it was a bit nippy out.)

Where we ate dinner at, we got takeout from Pepperdock's. Great food, 15 bucks for both Aaron and I to have dinner. Not bad!

the girls in my apt before we went out last weekend, I didn't place them tallest to shortest, it just happened that way. Meghan is on the left, then holly, chandra and Lori

She's a biter

A little grab ass before bed