Tuesday, March 09, 2004


I was so freakin' tired yesterday afternoon that I had to have a cup of coffee around 3pm, just to keep from falling asleep. Then I went home, did some housework and futzed around on the computer and fell asleep on the couch around 7pm. I eventually woke up and got ready for bed and passed out again before 8:45. I had a bad tummy ache, and still had it when I woke up at 4am to go to the gym, so I put the kibosh on that right quick. My tummy still hurts, and I've *ahem* had two cups of coffee, a bran muffin way earlier and bowl of bran flakes so far. Catching the theme here?

In other news, we got a new vehicle last night. Aaron traded his blazer in and got a newer 4 door blazer, we still owe money on it, so they put us on a payment plan which has me freaking the fuck out. I have a hard time with monetary commitments. When we buy a house I'm going to need a prescription for xanax. I'm serious, when I signed my contract at the gym I freaked the hell out. I hate payment plans, I would so much rather just save and then purchase. But this was a good deal,and Aaron seems really happy with it, and it's not like the payments are out of our league. It's good for us to learn to tighten the belt a little bit.

Did I mention that yesterday I had to throw the garbage man out of our office? Well not physically, but "GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE!" Was shrieked at least once. He came in (I was the only one in the office... kind of scary in our neighborhood.) and said "I want to know who puts your trash out." I told him we all take turns and that yes, we forgot to put it out on Friday so when he came by on Monday morning it would be there, yadda yadda I'm sorry yadda yadda yadda. He was really pissy and said "you know this is my second time around on the route just so I could pick up your garbage?" He was being a real dick, I said "Yeah, I know, I'm sorry, we'll try to be better." He then says "now, last week it was the same deal." I interrupted and said "Actually, last week, I had to call for service because it had been left out since friday and you never came to get it on Monday, it didn't end up getting picked up until Tuesday." He just looked at me and said "look here little lady, one of us is telling the truth here, and I think we know who that is." I was a bit stunned, like uh-uh, he is not talking to me like that! He kept going on, talking down to me saying that I knew I never put the trash out last week blah blah blah when I suddenly realized 'I don't have to take this shit.' I put my hand up and said "you know what, you may not talk to me like that, in fact I want you to leave. Get the hell out of here right now." He just looked at me, taken aback a little bit and said "ok, I will." I promptly dialed Waste Management and filed a complaint. They were very apologetic, so that was good. I kind of surprised myself yelling back like that. But really, who the hell does he think he is? We pay for their service!

I would so love to know what they were talking about here. It looks as if Julie said something to gross Aaron out or something... that's his "ew" face. heh

Right after I took this I spilled beer all over Aaron. I was cut off after two drinks, sheesh.

That's Megan and Dan in the back, Chandra behind Lori, and Holly up in the front right.

"Cause I'm dancing with my-se-elf"

Aaron's cousin Mike and his fiance' Sara.

falls coming off of Mt. Si on Sunday


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